Week 7 hits and misses

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

LOD vs Butters: Hits- Can I take a hit for brees over palmer? Nah. LDT, Gates, Ingram

                            Misses- McGahee, Romo, Austin, Turner, CJ2K

Phinest vs Topes: Hits- Dez, Matthews, Forte

                               Misses- Mcfadden, Graham?

Eagles vs Warriors: Hits- Baldwin, Bush, Tebow (who scored more this week than all but 2 of SupaFelon’s weeks so far)

                                 Misses- Rice (ok, but in my defense Haden was a late start!) , Tate- really though only Nick could play Tate and still get 11.40 points from him!

Pornos vs Dillos: Hits- Jordy, V Jax, Ryan

                              Misses- None!

Atoms vs Cupcakes: Hits- MJD, Wallace, Garcon, Heyward-Bey, Battle, and oh yeah DeMarco Murray sucka!!!

                                     Misses- Flacco

  1. Dave says:

    DeMarco Murray sucka!!! Haha, some sweet pwnage for the lad.

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