Week 9 hits and misses

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Phinest vs Butters- Hits: CJ, Cruz, Turner, Marshall

                                 Misses: Oak D

Eagles vs Vikings- Hits: Lynch

                                Misses: Flacco, Wallace

Warriors vs Topes- Hits: Can I get a hit on calling the back to back losses/ Or that my Eli over Brady was a mere .09 from coming true? Washington, Jennings, Bush 

                                 Misses: Jackson

Atoms vs Pornos- Hits: Rivers, my WR corps (damn you DHB!) but 2 went over soo…

                                 Misses: Murray, Battle, right on Tony’s RB’s, but had the 1/3 wrong with it being Blount, wrong on hoping V Jax did well but damn, 35.9?! WTF!

LOD vs Dillos- Hits: Gore, Foster,  Brees, Sproles, Shady

                       Misses: Welker, Gates, White


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