Atom Bombs Week 14

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Fantasy Football
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You know it’s kind of funny. I was talking to Garwood on the phone last week and had to get off the line because the kids were acting crazy in a store that we were in. Made me start to think about how effing drastically my life has changed in the past decade. I mean now when I have to run out for something I wind up taking at least 1 kid. Before? I would grab my phone and wallet. Maybe a beer first, but that was it. Now, another human life. Ugh. But life goes on. As did our fantasy season. Wha??? Playoff season is upon us! Thirteen hard fought (except in Nick’s case) weeks down, now the pressure is really amplified. One wrong roster move can make the difference between winning it all, or getting next year’s number 6 pick. Speaking of teams with high draft picks, who do you think the Eagles will take next year? RG III? Barkley? Should be interesting. Last year I was texting with my man Nick calling the picks, this year I may opt to live blog it so more people can be involved. Not that I don’t enjoy the personal touch that texting has. But that is months down the line so I won’t worry about that yet. This may be the stat of the year: Dave outscored Nick by 40.45… PER WEEK. Wow. That is staggering. Now with one of the 2 coveted byes Dave gets a week to sit back and watch. The Warriors and Phinest have earned the right to be stress free for the week. Really, the only thing to do now is look ahead and pray that none of your stars gets hurt. I noticed the parity in our league the other day. 3 of the bottom 4 teams have won titles and 3 of the top 6 are looking for their first championship. I think that is great and key to the survival of the league. Going into each year everyone has a shot. There is so much that can happen that the historically good teams can have down years, and those that have struggled can rise up even if it is for only a year. It only takes once. And stay persistent. Bob lost his keeper in week 2, but stayed active and secured the number 3 seed. Well done. But the task does not get easier now with 3 games left- if all goes well.

Some random thoughts: Soooo anyone excited over Madonna doing the halftime show? No? Sorry, I guess no one over 48 reads this… It was also nice to see the Rally Squirrel from St Louis getting some NFL air time at the Cleveland game. Saw this story too about the Jags new owner- on his first night in this country he couldn’t afford a $9 hotel room. Now he owns a borderline NFL team. Pretty freaking cool.

Ok, enough with the nonsense… LEGGOO!!!


Last Week- 2-2 (2-0) Since the youngster did not swap out Maclin I will take that as a W! **Gar- get on that, he better set a valid lineup for the playoffs**

YTD- 30-22 (16-10) *** LOTW and Upsets are done for the year as there are only 2 games with projected matchups***

Rest of league: Down to the wire… Dave with a perfect 5-0, well done sir!: 35-27; Bob: 31-29. Only a few more weeks to go…


Loser Bracket up first:

Butters vs Pornos- Epic battle here as these two storied franchises square off to see what pick out of the first 4 they get. Loser is 3-4, winner battles for the top spot. C’mon, I am trying my best to drum up hype here! So what do we have in this matchup? Keep in mind that Paul did outscore Tony by almost a hundred for the year… But umm, Fred Davis is done for the year with his suspension. So, yeah, you may want him out of your lineup… let’s say for arguments sake that he plays Austin this week ok? Ok. On Tony’s side, I think S Jax will struggle a bit vs the Seattle run D and that makes Paul the winner! Another top 2 pick!

Atoms vs Eagles– Rematch time yo! Can I hang another 70 burger on Nick 2 weeks in a row? Hey, Philip Rivers, thank you soooo much for showing up in week 13. Jerk. This was the rematch we were looking for, only in the playoffs and not for the consolation prize. I beat up on Nick a lot this year, but he took it, I hope to pile it on again this week. I don’t fault him for having a plan (drafting as many Eagles as possible and sticking to it) it’s just that when that ship starts going down not enough adjustments were made. Much like my love with Rivers this year. And that I tried hitting on 1 of 3 RB’s and none panned out. Oh well, these things happen. And I do kind of like Ced Ben and Reggie Bush (WAIT!!! Nick is playing someone vs the Eagles!!! VIOLATION!!!) but well there is still Doucet in there. For your #1 pick bound Atoms, I am playing both WR’s that I got from Nick via the trade and crossing my fingers. Pick- Nick!


Championship Contenders Bracket:

LOD vs Dillos– Well, well, well. Does the Dillos march to his first title begin with a win over the LOD? Well, he can start by getting Kevin Smith out of his lineup which I assume he will do. In fact I am gonna assume that he plays Tolbert or Brown (going tonight) in his place. Sproles has been struggling lately after a white hot stretch and has actually been outscored by former ND Star Anthony Fasano in the past 3 weeks. (Nicely done no?!) Anyone else get the feeling Jordy Nelson is due? Gar on the other hand has always steady Welker. (fun stat, when I rate WR’s I look at targets, or how many times a QB throws to them- this shows how much game to game potential they have.) Well Welker was targeted 11 times last week. How many did he catch? Yep, 11. Damn white boy! MJD and Foster will be key here as I am picking the LOD to advance!

Topes vs Vikings– The Topes curse on RB’s strike’s again at the most inopportune time. Forte done for a few weeks which means his fantasy season is over. And tough spot for him too, with AP returning to practice that makes Toby a tough play. Team Backup is instead going with Bush and Barber in the RB slots leaving the flex open so far… Eli has been crucial for this team so far, can he keep it up for a few more weeks? Meanwhile back at the Vikings front office… Sorry. SupaFelon is back! But can he last a whole game now that his real team has nothing left to play for? Despite having the most overrated QB in the league, on the most overhyped team maybe in the history of the NFL, some other decent matchups for the kid. I like Lynch, Gore, and even Lloyd here (whomever is playing QB for the Rams will  have to throw it in garbage time right?!) Gronkowski has been a beast all year, but it could be Hernandez’ turn in the TE roulette game for Brady. My pick to move on (and I’m hoping this is fuel for motivation…) Pick Vikings!

  1. Dave says:

    Nick kept saying he was interested in a 50 point beatdown. I did my best to oblige.

    Also, I believe this is my first time with a Bye and it feels great. It’s like having the immunity idol on Survivor.

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