iAtom Bombs Week 5

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  This week’s post I wanted to have a different theme. But with the passing of Steve Jobs I thought it would be a good idea to in one small way pay tribute. I know that most everyone has already chimed in with eulogies, but I don’t know how many were tied into a fantasy football post… Since most of my roster management and some posts have been done all on my iPhone I thought it apropos. You know you have invented something amazing when Microsoft tried to compete with it and fails miserably as with their Zune compared to the iPod. Over the course of his amazing career, Jobs bought the company and developed it into Pixar, redefined how we get and listen to music with iTunes, held 338 US patents, and the man was known as the Edison and Ben Franklin of our time. One last thing- he changed the way that people viewed the SuperBowl  and the importance of commercials with this groundbreaking ad:


He changed the world by never giving up on what he felt was the right thing. And that very perseverance can be easily translated into any aspect of life including when you are struggling in fantasy football.

OK, enough of the memoriam, let’s get to it:

Last Week: 3-1! Woot woot!

YTD: 9-7 (5-3)

Rest of league (except Andrew and new guy who have been eliminated)- Dave 10-10, Gar 9-10, Bob 10-10, Nick 6-11, Tony 5-6, Tom 6-9. Rough week for you guys and Dave’s lead is gone!

LOD vs Topes– Two teams battling .500, each other, and their innate urge to make out with one another. Gar get’s a big boost from John Fox saying that McGahee is the #1 back. (Hear that Shannahan you M-Effer, a coach can stay with a guy!!!) Sorry about that. Welker has really turned into a legit WR for Gar and he may not get 15, but will still do well. And while Gore doesn’t have his dream matchup like last week http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7070630/frank-gore-says-philadelphia-eagles-threw-towel-san-francisco-49ers-rallied he does get a TB D coming off a short week and who did not look good against Addai. Gar is still standing strong on Pitts D that looks like it got old fast. As for the topes, in Eli he trusts. OK, for this week I will say that Bowe should do well again, he seems to be on a hot streak. Still not a believer in McCluster, and Forte may have a tougher road this week with the Lions. (Did I just type that? Wow) So for the pick: Pick LOD

Phinest vs Eagles– Remember kids we are spotting the Phinest fiddy here. Great battle between rivals as Nick looks to hand Andrew his first loss. Love Pettigrew this week as the Bears have been torched by TE’s all year. I like Julio a bit too as GB has been giving up points to WR’s. Usually because they are up so much so fast, but still. I always say garbage time counts. Bye weeks are starting and that is taking a toll on Nick early. As with every week, no shock here, it all comes down to Vick. Teams have been able to score on the Bills, it’s just that they have been able to battle back. Unless they face a ginger QB. Soooo in the interest of excitement, I am making Nick the upset special! I learned last week that you just can’t count him out.

Vikings vs Pornos– Ironic that the battle between these 2  Eye-Talians occurs on Columbus day weekend? Or kismet? Or random scheduling quirk? You can be the judge… Vikings making a switch at QB due to the bye, and he has a decent matchup here. With Hernandez back that could bite into Gronk’s production, but you still need to start him. I wonder if Maclin will address the ball security issues? For Tony, V Jax practiced Friday but keep an eye on how many plays he gets with that hammy/ oblique issue. Tough spot for Tony’s RB’s. Mendenhall is a big Q so I like the Redman play, but Blount gets the SF run D. I am going out on a limb here and making the Vikings the LOTW! Congrats young buck. Still, pick the Vikings.

B^3 vs Dillos– See what happens when I make the LOTW too early? Holy crap. This could be a bloodbath. Umm, I’m not going to get too cute here. I know what you are saying- as cute as I am, how can I even get cuter?! Well, thank you. Yeah, just take the Dillos here as the LOTW and don’t think twice. Well not about this at least.

Atoms vs Warriors– If this were the NFL I would be leading the “Suck for Luck” campaign! But with each passing week I get closer to a pick I do not want. Are you @#$%ing kidding me, I get Dave now??? With effing Fred Jackson against Nick’s “Top 10” defense???!!! Nick, did you mean top 10 in RB points allowed, or 4th quarter points scored against? Just curious… OK, on my side, jeebus, I am decimated. I lost Britt, Felix, Hightower, and now Andre to injury. Although 2 of them are back, they aren’t going full tilt. And Shannhan still hates me. Look, I don’t blame anyone for taking the Warriors here. Hell, even I get lost in his teams eyes… ahhhh… Oops, sorry. I don’t think there is any way that Jackson gets less than 17 this week. Plus Megatron? They may outscore my team alone. Oh yeah, and Brady. DAMN IT!!! I can only hope that the brilliant defensive scheming of Juan “seriously, I’m not the O-Line guy anymore?!” Castillo can stifle Johnson and the passes will go to Nelson instead. But I doubt it. Screw it, take the Warriors!

Good luck guys!

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