Week 4 misses and hits

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, calling myself out time! Abbreviated version because its late and I am tired. Sue me.


Phinest vs Dillos– Hits: Wayne, Big Ben, totally hit on McCoy, Starks, McFadden, Denarious Moore

                                    Misses: Bradshaw, Matthews, Dez (both healthier than we were told)

Topes vs Pornos– Hits: Meachem, McCluster, both Jackson’s, Blount, Mendenhall

                                   Misses: Bowe, Smith (i’ll give myself this one despite the good game I said if he did well Tony would win)

Vikings vs B^3– Hits: No bigger hit than Flacco, was right on Maclin and he was rightfully benched, CJ2K

                                Misses: Lloyd, Marshall, Ingram even though he totally had a TD vultured

LOD vs Warriors– Hits: BJGE

                                Misses: Foster

Atoms vs Phoenix– Hits: Hillis, Benson, Nicks (may have rivaled my Flacco call), Vick, Rivers 

                                Misses: Finley (Really, 49 pts scored and Finley does nothing???!!!), Tampa D



  1. ncmalko1 says:

    Good enough for me. But I look forward to the pics!

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