Atom Bombs Week 7

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What a week. We lost another crazy ass Middle East dictator which from a comedy standpoint, kinda sucks! And personally, Gadhafi was the one bringing the cupcakes to my daughters birthday party, so yeah, I’m hurt. Back to football. Injuries suck. But they are a fact of life in the NFL. Now, I’m not one to make excuses, so let me preface that first. But it tends to make it increasingly difficult to win games when you keep losing players. I mean it is one thing to lose 1 guy- even a star, but let’s look at my team for a second: Weeks 1-3 the Atoms were the 3rd highest scoring team albeit still 0-3. Weeks 3-6? Lost Britt, Andre, Hightower, Felix Jones and then I pick up Heyward-Bey and Campbell gets knocked out for the year. Jeebus. At least I’m not as bad as Olin Kruetz though and say that I’ve lost my passion for the game. If anything being 0-6 and still making moves, writing this stupid thing, my passion is running strong! Strong like bull! Ok, ok sorry if my focus is off, after all it is USC week so I am even more pumped than normal. Soooo, let’s get to the picks!

Last week: 2-2 (1-1) again!

YTD: 14-10 (7-5)

Rest of league: Bob 17-12, Dave 16-11, Gar 16-12, Tom 14-11, Nick 9-11, Tony 5-6. The defending Champ jumps into the lead after a perfect week (along with Gar!)

LOD vs  Butters – Just in time for Halloween, Gar picks up potential fantasy zombie Carson Palmer. But, he may not start soooo… Gar is making a smart move staying with Brees. I like the thought for Gar playing LDT vs his old team, but not sure how much he’ll produce. And it looks like Gates may actually play this week so he has that going for you. Plus I like McGahee this week. For absentee Paul, he gets his beloved Cowboys off of a bye, and basically onto another bye before their marquee matchup vs the Eagles next week… gotta love Romo and Austin here. Also love CJ2K and Ingram but not Turner as much. I’m going against conventional wisdom here and taking Butters!

Phinest vs Topes- Damn, Rodgers is projected at 24??? Whoa! Also Andrew gets a fresh Dez so that should benefit him. Kinda split on his RB’s though. Like McFadden but I don’t think that Matthews gets to his projected total. For the Topes tough spot playing Bush vs Run DMC. That may get frustrating. Interestingly Bob’s game could come down to the London game with Forte, Gould and uber backup Graham. Weather usually plays a part in jolly old England. And incidentally eff you Graham! Dude does nothing for 3 years, then his 100 yard game- yeah, against me. Figures. That is my 2011. Torn on T-Gonz w/o Julio though. Hmmm tough call here, but the Topes are the Upset special! (But Bob, settle down I think I am O-fer in the Upset picks…)

Eagles vs  Warriors- Holy shit. I mean wow. Ironically with SupaFelon on a bye Dave is playing bizarro Mike Vick. Well, for Nick I like Rice this week since the Browns are still w/o Haden. And there’s wait, Dave Baldwin, Ben Tate, and Reggie Bush against the real Dream Team???!!! Screw it, I’ma make this one easy- Dave LOTW. And if you were Nick’s friend you would only play 5 spots to make it fair. Just sayin’.

Pornos vs Dillos- Tom still riding that White WR train (get it? Roddy, Jordy? Ugh.) Speaking of Jordy I am hereby calling him the white Lee Evans. I could go further but I have sleep to get to at some point. Not only that but Tom is running the patented Nick Malko 2 TE set. For Tony V Jax is a GTD so that may hamper things. Torn on Matty Ice, but the Lions D has been pretty good this year. So who do you take in the lowest projected game of the week? Haha, take the Dillos.

Atoms vs Cupcakes- So someone is feeling a little too cocky for no apparent reason. And now this is what happens. Keep in mind Chalk 2.0 that I am going easy on you. You should have seen what I did to Dereck. And I was kind of looking for another target… Gar, you may want to chat with your boy. But do it before his 9:30pm curfew. So Gar said that you are the class president. Congrats, but I can only assume based on how you make your posts that you go to this school in Philly: .For the young buck, I kind of like Flacco a bit here against the Jags. Wallace has hammy issues but practiced on Friday so he should be a go. MJD gets a rejuvenated Ravens D so that could limit his otherwise stellar production. Garcon has been Painter’s BFF so far, but at some point he has to notice that Reggie Wayne is on the field no? For the Atoms, Heyward-Bey is a stretch w/o a proven QB, but with Andre still hurting… I am stuck. Kind of loving my 2 pickups this week as both are going to get touches. As always, pick the South Philly My Little Ponies! And if someone can translate this post into Fall out Boy song titles so that our leagues Justin Beiber can understand I would appreciate it.

  1. Dillos says:

    At least your writing hand isn’t injured. I’d hate for you to have to go My Left Foot all over the keyboard.

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