Broad Street Bad Boys 2011 Draft Recap

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here we go, buckle up for the 2011 draft recap! For the new guy, don’t take what I say seriously, I surely don’t. This, and all of my writings are done for fun, and the leagues enjoyment. Ok, maybe mostly mine and Nick’s but I digress. So without further ado…

 I will breakdown this year’s draft in descending order (I think I did the same thing last year… maybe not. Oh well)

 First up- South Philly Vikings.

   OK, so its tough saying anything about a draft that we did off of the top 300 list like we did for the new guy and for Paul with the #2 pick. But I have to include them right? Actually pretty decent draft on paper especially at RB with Pocket Hercules. Mike Wallace thinks he’ll get 2,000 yards, and if he gets close to that he will be a steal. Obviously Peyton’s health could determine how far the youngster goes. He, it’s his first year in the league, so I will be taking it easy on him so far. I’m just impressed he didn’t draft a Termini’s Cannoli in the first or the Mummers in the 5th. Or Emmitt Smith over Randy Moss (that was for you Gar). Good luck my man, if I can give you any advice it would be before accepting any trade offers from Nick check, and double-check EVERYTHING! Welcome to the league! Odds to win Championship- The same as the Star Warriors have in dating Megan Fox.

Butter’s Bottom Bitch-   and now with video!

  So sorry that Paul couldn’t be at the draft- who knew his favorite scrapbooking convention would be on the same day? Well, maybe next year… Going off the list here also I think the Dillos did a good job for him. It’ll be interesting to see how the flex spot gets used with Harvin’s migraine issues, and Marshall’s status as still being on the Dolphins. Tom was torn taking CJ2K for you, but he really had to. I can see many trades here as Paul tries to assemble his team. Odds to win Championship- Worse than Garwood has in doing the Tour de Shore with me next year.


   Haha, Jeebus Tony, I know I only really see you once a year anymore but you looked like Zac Brown after he ate his band! I love you though buddy, have to break your balls though! The most stunning thing here is that Tony only took the G-Men Defense! I will tell you this- V Jax in the 3rd is criminal (full disclaimer I did draft Rivers). I thought Nick was gonna blame Skype for accidentally saying DeSean instead of Vincent! Solid draft, possibly a bit weak at WR and QB but no one can be perfect at every position (except Nick- hypothetically). Odds of winning Championship- Same as I have of trading for Vick. Ever.


  After last year’s tumultuous draft day non-trade, Tom has vowed to get back into contention. And by vowed I mean something I made up, and by contention I mean a top 4 pick next year again. I kid, I kid!!! In all seriousness, strong draft. Love Roddy, the only knock may be health this early for Best and Wayne possibly dealing with a lack of Peyton to start the season. I mean come on, you do not bring in a guy like Kerry Collins to not start him right?! Haha! Really liked the Owen Daniels pick too. Odds to win Championship- Same as Penn State has to win the National Championship. In football too, not Women’s volleyball.

Philly’s Phinest-

    Nick’s archrival. Wait, I think that might be every team! Probably the best QB tandem in the league with Rodgers and Stafford (for fantasy especially guys) Andrew is gearing up to make another run at a title. Oops, sorry I typed another instead of initial. These things happen! Big risk/ reward in the RB game as he took 2 guys that have effed me over in the past. Not necessarily a bad thing though! I am looking forward to the Andrew/ Nick trash talk in week 5. Odds to win the Championship- hell, there’s a better chance of seeing Lady Gaga as President.

Star Warriors-  haha, I love this one! Sorry, I had to say that!

  Can’t say anything about former Domer Ryan Grant other than the injury that he had last year. Brady is Brady of course and love, love Megatron. Have to admit though, not big on Beanie or Boldin this year, I know there is no competition in AZ now but that is only because the guy they drafted got hurt. And Boldin looks like he has slowed down fast. Wait, what? Ahh, you know what I mean. And yes I still hold a grudge on Stevie Johnson due to the Words With Friends debacle. Odds to win Championship- slimmer than the odds that Dave will scrutinize every letter written in every post that I make!

LOD-  I was gonna do another video here but all of the wrestling ones are like 15 minutes so screw it.

   Ok, at this point I think Gar is just content that his name has been engraved on the trophy* and is giving up all hope now. I thought you were going to wait until after your defense and a kicker to take a WR! And don’t give me the Gates is a receiver crap… ALL TE’s catch the ball! Except for Celek now because he has to block only. Picks 4-9 I just assumed you had Chalk make your picks for you. But I did like McGahee. BTW, lemme know when you want Tate with that Indy matchup week 1…! Odds of winning the Championship- same as Chalk has of getting back into the league this year. Awwww too soon???

Me!- meh, you guys know I never pick my team and don’t want to hype it up. But an undefeated season just may happen… Just sayin’.

Phoenix Eagles 40-  

   The people happiest about SupaFelon #7’s new deal? His creditors. Nicked shocked everyone again by taking DeSean in the first round. I know everyone is waiting for me to kill him over this, but all I can say is I would have taken Nicks there and Jax in the second. Bottom line is it would have been a gamble to wait on him in the third and if you really want him and don’t think he’ll be there at your spot in the next round- you have to grab him. True to Nick form Cedric Benson will also now have to spend 20 days in jail in October. Unfortunately I think Nick’s fate will rely solely on the O-Line of the Eagles which so far look like they want Vick to get hurt. Good luck as always buddy. Odds to win the Championship- his fate is tied to Vick. Generally speaking not a good thing, but we have seen Nick win with less.

The Champ Topes-

  Congrats to my brother on last year’s title. But be cautious as that was last year. You have a dynamic keeper but some questions still abound with this year’s squad. Bob may have fallen into the trap of going with many guys that got him there before with Bowe, Collie, Seabass, etc. but I just don’t like the receiving game in KC without Weis there. I do like Collie, but the lack of Peyton and major injury potential could be crucial. As long as you stay on top of things, the Topes should contend again. Odds to win the Championship- nobody has repeated yet, so the odds are against you. I will say the same as Shannon Elizabeth has of winning a Best Actress Oscar this year.

Ok guys, I am up over 1,300 words now so I am calling it quits. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, now let’s get to week 1 already!

– The Guru.

  1. Dave says:

    Megan Fox is a little young for me. Do you want to see my pic with Alyssa Milano though?

  2. ncmalko1 says:

    FAN-TAS-TIC… I mean FAN-TAS-VICK! Great work. Youre writing makes my week!

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