Week 8 Hits and Misses

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

LOD vs Pornos: Hits- Both LOD TE’s, Mendenhall, Nailed the Fitzpatrick call spot on

                           Misses- Welker, Colston

Vikings vs Phinest: Hits- Stafford, Carter, Pettigrew, Scott, kinda on Flacco, Garcon- good call by the kid replacing him with Lloyd

                                   Misses- Cruz, Matthews (inj), Witten, Wallace

Eagles vs Topes: Hits- AJ Green, Eli, Meachem

                              Misses- Clark, Mario

Warriors vs Dillos: Hits- Shady, Hit of the year picking the Upset!

                                  Misses- Sproles

Atoms vs Butters: Hits- Austin, Davis, Williams, Battle, my WR’s

                                 Misses- CJ (he’s dead at this point),  Romo

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