Atom Bombs Week 16

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Fantasy Football
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Holiday season is fully upon us now and we at the Atom Bombs would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and for Gar- whatever it is that you gay fellas celebrate. I kid, I kid! I hope everyone gets what they want this year. Dave and Andrew and hoping for 1 late present that won’t be delivered until late Monday night. Kids are all shopped for, wait, frak, I mean Santa is most likely ready- sorry Skeety Scooter! I forgot… How about a little Christmas music to get us in the mood?

and the Charlie Brown video mash up!-

Well, it all comes down to this! As of Tuesday this season will be as done as Bill Conlin’s career. Congrats to Andrew and Dave for getting to the finals! Only fitting that the top 2 seeds reached the finals. Four months of battling week in and week out for the shot at the trophy. Dave is going for a second title while Andrew is looking for his first and a seat at the big boys table at next year’s draft. The first six slots next year are set, with only picks 7-10 still to be determined.  By my count it looks like the top 6 picks next year are Phoenix Eagles, Pornos, Atoms, Butters, Dillos, Topes.

Last Week- 2-2

YTD- 35-24 (16-10)

Rest of league: Dave: 39-28; Bob: 33-32. Congrats Dave- could this be an omen for the finals???

***Before we get to the picks, one thing I wanted to run past you guys:  Next year I vote to have the losers bracket go with how yahoo has it set up. It’ll be less work on our part and still have some drama with the number pick decided on the final weekend. ***

LOD vs Vikings-  Battle for the 7th and 8th picks! Heartbreaking loss last week for the youngster, but as I mentioned before… the Curse of SupaFelon lives on! Man, both of these teams have to be PISSED because they each have a lot of really good matchups! The only guys that look like they may have a tougher go of it this week are on the Vikings side with Lloyd and Beast Mode. Probably not a lot of Skittles to be handed out facing the Niners run defense. With that in mind- take the LOD. Nick gets the #7 pick!


Warriors vs Phinest- Underrated move of the semi-finals last week was Dave’s pick up of the Seattle D. One of the best stories of the league came from Seattle’s D and your beloved Atoms a few years ago. Week 13 in the 2005 season (unfortunately on ESPN and not Yahoo) the Atoms were down 30+ points facing Brian Westbrook, David Akers and I think the Eagles D. All that I had to play was the Seahawks D. Game. Set. Match right? Not so fast- the Seahawks scored 3 defensive TD’s (and almost a fourth) with 4 picks,  2 fumbles, and 4 sacks. Plus the 42-0 shutout. Giving me the improbable win. Dave’s came in the playoffs though and the only thing that would have been better is if the margin of victory was covered by the defense. Brady vs Rodgers. We might see this matchup in the real Super Bowl too. What are the odds that Andrew can strike gold with Celek 2 weeks in a row? In the three weeks so far this month Greene is averaging just under 100 yards/ game. Good time for him to step up his game. The Dez Bryant matchup will be interesting just because of the number of receivers that Dallas has. I know you all remember how I said that the Eagles Defense has done a very good job at shutting down opposing teams #1 WR’s but which one will that be? Austin? Bryant? Robinson? Witten? Tough chore- one will have a very good game but who? Ryan Matthews has really been great lately even scoring twice against the Ravens. Gotta love him here.  Julio Jones is speed. Flat out. I would love to see him and D-Jax race, but the Eagle would most likely oversleep anyways. For the Warriors nice job riding the hot hand of Helu. Hey, that should be a band name too! “Tonight at the Trocadero, Hot Hand of Helu”. Megatron really stepped up after I called him out last week and has a good matchup here. Not too high on Stevie Johnson but it’s more on how erratic he has been- not a talent issue. And Dave gets to have Ray Rice go against the Browns. Nice. I think this will be closer that the 30 point spread, but I am still going with the favorite here- pick Warriors!

Good luck guys, and Merry Christmas!

  1. Dave says:

    Good picks!

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