Week 6 hits and misses

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, what did I get right, and what did I get wrong?!

Eagles vs Dillos: Hits- ok, loved all the running backs and 2 blew up (both for the Dillos) and 1 did well (Benson), also said that the edge at WR went slightly to Nick and thanks to Green that was right

                             Misses- but 2 of the RB’s didn’t, and that was all

LOD VS Vikings: Hits- I guess I really wasn’t all that committal on this matchup. I guess by taking Brees over Flacco?

                             Misses- Sorry, after reading this I need to take more of a stand.

Butters vs Pornos: Hits- Hey the 1st time I liked Mendenhall and he gets 21! Moss,

                                 Misses-  Smith, maybe Marshall? If he hung onto that pass in the endzone he would have had 20+

Atoms vs Topes: Hits- Heyward-Bey,  Nelson, Graham, Forte, Meachem, Burress

                             Misses- Hightower, Cam, Williams

Warriors vs Phinest: hits- hit for Dave in benching Torain,  Megatron

                                   misses- Cruz, Greene, Starks


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