Atom Bombs Week 3!

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What a week! I especially loved the MNF soccer game. Oh, it WAS football? With all the players on the Giants D faking injuries I assumed I was watching a soccer match. I know guys need rest, and try to slow down the no huddle, but for the love of God, when you go down holding your right knee, don’t get up grabbing your left!  Two weeks into the season and already some teams are in a world of trouble. And by some teams I mean the Topes. It’s tough losing your keeper in week 2, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to bail on the year. One player should not break your team if you have depth. Everyone will have guys that are questionable weekly, it’s a matter of giving yourself the best chance to win. Work the waiver wire, makes trades, but stay active! This goes not only for the Topes, but for anyone who has guys that are banged up. And for clarification “guys that are banged up” is not the same as Garwood’s social life where he bangs guys in general. Just wanted that to be clear. So keep your heads in the game. This week’s post has something to do with 80’s/ 90’s actors and maybe a little bit about football too. And life, yeah, life also.

Last week: Awful week picking games for me as I went 1-3 (1-1)

YTD- 3-5 (2-2)

Rest of league YTD- Dave 7-3, Gar 5-4, Bob 4-6, Nick 3-5, Tony 3-2 (Chalk award for last week homo), Tom 3-2, Andrew 2-0 and Vikings 1-1. One more week of only picking your games and I am dropping you off of here.

LOD vs Phoenix– You know what I love most about this matchup is that Nick is flying out to go to the Eagles game with Gar! The tension is palpable! D Jax facing the Giants for the 7th time in his career. Surprisingly he only averages 68 YPG and has only scored twice… Just want to bring this to Nick’s attention too: The Philadelphia Eagles have allowed 146 rushing yards per game, third-worst in the NFL, and they’ve allowed 5.3 yards per carry, second-worst in the league. And you can’t throw out the big runs, they happen against every team. Smart thing that they have done? Matthews is out as starter and Chaney is playing the Mike. This is what you get when and O-Line coach is the DC though. Brutal. Ok, so let’s get into the game here. Nick may be in for a world of hurt as I do not think that Dallas Clark will go, Reggie losing the starting gig, Vick 1 shot away from being carted off, and while Benson’s suspension does not start until next week he faces a run D that only allows only 54.5 rushing yards/ gm. Hillis, while sick should still go. On Gar’s side that is offset with Gates most likely being out as well,  and a string of over achievers. Devery has topped 100 yards the first 2 weeks but how long will that continue? Will the curse of the white WR hit Nick this week? I don’t know. It’s tough (in fantasy only) to not pick the team with Vick, but with the forecast in Philly of heavy rain Sunday I am going to go bold here and make Gar the LOTW! Hey, I can’t pick Dave every week right? That isn’t fair!

Warriors vs Sapornos– Right now it looks like the only thing that can stop Dave are bye weeks and women with common sense! Brady looks like he is on a mission to show Team Vick what a real MVP QB looks like again this year having thrown for 940 yards, 7 TD- 1 INT. Oh yeah, it’s week 3?! The only week spot on his team this week is Boldin and he gets the Rams D. Sick. On Tony’s side at least Mendenhall gets the bad Indy run D so I expect him to go off as well as V-Jax and fantasy zombie Steve Smith both against bad pass D’s. This one could get ugly and while 9/10 of us need Dave to lose, I don’t foresee it happening here. Take the Warriors.

Topes vs B^3– Well Bob, the sting of losing Charles is slightly eased by having the trophy. I know KC will try and utilize McCluster but is he ready? Forte has been great so far but faces a tough matchup in GB. I still think he produces. T-Gonz was utilized heavily last week, but that was against the pitiful Eagles LB’s. I think the proj here is overhyped off of that. Still down on Bowe, and that Jennings projection seems low doesn’t it? For Paul, bold move starting 2 WR’s on the same team. CJ2K has to get some points at some time during the year yes? Well he does get a tasty matchup this week. Key here will be Romo. Gets the extra day of rest for the ribs, but will it matter against the undefeated, NFC East leading ‘Skins??? This is a tough one to pick. One of these teams will be 0-3. I think that will be Paul. Take the Topes.

Dillos vs Vikings– Watchout, the upstart Vikings are coming off of their first ever win in the league and it was over the defending champs. Now they are favored again. Yahoo showing some love! Speaking of love, flat out love Witten this week. Austin is out and Dez is a GTD. If I were Tom though I’d have Best out and Bradshaw in staying with my theory on starting every RB facing the Eagles. And F’n Jordy Nelson… Tough one here also but since I have to take an upset… Dillos is the Upset Special!

Atoms vs Phinest– Two weeks, I lose due to 2 white WR’s. Ugh. That has to be some sort of record. Good news: The Phinest don’t have a Caucasian to line up there! Seriously though, I know I sound like Nick here, but I have been favored each week, am the 3rd highest scoring team, yet I am 0-2. Finley has been a somewhat disappointment so far. The Atoms are mixing things up a bit by starting Tate (and not Golden!) and playing the matchup game with the defense. Britt needs to remain hot. For Andrew, Matthews gets a good start vs KC, Run DMC seems healthy but has the Jets- can he get 16 points? I think so. Mike Williams I can’t figure out. He is too talented to be held back like he did last week. Well, as always… pick the phinest!

Good luck guys, and Nick, have a safe flight my man! I may even watch the eagles game to see if you get on TV!

  1. Dave says:

    Wow, I’m even leading the picks too at 7-3, unless you count Andrew picking himself twice. It amazes me how you still work in a Golden Tate reference even though he may never crack a lineup all year. I also expect to see Chris and Nick on TV…as they’re being escorted from the stands by security for their rowdy behavior!

  2. otis says:

    I’d love to start Bradshaw against the Eagles D but I try not to play against my team when there is a viable option. I’m not as strict as Nick but Tolbert against KC is too solid an option to justify keeping Bradshaw in.

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