Week 15 Atom Bombs

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Fantasy Football
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I had to run to a local convenience store late the other night for something stupid (as anyone with kids will attest to, this is a common thing) and when I walked in the employee was washing the beginning of the aisle that I needed to get to. So I simply walked around a different aisle and grabbed what I needed from the other end not thinking anything of it. When I retraced my route back to go pay, the employee was thanking me so much for not just walking right through what he was cleaning. I said that it really was no big deal, but he said that most people that come in there when he is cleaning don’t pay any attention and just walk through. So he wanted to make a point of thanking me. Now I am not telling this story so that you all think of me as a selfless person, rather it made me think of how it is the little things both in life and in fantasy football that really make the difference. When we drafted (in the 12th round) Gronk for the young buck as his 2nd TE, who knew he would have possibly the greatest season ever at that position?! Hell McNabb was selected in that same round! But it’s the little things like that- a throw in backup TE that gave the Vikings their first ever playoff win against the defending champs.  Non football awesome news I heard this week? The Derek Jeter story. So for those that do not know, the NY Post reported that since he broke up with Minka Kelly (and really that is as mind boggling as Timberlake dumping Biel) he’s been having chicks up to his apartment for some trysts. Yes, I said trysts- deal with it. Well after he is done they do the walk of shame down to a car that he has waiting for them with, get this a gift basket! Haha! Awesome. Yep, after banging girls he sends them of with some Jeter Memorabilia, and the best part is how he got caught: he did it to the same girl twice without remembering! So next time you see an autographed  Jeter ball, ask them who it was… Sometimes these things write themselves guys. And one other non football note: congrats to NBC (company guy) for hiring Howard Stern for America’s Got Talent. Now I will watch this show. Ok slackers, let’s get to the semi-finals!


Last Week- 3-0

YTD- 33-22 (16-10) *** LOTW and Upsets are done for the year as there are only 2 games with projected matchups***

Rest of league: With the loser bracket unavailable to vote (we’ll have to fix this for next year)  Dave with a perfect 2-0, two straight unblemished weeks!: 37-27; Bob: 32-30. Looks like this one is clamping down. If you guys want to post your picks on the losers games, you can- I’ll note it.


Loser Bracket up first:

Atoms vs Butter- Battle for the #3 pick. Or, where we select Chris Johnson for Paul in next year’s draft! As I mention below I expect the Falcons to run Turner hard (side note, I need to write these in order…) And I fully expect Johnson to go nuts against Indy. Actually all of Paul’s matchups are really good this week. Frak. Well, my team, well underperformed would be a kind way to put it. And now I am looking at the numbers 3 or 4 for next year’s pick. Ugh. Screw it, pick Butters.


Phoenix vs Pornos– And the “winner” of the first overall pick for next year is? Can AP be reunited (and it feels so good) with Tony? Matt Ryan has been good lately and gets a Jags D that allowed only 181 yards through the air last week. I think he’ll do ok, but the Falcons will most likely feature Turner more. I will say it here first. Mendenhall will not get 9 points vs the Niners Run D. You know what, I wrote that and then news came out that Big Ben didn’t practice on Thursday so Rashard may get more work than I thought. I know I could have just deleted that before posting but oh well. In the battle of the diminutive WR’s I think Tony has a slight edge with Smith as he gives at least a consistent effort week to week over DivaSean Jackson. Yeah, I don’t think that one will stick. For Nick, both his RB’s look solid this week, the issue is in the receiving corps. Jackson will most likely get Revis Island and Early Doucet is still Early Doucet. I’d rather see Hillis in the Flex or maybe even Tate there for Nick but who knows? My pick- Pornos to get the #1 pick.


Championship Contenders Bracket:

Vikings vs Phinest-  I love this matchup because of the QB battle. All flash, all hype against a SB Champ and legit MVP candidate. The only way that Rodgers doesn’t score more than 20 is if he has his undefeated team up by so much so quickly that they rest him. The curse of Run DMC has struck again as now he will be out for our semifinals as well! Smart play by Andrew with Shonn Greene vs Juan’s run D. I think the most interesting matchup is Matthews against the Ravens with Lewis back and playing. If Rivers can get it to him (and not the Ravens) in the passing game, he should have a decent night. Not sure what you’ll get with either Celek or Pettigrew, they have both been inconsistent this year. Also not sure how the loss of Wade Phillips will be to my Texans Defense. With Superman Cam facing them, you just don’t know. For the Vikings, Beast Mode has been in full effect for the past few weeks now, but with Gore “not at 100%” according to his coach and both RB’s facing good defenses, this is where this game may turn. Gronk, as I mentioned in the lead in is on another level right now. Belicheck and Brady are using him the way I had hoped that the Packers would use Finley. Interesting stat- Mike Wallace, after his torrid start now has not gotten more than 70 yards in a game since week 7! And now with Roethlisberger banged up can Batch even get it to him? I think Lloyd’s projections are right on I expect around 10 pts for him. My pick- the well rested Phinest move on to their first finals appearance (I think).

LOD vs Warriors- The rematch we’ve been waiting for! Gar’s blockbuster trade moving Gore for MJD really paid off last week huh?! The LOD team seems to be clicking at the right times now as everyone contributed big time last week except really for Foster. Interesting stat time part deux: in the last 4 games Brees has thrown for over 1,300 yrds, 11 TD’s and zero INT’s. Wow. Colston and Brees now  get a Minnesota defense that has gone from a Cover 2 scheme to a Cover None scheme- they aren’t good. Meanwhile the Warriors looking as fresh as ever, are looking to ride the hot hand of Brady and legs of Rice. With Welker on the LOD squad that could be worth noticing… What the hell has happened to Megatron??? Over the past 5 weeks he is averaging only 9.36/ game. The real question is who has disappeared more: Calvin Johnson or Nick? Haha! Stevie Johnson also could make or break this game. My pick to advance to the finals: The. L.O.D.

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    You’d definitely like my blog post about Rob Gronkowski reaching 20 TDs, check it out:


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