Week 1 hits and misses

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I was thinking of how Dave loves to pour over the weekly picks with a fine tooth comb but after the games are done, what’s next? Hmmm, how about I go back and look at who I thought would do well, and who I thought may come up short to see how far off I was. Not on the overall games, but in the details. The W-L will be in the next Atom Bombs. And this is just based off of this weeks games, nothing moving forward.

Phinest vs Pornos- Ok, I gushed over Mike Williams and Dez Bryant and they did not disappoint in week 1. But I missed wildly on the Greene call. For Tony, wow, I could not have been more far off on his team. Liked V Jax, and Blount who got a combined 5.40 points. Ugh. But I did say S Jax had a dream matchup against the awful Birds Run D, and before he got hurt, had a great game. Plus I was down on Rashard and 2.50 was right so far.

Warriors vs Vikings- For the young buck I really only called out Maclin (2.40) and the Stillers/ Ravens game (35 combined pts)- I give myself a 50/50 split there. Ok, more like 33% but whose counting- besides Dave! For the Warriors, I was spot on with the Grant call, and woefully off on Beanie this week. Now this one I can take the 50/50 split on!

Eagles vs Butters- I was down on Clark and Bush. Another split here! Thanks to Vick scrambling for his life he got some good rushing yards which made up for a bad passing day (187 yards) and DeSean was bizarro DeSean actually getting 6 grabs and not being a boom or bust guy this week. For Butters, I thought the Romo-Austin connection could work, and that would have for 8 more points had he been left in and not pulled for Harvin. I wondered if Marshall would find his timing with Henne, and they sure seemed to! Also, I question how the rookie Ingram would do, and after being stuffed at the GL, that capped his night poorly. Also, CJ2K? Well kids, get to camp as his game was very sub par.

Atoms vs LOD- I really only called out LDT, and 16 rushing yards said a lot. But he did get 73 receiving yards so he had more value than I thought.

Champs vs Dillos- I did love the Charles matchup while being down on Bowe I would call this even. Jamaal surprised with only 12.5, but Bowe made me look ok by getting 2.50. For Tom, I don’t know what the old guys in Baltimore took, but it did not help my Ben prediction. Liked his RB’s and not Wayne w/o Peyton- umm Rb’s I was pretty on for, but waaaayyyy off on Wayne.

So there you go, I will call myself out each week and I will try to but more player calls on my matchup this week.

  1. Dave says:

    Well, regardless of what comments I make, your writing is always a good a read, I must say.

    Now, when I looked at my matchup, I thought Brady vs Miami was so much better than Flacco vs Pittsburgh than the projections said that I thought I had a solid advantage. Of course, Flacco had a pretty good game but then Brady said, “oh yeah, watch THIS!”. After going over my projection by about 70, I must conclude that the projections, especially this early in the season, are crap, so remember that when you guys are voting. Do your analysis like Joe and don’t just pick against Butters every week cause of the brand name.

  2. ncmalko1 says:

    THE BEST. Thanks Joe. I really look forward to your rants!

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