Week 8 Atom Bombs

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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  Well the Atom finally got their first win of the year last week! So I have that going for me, although it did take me out of the top spot in the Suck for Luck race. But staying true to form, I did lose another guy for the year. Ugh. And even funnier, I just realized I replaced a Redskin with a Redskin. There’s a first for everything folks! And I swear, if I lost after posting the 2nd highest score of the week, I was gonna go off on the league like Lindsey Lohan going off on some coke. And I know how much the Topes enjoy when I digress, so I will share a quick Chalk story: When we worked together and basically shared cube space, we used to talk about all kinds of things, most of which I believe I wrote about at some point. But this one time we were discussing movies and actors that we’d like to see in them when Chalk delivered this gem: “I would really like it if Lindsey Lohan would do a serious movie. You know, something with like cougars in it” And he meant the animal, not the old lady context. Oh, and he was serious. Which of course led to 2 immediate questions: 1- what in Lindsey made you think she’d kill in a dramatic role, and 2- WTF does having cougars in it make it so appealing?! Ok, sorry, really went all tangent-y on you guys. So back to the football! We had some break out performances last week by 2 RB’s- Arian Foster went for the fabled Double Century (I thought about calling it something else. The Marshall, after Faulk; the Double Hundo but nothing seemed to flow. And it seems that cricket actually already had this term coined. Yep, borrowing from Cricket now. Thoughts on the name?) after going for 100 yards rushing AND receiving in the same game. Oh, and, ahem, DeMarco Murray! Let’s get to the picks shall we? One thing too, I’m not going to put out that I love guys like Megatron, (or Dave’s team really) Brady, Rodgers etc since that is too obvious. I will only say if I don’t think they will do well. Ok? Ok.

Last week: 3-1 (2-0)

YTD: 17-11 (9-5)

Rest of league: Bob 18-12 (sorry bro, can’t give you credit for picks that don’t show especially when 1 of your picks- your game- did post!), Tom 18-12, Dave 18-14, Gar 17-16, Nick 9-11 (WTF, you AND the TOPES not voting? C’Mon Man!), Captain Canolli is eliminated.

LOD vs Pornos– What a difference a week makes. Tony slides down to the bottom slot due to a 5 game losing streak, and Gar leaps up to the #2 position. Another week, another team using the patented Phoenix 2 TE set! This time it’s the LOD with the strategy and while both are projected at almost 10 pts each, and they face defenses that are middle of the road against TE’s I think both go under that mark but not by much. Love Colston here, and Welker, well hell, he has Brady getting the ball to him all over so gotta love that. Not too much I don’t like for Gar except for the defense. Tough to play one versus Brady. For Tony, he is going risky with Branch- but I kinda like it! I am back off of Mendenhall, but only slightly here as the NE D hasn’t been good but they are off a bye. Fitzpatrick WILL go over 13 points this week, but the Bills may be up so fast that it does limit him slightly. I’d love to know which V Jax will show up since he gets a great matchup this week, but I don’t. If Rivers stops throwing picks, it could benefit him. Just sayin’… Anywho: Pick LOD!

Phinest vs Vikings– Yeah, I thought about keeping the cupcake moniker for him, but putting a whooping on him last week hopefully was enough to learn the young buck (or ‘Bol’ as we now know) a thing or two. Both teams here on 2 game losing streaks and each needing to get back on the right track. As Andrew mentioned though, this is his rough bye week as he loses 6 guys! Looks like Stafford is a go, and having him as your backup- you could do a lot worse. Looks like Cruz has come back down to earth now, and I’m not on the Delone Carter train yet. If he has one- I’m assuming here. Also not big on either Pettigrew or Bernard Scott. I know perennial felon Benson is out so he’ll be getting touches, but Seattle’s Defense is surprisingly good, especially at home. Jeez, sounds like I am all down here, but I do love Matthews this week with Tolbert looking like he is out! Vikings again playing someone on a bye so far, but hopefully Gar clues him in so he gets a defense in there. I like most of his matchups this week, even Flacco! Wallace I am sure will go off again and Witten gets a really good matchup also. Still down on Garcon. And here we are, the Vikings are the LOTW!

Eagles vs Topes– Rematch of last years finals! And neither team is projected to break 100? Ouch. For Nick, it looks like Hillis will be a go so hopefully he replaces either Bush or Tate. And that coincidentally goes for the Topes also as he has Hardesty in his lineup. And yeah, still down on Clark but with Soldier on a bye… I do like AJ Green here. It’ll be interesting with 44% of his team going on Sunday night. Fun stat for Bob, as most of his team is out also: the Bears have 2,359 yards of total offense. Forte has 1,091 of them. I do like Eli, but still not high on Meachem or Manningham. In a close one I think that the Browns RB thing will put Nick over the top. Pick Eagles!

Warriors vs Dillos– Another one where I have to assume that the Dillos will make a few roster moves here before gametime. Sooo like I said, taking the no brainers out of it doesn’t leave much to say about Dave’s team. Yeah, all great matchups… But on Tom’s side, he has some pretty good matchups also. Love Sproles, and Shady. If Jordy and Tolbert are taken out, Tom could pull off the upset. So, I am going to go out here, and since I have to make an upset pick (and I really, really don’t…) Take the Dillos! I may be sacrificing my pick here…

Atoms vs Butter– Looking for another win this week! Can the Atoms build on their success last week? For Paul, kind of down on Austin vs the Eagles. And this may be the final week I still have some semblance of faith in saving CJ2K’s fantasy season. Despite the Austin thing, I still do like Romo here. Fred Davis is a good play here as well. For your Atoms, I get super pick up Murray vs the eagles. D-Willy has been a huge disappointment, and I am not so sure on my WR’s this week. Also I like Battle but not sold on him getting more than 8 points here. Pick Butter!

Ok, best of luck gang!

  1. Dave says:

    Playing with fire!! This wasn’t the week I was worried about getting upset.

  2. gingerdad1 says:

    That’s just where the Dillos want you, lulled into a false sense of security! He’s trying to shock the world!

  3. ncmalko1 says:

    Your writing is great. My FF team sucks!

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