Atom Bombs Week 2!

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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   The 2011 season started off with some great fantasy games in our league. Your Atoms had their game seemingly in hand until Brady hit Welker on a 5 yard pass and he took it to the house 99 yards for a TD and an LOD victory. Marking it twice in 3 days that Michigan effed me. You can relive both moments here:  (and yes, that is the same corner Gary Grey from ND getting burned constantly) and . Ugh. Well, that is the kind of throw SB winning, MVP QB’s make. One last thing on the ND game- I am getting a bit tired of these “instant classic” games with my team being on the wrong side of the final score. Just sayin’.  Not to be outdone, the Dillos won a nailbiter vs the defending champs with a margin of victory of only 1.70 points! Who would have thought that after Bob’s drunk kicker hits a 63 yard FG he still needed one more to win. Or, maybe for Moreno to show up and not get hurt. One or the other. But that is really what this game of fantasy is all about. Fluke things happen. Injuries happen. Busted plays that result in highlights happen. And yes, as Welker showed us, sometimes when your team is backed up on your own goal line with 6 minutes left in the game and a 31-17 lead, 99 yard touchdowns from a first ballot hall of famer happen. Damn it. Let’s get to it!

Last week and YTD- 2-2 (1-1)

And here’s how the rest of the league did: Bob and Dave 3-2, Gar and Tony 2-2 (missed picking a game guys), Nick 1-3 (I don’t count where he picks against himself since I do the same thing), and the Chalk awards go to the New Guy and Andrew going 0-1 and 1-0 respectively for not taking the 90 seconds out of your day to click on the other games and make a pick. Way to be involved cupcakes!

LOD vs Phinest– Wow, what will Gar pull out this week after his miracle comeback? Injuries already hitting with Colston out and Foster still being limited to a max of 20 touches. He’s not the only one banged up already though with Marcedes looking to be out as well for the Phinest and Dez a question. So who do I like and not like here? Well the easy call is to love both QB’s as they are 2 of the best. No shock there. But I think Brees will have a harder time. Jacobs is still 2nd fiddle (albeit a big damn fiddle) to Bradshaw but he gets a Rams D that allowed a ton of yards to Philly. I like the Burleson play here. KC is soft on D especially w/o Berry now that he is lost for the year. Bold call is Foster comes up short on projected pts. Is that bold? I don’t know… For Andrew, the Dez and Lewis things are gonna hurt. But I love Manningham since Nicks will be limited. Like Mike Williams but I think that TB runs more this week. Pick? LOD.

Phoenix Eagles 40! vs Sapornos– The ultimate battle between Vick and Kolb is here! HA HA! I kid! Should be an interesting matchup. Last year Atlanta was undefeated at home during the regular season (but that playoff game??? Hmmm) and Vick did not get to play against them due to injury. I still think he gets his points since he has to run for his life behind that line. Have to love Hillis vs Indy and not just for his guns either. Not high on Reggie Bush this week, but I do like the Benson play since Denver is decimated right now. On Tony’s side you have to love V Jax and Kolb this week, Mendenhall though gets a Seattle D that only allowed 85 yards rushing- although that was at home. Holmes is a big time question, and if you are relegated to using Deion Branch in the flex I think that could be trouble. This weeks pick? Phoenix Eagles yo.

Warriors vs B^3- Wow, Dave coming off a huge blowout win over the upstart Vikings and now gets Paul who had a surprisingly better week than expected. Nice job going over the century mark last week. Still relying on Harvin and Ingram though could hurt. As I said at the draft, I love all RB’s going against the Eagles Dream Team Run Defense. The game for CJ2K doesn’t get easier with the Ravens D this week either. Dave playing it very smart in the early going by grabbing Cadillac with S Jax banged up. Love Megatron against the KC D as I mentioned before with Burleson. And Rice may get 20+ again… I don’t see this one being close though. How not close you ask? (and I know you asked too…) Well let me put it this way- Dave is this week’s LOTW!

Topes vs Vikings-  The only matchup this week with 2 winless teams! Somebody will get on track. For the Vikings, Lloyd most likely will not play and Maclin is still a mystery. Have to love AP, and as well as MJD last week he does have a harder matchup this week. Mike Wallace is underrated every week. For Bob, well with Brady throwing for 500+ against Miami, Schaub is probably chomping, just waiting for this matchup! I think both of Bob’s RB’s have great games. KC was out of it early last week and they abandoned the run- that won’t happen this week. Forte is a tough matchup also and the Saints seemed more open against the run last Thursday having allowed over 100 yards rushing. While I still don’t like Bowe this year he does get the Lions pass D. And Jennings was a beast last week AND gets Carolina. All these lead me to make the Topes the Upset special!

Atoms vs Dillos– Two teams that will square off after incredible games last week, but only the Dillos were on the winning side of it. Speaking of Schaub looking forward to this, AJ must be ecstatic about facing the Fish also. I’m not sold on D-Willy this week (seems weird when breaking down my own team I have to admit), and although Britt get’s the Ravens, they did allow over 100 to Wallace last week. If Hasselback can remain on his feet I think he does fine. Hightower may be the key here. For Tom, I love his RB’s as they should all easily go for double digit points. The weakness here is at WR or for Wayne’s part QB. Although he did come through last week, I don’t know if we will see that consistently. And Jordy? Well he does have Rodgers so you have to give him a look, but I don’t know if GB will be up so much that it takes the passing attack out of it. Plus you always have Jennings and awwww yeah, Finley! As I do every week- pick my opponent!


Good luck guys, have fun!

  1. Dave says:

    The Toyota Biggest Blowout award and now the Atom Bombs LOTW? Things couldn’t be any rosier in Star Warriorville!

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