Atom Bombs Week 12

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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              Thanksgiving is here and Nick and I have been mathematically eliminated. Something not right about that… A lot as always to be thankful for. I’m thankful that Gar found an active replacement for Chalk. Not that anyone can truly replace the martian that was/ is Chalk, but from a fantasy perspective the youngster has done a very good job managing his team and making the playoffs. Unfortunately trading for Vick doomed his chances of winning it all. I’m thankful for Detroit regaining relevance and making the anticipation of the turkey day game against the undefeated Pack that much better. I’m thankful that I was spot on about the Eagles this year. Not the Phoenix ones, but the Philly ones. Now I am not happy that the fans have to go through this, however it is reassuring to see what is going on and have it be confirmed on the field. I’m thankful for Andre Johnson coming back. Oh wait, it’s week 12 and I am out of contention nevermind. I’m thankful to still be alive in my money league so I don’t feel like a total failure this year. I’m thankful for the NFL RedZone channel. Next to the internet and sundresses, maybe the best invention over the past 50 years (or whenever sundresses were invented at least). I’m thankful for opposable thumbs- makes writing this soooo much easier. And I’m thankful for this league. I do write ups for some other sites like TNNDN, and others during the football season, but this gives me a bit more leeway with what I want to say and I am appreciative of it. So thanks to you guys, and ladies- I can never forget the ladies- for reading and input both positive and less than positive throughout the year. Oh, and I’m thankful for my family, friends and all that shit too. Haha!

Last Week- 2-2 (1-1) again!

YTD- 25-19 (13-9)

Rest of league: Like Groundhog Day- same as last week with Gar and Nick bailing on their picks. We are now down to a 3 man race but Nealis made no picks this past week either… Dave: 27-25; Bob: 24-26; Tom: 22-18. Only a few more weeks to go…

Star Warriors vs Pornos– Star RB Fred Jackson is out this week and there is speculation he may be done for the year! Like that play on words with ‘star’ didn’t you? I know you did- don’t lie.*** special addendum before posting, Jackson is done for the year. Big blow for Dave, and sorry (not really) for being a dick and swiping Spiller! You have been able to ride Fred’s great year so far, but at least you have depth to absorb some of the loss in his production. Niners still have yet to allow a rushing TD this year which could significantly impact Rice’s value. He’ll still get the yards and catches, but keep an eye on this. As much as I am not a fan, I do like Beanie this week against the Rams. Also kinda like Washington vs the Bucs. Matt Ryan at home should be good especially against a weaker (28th ranked) Vikings pass D. Both RB’s for the Pornos should do well also. Not liking Branch here, but Steve Smith (of the panthers) should do well against the Colts. I expect Dave to replace Jackson so I am going to say pick Warriors!

Isotopes vs Butters– Looks like Tony Gonzalez has found the fountain of youth, but can he last down the stretch? Jennings has been overshadowed by Jordy so far this year, as amazing as that sounds. I like Bush this week –shut it- but 21 points? I’m taking the under here. Forte is a beast and if Da Bears do not get Orton via the waiver claim today then they may lean on him more with Hainie under center. Even with Ware concussed I am down on Jacobs- he had opportunities against an awful run D last week and failed. Just sayin’. For Butters, Romo has been very good lately and I think the emergence of D-Mark has aided that. Kind of like Marshal, but really like Harvin with AP hobbled. Austin though is out again and should be replaced. LOTW- Topes!

LOD vs Eagles– Normally this would be a huge rivalry game, can Nick play spoiler to Gar? Dude is projected at 124.79 as of the time of writing! Welker will be an interesting matchup against the Eagles since they move him around so much. Not sure who will be on, or off of him. I won’t go too into Gar’s team as they all have pretty good matchups and only McGahee is questionable. For Nick, does he play newly traded for Rivers? First round pick DeSean is currently in a walking boot and may not play this week. I do like Sidney Rice though. Could this be an upset special??? No. Pick LOD.

Atoms vs Phinest– Your Atoms are relying heavily again on the WR position, not that it really matters, it’s just what draft spot 1-4 will we get? Andre Johnson comes back, and just in time for the Matt Leinart debut!!! Woooooo. So for Andrew’s side Starks is a GTD, the Cruz/ Nicks thing should be interesting and I am about 87% certain that out of spite Matthews will torch me. So pick Phinest!

Vikings vs Dillos– GOTW as it is the only one between 2 playoff teams! Damn, kid can’t catch a break, first the trade for SupaFelon- breaks 2 ribs; now AP is out at least this week. And Moore hasn’t practiced all week either. The curse of Vick maybe? DAH-DAH-DAH-DAAAAHHHHH! Gronk should destroy the Eagles unless Hernandez steals touches from him. I mean really, who will cover either of these guys?! Lynch is a great play this week too despite his balky back. After being burned by Mo Morris last week Tom quickly shifted over to Kevin Smith, fantasy zombie! And that is the only real matchup that I don’t like! If I could pick, I would just say take the Dillos, but since I force myself into an upset pick each week… Pick Vikings! 

Enjoy the turkey and beers everyone- except for the Vikings of course. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


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