Atom Bombs Week 9

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  Insane week here in the Atom Bombs office as we are still all abuzz over the Upset Pick of the Year! But that wasn’t the only shocking news event. Clearly looking to upstage the league, Justin Bieber apparently knocked up a girl so homely it even made Tiger’s IHOP waitresses look like Playboy material. incidentally, what will be more damaging- the illegitimate kid, or the fact that she said it only lasted 30 seconds? I’m thinking it depends on your sex. Slightly less strange was Kim K’s divorce. I mean, was anyone… anyone shocked by this? Maybe that it lasted 72 days but that’s about it. Hell, they didn’t even last longer then the NBA lockout. What else lasted longer? So glad you asked! Creepy-assed teen bride Courtney Stodden and the LOST guy’s marriage. Yep, THEY outlasted you Kim (in case she’s reading this). Ugh. So if you are keeping count, they spent 10 million on a wedding that lasted less than 3 months. In my industry we call that a lousy return on investment. But on the optimistic side, dude got to do what he was allowed to do to Kim for at least the 72 days so he’s got that going for him. Maybe Reggie will go back to her with some Pizza Hut. And finally, and really not to be outdone was the disgustingly crazy story about the long lost biological brother and sister that got married and is now expecting a kid. Really. I’m not even making this shit up. I mean really WTF?! Oh well, as I said, a lot of insanity happened this week, and if I didn’t mention it now it would lose its topical relevancy. So there. OK bitches, let’s get to the picks!

Last week: 2-2 (2-0)

YTD: 19-13 (11-5)

Rest of league: Bob 20-15, Tom 20-15, Dave 19-18, Gar 17-17, Nick 11-14, Captain Canolli is still eliminated. Tight race here halfway through the season. Will anyone separate themselves?

Phinest vs Butters– ok, so I will say it now. I didn’t want to do it last week when he was playing against me. Karma dude, karma. But CJ”won’t get to 1K” is fantasy dead at this point. Interesting matchups here while the Phinest get uber QB Rodgers back from a bye, it looks like he will be without Run DMC and Matthews. And with little tangible depth this could bode disastrous for him. I do like Cruz this week and the Raiders D looks good vs the Tebowing Broncos. Gotta love Turner vs Indy for Paul and Marshall should do well playing from behind against the Chiefs. I think that this one will be very close with Butters squeaking out the Upset Special!

Eagles vs Vikings– Only Nick could get the matchup with the Vikings top 2 guys on byes. And with only Lynch as an available bench spot the young kid better get someone quick. If you wait too long in this league, you lose. Flat out. Looking into it, with the majority of the Vikings available players going against either the Ravens, or the Stillers that will make things very rough for him. Nick on the other side with the few tweaks that I expect for him to make will win this game, in fact- LOTW!

Warriors vs Topes– The Warriors are reeling after their first defeat and the Topes are surging riding a 3 game win streak. Another interesting matchup case involving the AFC battle mentioned above for Dave. Brady has been pretty pedestrian since week 3 when he had close to 25 pts, only 1 time since then has he gotten 20. That being said, bold prediction is that Eli will outscore Brady this week! Down on Washington here but I am up on Jennings (shock right?). Good play by Bob on Bush. Also for Dave I do like Jackson still as the Jets run D hasn’t been as good as in years past. Seabass may not kick again, so I am going out on a double limb here and saying if he is replaced, a second loss in a row for the Warriors! (I know, I am most likely pushing my luck here. It’s mostly on Rice…) Pick Topes.

Atoms vs Pornos– Yep, pushing my game forward a tad again based on the game of the week. Also this may be a staple… But anyways, your Atoms are fresh off of a second straight win looking for a 3 game streak  while the Pornos won their last game also. Down w/o potential keeper candidate Cam due to the bye I am relegated to playing Rivers this week. not a bad matchup against a GB D that has let up points via the air. Also down Andre my WR’s are suspect. And I think Murray may be overinflated as the Seahawks run D has been surprisingly good this year. The flip side to that is I think Battle is underprojected vs Miami. I think 2/3 of Tony’s RB’s will have good games with the exception being Rashard again. Selfishly I hope V Jax does well! As always, pick Pornos!

GOTW- LOD vs Dillos– The Dillos are the reigning dragon slayers and now they look to extend their 1 game lead over the Legion this week. Gore and Foster have been white hot lately while Welker is banged up. That could be tough. Plus for the LOD, he never knows what he’ll get from Gates. And while Brees woefully disappointed last week, he has to bounce back here yes? For Tom, it could come down to Bradshaw. Conflicting reports from the Giants as they said he first may be done for weeks due to a broken bone in his foot, to now that he should play through it. But who knows? Shady will do great as he has all year so far. Also love Sproles with Ingram out and I think Roddy does well too. This one hopefully lives up to the hype as well as I hope that the LSU- Bama game does! In a nailbiter I am going with the LOD here but I would not be surprised if Tom won.

That’s all for this week, good luck guys!


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    Lock of the week bitches!

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