Atom Bombs Week 2 Hits and Misses

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

ok kids, let’s take a look at how I did in calling out players in each matchup to see how on, or how far off I was…

LOD– Hits: Arian Foster- I said he’d be limited to under 20 touches. Clocked in at 10 carries, and 2 catches! Said Jacobs wa a good play also and 13 points later proved me right. Also said Burleson was a good start (side note I love the nickname that he gave himself as the “Black Wes Welker” maybe the first time that this has happened!) and he came up big as well.

Phinest– Hits: said Marcedes and Dez were questions to play and neither suited up. Said that I thought Mike Williams would be hampered by TB redicating itself to the run and he came up even smaller than I thought with 0 points.

Misses: Actually the only miss I had on this one was loving the Manningham matchup and he got hurt plus Nicks played so that backfired.

Phoenix– Hits: Loved Hillis vs Indy and he had a monster game. Wasn’t high on Reggie Bush and he underwhelemd 2.5 points. Can I count the fact I said Vick would be in trouble behind the line and got concussed? Nah, it was a fluke thing but I will take partial credit!

Sapornos– Hits: Loved Jackson and he had a monster game over 35 points! Said Mendhall had a tougher matchup than expected and he did fall short of projections even though he had an ok game. (partial credit again maybe? please?)

Misses: Said I loved Kolb’s matchup and Tony made a great call benching him for Ryan despite going against the “Dream Team”. Nice job as he outscored Kolb. Also Said I liked Benson with Denver being all banged up but he didn’t do what I thought with them airing it out. Also was waaaayyy off on Holmes and Branch. Who knew?!

Star Warriors– Hits: Easy ones here as Dave is clicking on all cylinders early on. Megatron scored twice again. and I said Rice may get 20 and he came close with 17.60.

Butters– Hits: Said Harvin, Ingram, and CJ2K were all questionable plays and all 3 combined barely got over 20 points. Also said play all RB’s against the Eagles run D (ahem, ahem. 114 + a TD) for the Burner.

Misses: Liked the pickup of Cadillac and while Dave was very smart in not playing him still a good job blocking anyone else. But, umm he did nothing really. My bad.

Topes– Hits: Said Schaub would have a good game and exceeded expectations. Also liked Forte’s matchup and that went well. Liked Bowe’s amtchup and for this week at least he put up numbers for Bob.

Vikings– Hits: Tried helping the young fella out by saying Lloyd most likely wouldn’t play. Loved AP and MJD and they went off for almost 40. Damn. Said Wallace was underrated and he doubled his projected output.

Misses: So, looks like Maclin decided to show up… And I was off on Jennings (thought he’d be huge) way off!

Atoms– Hits: Loved Big Andre and he did what he does yo. Still loved Britt this week and he produced 24.10 points worth. I wasn’t sold on DeAngelo and last minute pulled him. I thought Hightower would be key and Helu stole some late carries vulturing a 100 yard game and possibly a TD. So, yeah.

Dillos– Hits: Loved his RB’s and well, they blew up. Awesome. Said I didn’t think Wayne would be consistant. Not sure if I can count the Jordy call as a hit or a miss here though… “And Jordy? Well he does have Rodgers so you have to give him a look, but I don’t know if GB will be up so much that it takes the passing attack out of it” I mean he only got 1 pass, at the end of the game, but damn it he made it count.

So there we have it on this weeks- Calling myself out!

  1. Dave says:

    Yeah, when Steven Jackson started making noise about playing on Monday night, I dropped the whole Cadillac idea and went with the normal cast.

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