Atom Bombs Week 11

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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      Arrgghh Thursday games!!! – Yep, said it last week and I will say it again! First off congrats to the teams that have clinched already- well done. So injuries hit a lot of QB’s hard this week. I’m gonna make a bold prediction too- despite having an awful Matt Leinart under center, the Texans will still make the playoffs for the first time this year. So with the onset of another Thursday game, I’m feeling a bit random this week. Bear with me, these are just some things- football and non-football- that are running through my heed. What stat was more improbable: Fred Jackson 4 catches for 1 yard or Tebow with 2 passing completions and a win? Side note, Ray Rice had 1 fewer completion and tied Tebow in passing TD’s last week. Crazy.  Another weird note about Fred Jackson- when he played in Dallas last week, the house he grew up in was located on the stadium grounds. They had to tear it down for Jerry’s new toy house. Weird way to get a “home” game. Congrats to Andrew’s boy Justin Beiber on having the paternity suit dropped. That’s really all I have on that one. I applaud Miley Cyrus for standing up for herself when someone brought her weight gain into question. I saw the pics, she isn’t fat. But she still is fucking ugly. Just sayin. What happens first, GB loses or Indy wins? Two TV shows I thought have been really good this year so far are Boardwalk Empire and The League. Found out the other day that The League isn’t scripted either which makes it even better. They need to move the awards shows off of network TV so that the hosts that they have been getting can do their comedy their way. Also, The Emmy’s really need to have “cable” and “network” categories. It really isn’t fair for some of these shows. The limitations put too much of a clamp on some. Sorry, that was my cable guy rant. Congrats to local guy Bradley Cooper for the “Sexiest Man Alive” nod. I was a close 4 billion votes shy. Ok, enough stream of consciousness here, let’s get to the picks!

Last Week- 2-2 (1-1)

YTD- 23-17 (12-8)

Rest of league: Still a tight race with Nick progressively tailing off due to a lack of picks, and now Nick is joined by Gar in slacking off, oh and Nealis too… Dave: 24-23; Bob: 23-22; Tom: 22-18; Gar: 20-18. Keep going guys! See, a side benefit to this (other than to keep you guys more active) is that you get to see how tough it is to do this every week for 4 months!

Eagles vs Pornos–  Wow, Nick has fallen so far that he has resorted to starting Mark Sanchez?! Do we get any points for GQ covers? I don’t want to pile on here, but Nick has some tough going. The bright spot is that the Phoenix Eagles have 1 more win than the Philadelphia version! Can DeSean remember to set his alarm clock? Can the newly resurgent Reggie Bush keep it going? Ced Ben gets the Ravens D, and AJ Green will be a GTD. Wow. Side note here, how awesome is it that the league’s Giants fan, and SupaFelon’s BFF and Eagles homer face off on the G-Men/ Eagles week? LOVE IT. Hopefully mute Tony (seriously, you are not a mime- start talking effer) and downtrodden Malko will talk some smack. At least until the game is out of hand in the 2nd quarter. For the Goodfella, some tough matchups here too with S Jax getting a relatively tough Seattle run D, Gresham vs the Ravens, and even Steve Smith has cooled off a bit. Ryan should do well at home as he usually does. Blount is the key here vs GB. And you always have Big Blue against a hurting, overhyped Vick, an awful V Young, or Kafka. Pick, and LOTW- Pornos!

 Warriors vs Butters– Well Brady certainly looked like, well, Tom Brady huh? Bold prediction #2- ray Rice will NOT throw a TD this week! Haha! Miami has a better D than you may think so I am not sure if Fred Jax gets to 12 pts. And Stevie Johnson is a GTD also as he hasn’t practiced yet this week. Can the Niners D do what the vaunted “Dream Team” couldn’t do and stop or slow down John Skelton? CJ1/2K is still dead to me so screw him. If you can’t count on a guy with gold teeth, I mean who can you really rely on in life?! Gotta love Romo and Turner here for Paul, but alas it will not matter, Pick Warriors. (This may be the first time I have used “alas” in a fantasy football post) 

Atoms vs Dillos– The battle for Quakertown Supremacy! Ok, it may not have the same ring as some other famous battles, but work with me here. Jeebus, am I still playing Jabar Gaffney?! Ugh. And I still have Chris Ogbo…Ogbo…Not gonna work here anymore in the line-up for now. Fitz was a beast last week (thank you Juan!) can he repeat though? DeMark is continuing his strong case for keeper status down the stretch of a bad season. And I may need to rethink Battle since the Chefs should be down quick to NE. Need a big game from Cam this week. For Tom, Freeman may do well with garbage time stats. Roddy is a damned mystery. How can a WR, so good, be so invisible? And Jordy has been a stud lately, I guess that is what happens when you have a Super Bowl winning, MVP caliber QB. Philadelphia fans wouldn’t know that though. McCoy may fall into the same trap as Battle, but with whomever is starting at QB they should, should rely on the run game. Bradshaw should be out of the lineup- I don’t expect him to play. Pick- Dillos.

 LOD vs PhinestGOTW 2 Playoff positioning on the line here. Alex Smith. I think the real matchup is whose QB scores more- Sanchez or Smith? Welker was held in check last week but does have a good matchup on MNF. And welcome to newly acquired LOD player MJD as he gets the Browns. McGahee looks like a go tonight but does get the Jets. Actually, Greene is going for Andrew this week too, so the Thursday night game should be interesting. Then there is Breaston. Umm… So for the Phinest Rodgers is full throttle. Loading up on Cowboys WR’s I see? Interesting play. I like Cruz this week, the Giants could try to make a statement. Matthews has been very up and down though and he gets Da Bears so I don’t think he gets to 11. Pick- Phinest in the Upset!

 Topes vs VikingsGOTW! SPV trying to get out of the 6 seed and move up while Bob has 3 weeks to get the #1 overall seed. Do not like the Palko to Bowe connection, but maybe he can do what Fitz did last week. Forte is on the injury report, but I think he’ll be just fine against a bizarre Bolts team. Whatever Tony Gonzalez is taking, I want some. Uncanny season he is having at his age. Manningham  is interesting, Eli has all 3 WR’s a go so whomever can get open will get the ball. Or a pick thrown in their direction. You really never know with Eli. The Vikings are a year late in his SupaFelon love. I called it in August. Last year was the best you will ever see out of him and from then on he can’t live up to the hype he has received. That isn’t anything personal either. The numbers back it up. When he isn’t the Vick of the Redskins MNF game of last year, or playing terrible defenses, (throw in the Giants collapse here) he is below average. The league has caught on to him. Much like VA prosecutors did. Haha, I’ll be here all week. Ok, back to breaking it down. No Wallace will hurt big time. Gore looks like a go, but he may be limited. Very smart move by his opponent to snag Kendall Hunter just in case. Love the 2 TE set here though. Both are studs. And they are good at football too! Pick Topes. In another potentially close one.

So long gay boys!

  1. Dave says:

    Emma Stone is a much better dancer than Miley Cyrus.

  2. otis says:

    As to our battle, how do two Quakers fight? Will this be some sort of test of farming strength? Or a biblical quiz show? You decide!

    Also, I will likely replace Bradshaw with one of the Lions RBs but am not sure who is actually going to play yet.

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