Week 3 Hits and Misses

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Time to call myself out again! Buckle up… especially if you are reading this in the car. Safety first!

LOD: Hits- Henderson coming back down to earth (3 for 63), called the caucasian WR curse hitting Nick and Welker damn near outscored his whole team.

        Misses- Actually hit on all cylinders here!

Eagles: Hits- Wow. Could not have called the D-Jax/ Vick thing any better. Said Benson and Bush would struggle. And I think I can effectively take credit for the last second spot start for him with Rice who did get over 25% of Nick’s scoring.

         Misses- I guess thinking that Hillis would play, but he was ruled out an hour before gametime with strep.

Warriors: Hits- Didn’t really go into too much detail with this squad as it is cruising right now. Did say I liked Boldin’s matchup and he got double digits.

         Misses- I guess Brady didn’t have a normally ridiculous game but he still put up 24.

Pornos: Hits- none.

        Misses- Whoa. I could not have been further off of Tony’s players. All 3 that I thought would do well flopped. Ouch. Sorry bro.

Topes: Hits- Maybe partial credit on McCluster and Gonzalez? Thought that Jennings would outperform and he did.

          Misses- Whiffed on Bowe. Poorly.

B^3: Hits- Questioned the 2 Fins WR’s and they combined for 13.1. Partial on Romo being “key”. He wasn’t the difference, but the physical limitations didn’t help.

          Misses- CJ2K. Jeebus. Dude, you were facing Denver!!!

Dillos: Hits- Bradshaw. And Bradshaw torched the Eagles “Run D” for over 21 points.

           Misses- None, but Eff off Jordy and your stupid name. Where was this last week???!!!

Vikings: Hits- Huh, I guess I didn’t really get into the players too much here. Sorry.

          Misses- Thought Witten would have a bigger impact.

Atoms: Hits- Called out Finley to produce (3 TD’s), spot started Tate who filled in well but not great.Said Nritt needed to remain hot. He gets hurt early, and it cost me the game. F’n Rutgers.

          Misses- picked the wrong Defense.

Phinest: Hits- Liked Matthews, thought Run DMC would get over 16 (but come on dude. 33?! Really???)

         Misses- Said Williams was too talented to be held back again. Umm yeah.

Ok guys, that’s all- enjoy the next few days leading up to the Week 4 Atom Bombs!


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