Atom Bombs Week 6

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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   Holy crap, are we at the 6th week already?! Well, I just checked my record and as I am 0-5, the answer is yes. However since Nick’s Dream Team only has 1 more win (the same as Butter’s FYI) my season is A-OK! That being said, right now my team is as relevent as smallpox, or Chalk’s fashion sense. But I am pressing on, as is everyone else with only 3 of us really in dire need of some wins. Just remember, it could be worse, we could have those dirty “Occupy Whatever” people squatting on our league! So it isn’t that bad for any of us. This is a pivotal week for the league as two of the 3-2 teams square off as well as those that are at the top, Dave and Andrew having a marquee matchup this week and it’s the only time in the regular season that they will meet. As for me, moves need to be made as if I do not start getting wins quickly I will need to start rebuilding for next year. Is this what the Philadelphia Eagles are going through right now? Wow. Ok, short lead in this time but let’s still get to it!

Last week: 3-1 (1-1) again!

YTD: 12-8 (6-4)

Rest of league: Dave 14-11, Bob 13-12, Gar 12-12, Tom 10-10, Nick 6-11, Tony 5-6.

Eagles vs Dillos: This week Nick’s boy gets a rematch of a team that he torched for a crazy amount of points last year when Laron Landry made the foolish mistake of talking smack to DeSean in the pregame. Could the retooled NFC East leading Redskins be hungry for revenge? Side note, Nick was talking smack on rookie DE Kerrigan during the draft to me (humble brag, one of the several picks I nailed leading to the “guru” title! As well as the Eagles Danny Watkins one. Ahem, ahem…).So, how does this game break down?  Tom is trying to regain some steam here but is playing a QB this week with a 1:2 TD to INT ratio. I love every RB that these 2 teams are playing this week. all have very good matchups and I think this battle will be a shootout. Edge on WR’s goes slightly to Nick, but keep an eye on Roddy w/o Julio taking targets away from him. I like Nick’s team, but not by much, could go either way. Pick- Eagles.

LOD vs Vikings- Battle of the 3-2 squads. Just as a lesson for the young ‘un as he is trying to talk smack. (at least that is what I think he is doing, I really can’t make out what the hell is being said. haha!) It is tough to talk up a team that we all drafted for you. Just sayin’. You’re doing a great job of managing the team so far though, keep it up. Gar is looking to give the newbie a beat down though and fortunately for him the Law Firm is back practicing and ready to go. The Dillos have it right: this is a battle of the NE TE’s! Now healthy Foster gets his first tough matchup this year vs the Ravens D. For the Vikings, not sold on Flacco yet for fantasy and Maclin has been inconsistent to say the least. A lot to like here on both sides, and it isn’t overlooked that the Vikings are quietly using the Phoenix tactic of the 2 TE set. This one also seems like a high scoring affair and I will be taking the team with Drew Brees over Flacco here. LOTW- LOD. Sorry for the acronym love…

Butter vs Pornos- Paul is looking primed with his vaunted Cowboy-centric lineup fresh off of a bye week. Obviously as Tony pointed out, the wildcard here is Brandon Marshall who earlier this week made this claim for the MNF matchup:

“My goal is to get thrown out midway through the second quarter,” Marshall said.“I’m serious. They want to fine me, it’ll probably be like a $50,000 fine. But I’m going to play. That quarter and half I’m out there, I’m going to play like a monster.”

So it boils down to will 1.25 quarters of Marshall with Matt Moore throwing to him be enough? For Tony, I know I’ve been down on Mendenhall all year, and justifiably so, but he does get a good matchup this week. I’m down on Moss here though, the eagles have actually done a good job against #1 Wr’s so far, but that may just be due to the fact that no one is throwing on the team since they couldn’t stop this RB if they had to face her: . I think Smith gets some love again from Cam, so I am making Tony the Upset special!

Atoms vs Topes- Yeah, usually I save my game to the end, and with the civil war angle perhaps I should have. But I didn’t. So deal with it. Am I grasping here or will my moves prove to live up to the “Guru” moniker? Hewyard-Bey I am bringing up not just due to injuries killing me, and byes, but because Joe Haden-who may be on his way quickly to being the #2 CB in the league behind Revis- is out for the game. Nelson though? Yeah, solely because of injuries and byes. Not gonna lie. And playing Hightower due to my eagles D vs RB theory. If I can get big games from Cam and D-Willy I could be ok. For Gizmo, Love the Graham play with Blount out, and Forte should do well again a Viking defense that is less than what it used to be. Not big on Meachem again, or Burress though. That said- take the Topes!

Game of the Week: Warriors vs Phinest- This game deserves to be last in the picks and I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds! Frak, Dave is PROJECTED at 130 points! And I see he is going with my preseason theory of all RB’s vs the eagles- love it Dave! Can anyone stop Megatron? I don’t think Optimus Prime is playing secondary for the Niners this week… And oh yeah, he still has Brady! Jeebus, I am just glad I don’t get him again this week. So that should make it a clear cut pick yes? To quote Coach Corso- “Not so fast my friend!” Andrew smartly picked up the 2011 version of Colston in Victor Cruz, I think Greene breaks out this week, and it looks like Starks’ turn to get some points in the GB backfield. Oh, and to counter Brady, he has Rodgers. Damn, this one should be good! Very tough to pick between 2 undefeated teams, but I am going with Dave in a close one!

Ok gang, that is all from the Atom Bombs offices. Good luck!


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