Week 10 Atom Bombs

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Arrgghh Thursday games!!! I can’t stand them- totally throws my week off. First things first, I know everyone is probably expecting a rant on the Sandusky/ PSU scandal. But I am going to post that separately as it is too involved to get into here. So I am going to try to compartmentalize a bit and not go into it during the Atom Bombs, although that will be hard. Shameless plug too, if you guys click on the “follow” button on the blog you will get the other rants and crap that spews onto my laptop via blog form instead of posting links onto the league page (which I will do for these still of course) for the non-fantasy write ups. Ok, so besides the news that went down at the Neverland Ranch, Central PA division, what else have we had to look at this week? Hmm, another Eagles loss and now they will most likely need to go 7-1 to get into the playoffs…  90’s rap star Heavy D passed, and incidentally, when people you grew up listening to, reading, watching start dying makes you feel older. I’m not in favor of that. How about everyone that was big in the 90’s, just don’t die for another 10-15 years ok? Thanks. And just to put the rumors to bed now- I have not been asked to take over the hosting duties for the Academy Awards in place of Eddie Murphy. But if anyone affiliated with that is reading this, I am available. Just sayin’.  And it’s nice to see those crazy kids Amanda Knox and her soon to be killed BF out and about. What, like you are thinking “that dude is getting so laid but freaking killed soon too”. Just me? Huh. OK, with the Thursday game approaching kickoff I need to get this posted. Sit back, relax and I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Last Week- 2-2 (0-2)

YTD- 21-15 (11-7)

Rest of league: Still a tight race with Nick progressively tailing off due to a lack of picks. Bob: 22-18; Tom: 22-18; Gar: 20-18; Dave: 20-22. Keep going guys!

Phinest vs Pornos– Like Pettigrew here as the Bears have been susceptible to TE’s. Matthews should get around 20 touches. And DAMN Julio Jones is faaaast! I guess you need to like Dez even though I think Nick’s Cowboys will be leaning on Murray with Austin out. For Tony- and I still can’t believe I effing lost last week, watch Jackson get like 9 points now since he isn’t going against me… Back down on Mendenhall but Blount and Stephen Jackson should do well. Hanson is a GTD so keep an eye on that. Kind of like the Keller vs NE play. Smart move by the Pornos. Pick Phinest Umm, LOTW! Boom, right off the bat with that one too!

Atoms vs LOD– I’m not playing Rivers tonight so he should be good for 20+. Not liking Fitz w/o Kolb and as I mentioned previously the Eagles have been good vs #1 WR’s so far. But with Andre still out… Love Murray this week and I actually think that as bad as he did last week Ogbonnaya will outperform Battle. For the LOD, Gore is hobbled but I think he plays and plays well. Interesting stat: Welker had 9 catches for 136 last week. Ochocinco has the exact same output—for the season. Shows a lot about the value there. Gates, Gates, Gates… I don’t know about 12pts, but I think he gets around double digits. With the Texans (my free agent fan team btw) looking good to make the playoffs, they could start lessening Foster’s carries with Tate doing so well. At first look I thought McGahee would struggle with Tebow in, but I like him vs the Chiefs. You know it— Pick LOD!

Warriors vs Vikings– Now that the blockbuster trade has been consummated, much like their love, the Vikings now have SupaFelon on his team. And with that, there go his title chances for this year and next. Sorry youngster, you’ll see what I mean though. Love the Tebow play for Dave. Gutsy, but that’s what you need to do at times. You have to figure he gets at least 15 pts weekly. Remember, garbage time counts kids! Of course love Megatron, kinda down on Fred and Boldin is like Bowe to me. You have to ride him while he is hot, but when he cools… stay away! Love MJD here for the Vikings, and Maclin looks good facing the AZ D. Also I think Vick does well, at least better than he has recently. KC D is a bold call as well, not really digging that one. Wow, lowest projected pts for Dave so far I believe! I have so far called the past 2 upsets, will this be 3 straight? Pick *build dramatic tension* Vikings (as long as he plays a QB) Upset special!

Eagles vs Butters– GOTW 1a The battle for the #1 pick! Kind of down on Romo w/o Miles and like I said I expect them to run. I like Green even if the Bengals are down- which they may not be- Green should get some decent targets. If the Birds D can’t get to Skelton, all hope may be lost. Call me crazy, (ugh, go ahead) but I’d rather have Tate in there instead of Benson vs the Stillers. I know, I know. For Paul, CJ1K is dead. Announcers were raving that he is back last week and he only had 60+ yrds rushing and 40+ rec?! Really?! I do like Marshall and Turner but, James Jones? Nah. And Harvin hasn’t done much this year to show he is reliable. Pick Eagles (look, I swear it isn’t Nick bias!)  Edit— Nick is the Upset pick

Topes vs Dillos– GOTW 1 Jockeying for the #2 seed! A lot to like on both sides here this week. Both QB’s have rounded into form for them at the right times for a playoff push. Unfortunately Forte doesn’t get the soft Eagles Run D this week again. But with his receiving skills he should still do well. Bush is the starter again this week, keeping riding him while you can Bob. And word is Seabass is a go. Bowe though? Sorry, that was a lot of rhyming! I’ll take the under on the 13.55. For the Dillos, I like Jordy this week, and Tolbert on Thursday night. White is pissing me off in my money league. He has to step it up. Shady is in elite status so I won’t say I expect him to do well (even though I kind of did) and I like Sproles still with Ingram banged up.I agree with Dave here, this game is close. Pick Topes- but this one really is a toss -up.

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