Atom Bombs 2011 Week 1 post!

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s finally here! We have weathered a lockout, loss of a manager in our league, and in the case of everyone but Nick earthquakes and hurricanes. Yet we persevered and here we are! Everyone is undefeated at this time and we all think we have a shot at the title. Well, except maybe Paul- he’s somehow already been mathematically eliminated. So let’s get to some things first. To start off I’d like to see some more involvement. And you all know me (New guy, you will) so I’ll just start calling out some people. Andrew, Tony, Paul, and to a slightly lesser extent Tom- let’s go! The majority of this league is very active, however it could be better. I know you’re busy- we all are. But it only takes a few minutes to throw back a reply so show that you are fired up, interested, gassy, whatever. Except for the Champ who is still on his Gizmo the Gremlin “no posting after midnight” rule. Nothing good has come of that. Secondly, it’s open season. Ripping on Chalk has been something of a pastime for me over the years and even almost led to me getting him a “Thank you” card for all the enjoyment he has brought me. However, much like Friendster, he is gone. What does this mean? Well we all don’t get essentially the extra bye week for when we would have played him. But also it means that I can equally bust on everyone! Woot Woot! Just remember (especially new guy) nothing in this is personal, and it’s all for laughs. Third, let’s  get on the ball with the individual picks. I may put in everyone’s records on these as well. And guys, try to take the 60 seconds to pick all 5 games ok? Lastly, before we get to the picks, also remember that these picks are based on lineups as of when this is written. So if you make a last second lineup adjustment, don’t go all ballistic on me. Most of you are semi-retarded anyways so it’s tough enough to tell what you will do as it is. I’ll never be able to figure out that “strategy” of waiting until the last second anyways. It isn’t like this is real football where a defense can scheme, and I have seen it before where someone tried getting fancy like that, lost their internet connection and couldn’t set their lineup. Frakking awesome! And yes, I used “fancy” in the week 1 post. Deal with it. Ok, leggo!!!

Phinest vs Sapornos– Have to admit I was shocked over Tony’s selection of Mendenhall over Roddy White as his keeper this year. We all know about the curse of 370 in fantasy (if you don’t Google it). Including the post season the 9/11 conspiracy theorist carried the ball a whopping 412 times. Now I’m not good at math, but I think that is more than 370. Just swap out White and Mendenhall and you have a team that goes from good, to serious title contender, based on the draft of course. Despite all of that, I love the matchups here. First and foremost Tony has a dream in a RB going against the Eagles run D! 12 pts may be low on that projection. The Jackson that Nick should have taken and Blount both look really good to start off. Ryan though seems to just be a better reality QB than fantasy so far. It would be nice to see the local kid ascend to the next level in this, but until then, he remains a questionable start. For the Phinest, Love- I mean really love the Mike Williams pick. And against the Lions pass D, should be solid (although since it’s your D you’ll be hoping just for catches and yards). I also like Dez, however it will be interesting to see if Revis lines up on him or Austin. At some point the Jets have to give the workload to Greene right??? Well, looking at this, I will have to make the Pornos the first Upset Special of 2011! (based on yahoo’s predictions of course)

Warriors vs Vikings– Much like the expansion Texans did, the Vikings are looking to shock the world with a win in their first ever game! As much as I hate them, with Hartley out at least 6 weeks, Young Buck will need to grab a kicker before Thursday’s game. Some decent matchups here on both sides, and I think it could come down to Maclin’s mystery health (it’s not the HIV, I swear!!!) and the Steelers/ Ravens game for the Vikings. On Dave’s side, I am still not a believer in Beanie (that may be my 2012 Senatorial platform incidentally… but I digr— awww Bob, that was for you!) and apparently neither are the Cardinals since they drafted Ryan Williams early. I loves me some Ryan Grant as he’s a former Domer, but that 50/50 split is worrisome. League is pretty split on this one (3-4 so far at the time of writing). I’m taking the Warriors here too eke out a win against the upstart.

Eagles vs B cubed– No love lost here as this rivalry goes back to well last year’s draft as Paul stole the Philly D right out from under Nick’s Arizonian grasp. (Like that one?) A few keys to this game: for Phoenix, how will Kerry Collins do in getting the ball to Dallas Clark? Is Tony Sparano serious in that Reggie will see the majority of the RB snaps in Miami? Will D-Jax heed TO’s advice and not show up on Sunday? (I doubt that) Will Vick make it out of the first game still able to walk (actually possible)? And Can the Eagles D stop anyone? For Paul, The Romo-Austin connection could work well although they are facing the Jets D (go Pettine!) Can Marshall and Henne coexist? Will CJ2K be able to go at 100% and not pull a hammy or anything despite missing all of camp? And how will the rookie Ingram do vs GB in the first game of the season (no pressure kid)?  Wow, you know what? I think it’s the start that everyone wants to see. Nick- you are the Lock of the Week for week 1!

Atoms vs LOD– I love how yahoo has Foster projected at 23 points when he has a hamstring issue that the team doctor said will take 3+ weeks to fully heal. And playing LDT is a gutsy call my friend, I think he’ll be either TD or bust this year. Your Fightin’ Atoms will have some points to make up early since the LOD have 3 guys going Thursday night. Now for me, my lineup is still in flux as I have many options at the flex spot yet. Hell, as always- pick my opponent!

Champion Topes vs Dillos– Rumor has it the Champs have been taking the trophy everywhere with them and getting publicity photos galore. I can understand that. To the Topes the trophy is like a supermodel. He is lucky enough to have her for a short time (and it will be short-lived) so he wants to show her off to as many people as possible and get proof. This way when he scrapbooks it (and he will) the memories will be everlasting. Keeper Jamaal has had a rough preseason, but falls into a dream matchup at home against the Bills. Still not loving Bowe this year, and last year while he ended with good numbers was ridiculously erratic. How erratic? Why I am glad you asked! Five games over 100 yards, 9 games under 65 yards (throwing out week 17- doesn’t count for us). And in a 7 game stretch in the middle of the season he scored all but 2 of his 15 TD’s. On Tom’s side I think Baltimore’s D isn’t quite what it was so that bodes well for his QB. I like the RB’s here, but Wayne sans Peyton will be tough. What is the decider? I think it all comes down to the dueling Polish kickers! I kid. I kid! You have to go with the Champs in week one. And scheduling quirk? Bob faces last year’s bottom 4 teams to both begin, and end the year… WTF?!

  1. Dave says:

    Technically the Star Warriors is also an upset pick. I take your opinions of some of my players with a grain of salt since you picked up Lance Moore and his nifty groin injury.

    • gingerdad1 says:

      Haha, yes Dave, but while you are an underdog that doesn’t make you THE upset pick. Just as the one that is most favored is not always the LOTW. And yes I picked up Moore- but not for this week… Good job with the comments!

  2. Dave says:

    Oh, didn’t see the replies here til now.

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