Week 13 Atom Bombs

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Fantasy Football
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Well, as fast as it seems to have happened, we are at the end of the regular season for our league. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that the season was in jeopardy and I was bashing the upcoming Eagles team/ season. Before you know it, I’ll be writing the finals preview and getting the EOY Awards Gala started. Crazy. Speaking of crazy, I had the privilege of seeing Tom Brady and the Pats with league Commish Gar this past Sunday- the club box seats he has are crazy good! Seriously, it’s like flying first class instead of coach. Everything from beginning to end (including not seeing SupaFelon, but sadly not seeing a W) was top notch. Thanks again my man! As it stands today the Warriors and Phinest will get the byes with the LOD vs Dillos in Dave’s bracket and the Topes vs Vikings in Andrew’s side. Still time for positioning to shake things up, but this is the last week. For non-playoff teams… As bad as my season was, at least Suh didn’t stomp on me! Side non-football thought… I don’t think Herman Cain really wants to run for President. I think he just wanted to brag about how much ass he was getting. Side Side non-football thought: Is anyone else as happy and excited that Courntey Love is Lindsey Lohan’s sober coach?! I mean this could be the best thing for me since Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” meltdown. One last thing, not sure if anyone else saw this, but The Great One- Gretzky for those that don’t know, had his daughter remove her Twitter account. Why? Google Paulina Gretzky Twitter images and you’ll see. And you’ll most likely thank me. Who knew she even existed before this? Not me, but thank you interwebs! Ok, I’m gonna get to the picks and try and break them down a little more since it’s the end of the regular season. Only 3 more Atom Bombs until the EOY Awards Gala Spectacular! (number what 4 or 5 I think at this point?)


Last Week- 3-1 (1-1) again!

YTD- 28-20 (14-10) Guaranteed to end the regular year over .500 yet again! Woot!

Rest of league: Down to a 2 man race with Nealis not making his selections again. Gar and Nick have been eliminated. Nick- that is 2 Eagles teams already out! Dave: 30-27; Bob: 28-27. Only a few more weeks to go…

LOD vs Warriors– If it weren’t for the potential of a playoff bye on the line, this would be the GOTW. But if I made 3 of them, hell, might as well do all 5 as the GOTW’s! Initially looked at Megatron’s projected 20.03 and it looked like a crazy number for the WR since Stafford is still banged up. It would not be impossible of course for him to get 6 catches for 106, 1 TD and 3 yards rushing. Looking deeper, NO’s pass D does give up 1.5 passing TD’s/ game and about 270 total yards to receivers. So it isn’t impossible but here’s another nugget for you: over the past 4 weeks (when Stafford’s thumb issue mixed in) Calvin has a total of 16 catches for 219 and 1 TD. Just sayin’. How’s THAT for in depth?! Whew. Ok. Not sure what Stevie Johnson will do vs Tennessee after getting the best of Revis and a hysterical TD dance. Helu was named the starter but, well you know Shanahan by now. Jimmy Graham is a freaking BEAST too. Matchup nightmare for defenses. *side note to Jermichael Finley- this could apply to you too. Stop being such a good team player!* For Gar, coming off the 70 burger he laid on Nick, he gets super WR Welker against another soft defense (like that one? ‘cause you know, he had the Eagles last week and all. Ah, never mind.) but Dave will steal some of his points with Brady. As I learned the hard way with Rivers-Jackson this still favors the WR. All the other plays look really good though. It’s strange where it looks like every matchup is good for these guys. The only two that shows any sort of resistance would be Beanie and Helu for Dave. And I guess I will use that as my determining factor- pick LOD Upset special! *At the time of this writing- but it’s only by 2 points so this very well could shift*

Vikings vs Butters– Ummm can someone help the young buck out- Maclin is out for tonight yo. Wallace has been struggling the past few weeks. How so you ask? Well I am glad you did! Over his past 4 games (excluding the bye- come on, I’m nothing if not fair!) he is averaging 8.9 PPG. Now, he can get back on track, but Ben seems to love him some Antonio Brown almost as much as he allegedly likes groping chicks. Marshawn Lynch, meet Juan bad defense. Juan bad defense, meet the guy that caused an earthquake in this stadium last year… Gore  gets the Rams D a week after Beanie Effing Wells torched them for 200, and Gronk does what he does it seems each week. This may be the deepest, as in good, TE year we have seen in a long time. As evidenced by the number of 2 TE sets we’ve seen pioneered by one Nick Malko.  For Paul, if Marshall remembers to pay his cab fare he may keep himself out of jail long enough to play. Turner may not go this week either due to a groin issue. Another side note- I didn’t even like typing that one. Ouch. I still like Harvin, and Johnson seems to have woken up. My pick, and LOTW (if he swaps Maclin) is Vikings!

Atoms vs Eagles– You know it’s kind of funny with this matchup. I was looking forward to my beloved Irish’s last regular season game vs the Tree as much as this one prior to the season’s start. But, as things played out, both started to lose heat as the year progressed. And now? We are left with ND maybe getting into the Champs Sports Bowl and Nick and I contending for 2 out of the first 4 picks. Ugh. So much for the build up and hype right?! Speaking of hype, how ‘bout those 2011 Philadelphia Eag— haha! You do know DeSean doesn’t get a point per drop right? I kid, I kid. But I expect DeSean will do well since dead coach walking will most likely feed his diva WR a ton just to make a point. You know he won’t run it. And you just know that Rivers will light it up since I traded him! Look for Nick to jump out to an early lead since 1/3 of his lineup is playing Thursday night. Piiiiiick Nick! And look for the rematch in the loser bowl!

Topes vs Pornos– GOTW 1 Bob has gotten lucky, and smart with Michael Bush who has done a great job in filling in for McFadden. And it seems DMC will still be out. Bowe totally quit on 2 passes last week so you have to wonder how much trust Haley and Palko will have in him against the Bears Defense. I love when the defenses face each other. For Tony, love Blount this week. I think he goes nuts. Matty Ice is at home so he has that going for him. S Jax goes up against the tough Niners D. Pick……….. Topes! (I want to see this get good down the stretch)

Phinest vs Dillos– GOTW 1a! Great pickup by Andrew with Laurent Robinson. Just had to say that. Surprised that Matthews is sub 9 for this week. Jags are a middle of the road run D giving up about 110/ game. And he seems to have taken the lead from Tolbert. And Cruz too, damn- come to think of it Andrew’s waiver pickups have been real strong this year. For Tom, McCoy is a huge question going into tonight. He made the trip, but will he get his 9 carries this week??? Roddy White finally realized he was pretty good or something! But Tom, get Kevin Smith out- and what do you have against Detroit RB’s anyways???!!! My pick- Phinest! (default Upset pick too if Gar sneaks ahead)

Good luck gang, hope you enjoyed it and props to Golden Tate for a start this week! Had to work that in!

  1. Dave says:

    1) SPV did NOT swap out Maclin.

    2) Herman Cain looks a lot like Teddy Long from pro wrasslin

    3) LOD put in Oakland and Calvin seems to have dropped a couple pts, so he can’t be the Upset pick as LOD is now favored

    4) Paulina Gretzky has Brooke Hogan beat

    5) It didn’t Marshawn Lynch long to make the Eagles Def look silly

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