Atom Bombs Preseason Fantasy Post

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Fantasy Football, humor, sports
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Wow, it has been a while since my last post here but to be honest the writings each week during the season take a lot and well, I needed the break! So without further ado, I give to you a post showing our teams and their NFL Dopplegangers! Enjoy, I will be picking up the pace in the coming weeks…

Star Warriors: Your NY Football Giants. Big Blue has been the white hot team of late, and hell, so has Dave. 2 titles in the past 5 years will do that for you.

Philly’s Phinest: No Super Bowl wins yet, but Andrew has been knocking on the proverbial door as of late. I kind of see the Phinest as a northern version of the Atlanta Falcons.

LOD: The commish has won one title so far much like another city of 1 title winner. While he may not have the uber QB keeper, Gar does have the best RB in the league which will always make him a threat. Eerily similar to the New Orleans Saints will always be a threat while they have Brees.

Atoms: I was initially going to call myself the Dallas Cowboys both to further enhance the rivalry with the Phoenix Eagles, but to be honest the Cowboys have been relevant in winning championships closer then… the 49ers. The prestige, the ND-like gold helmets (like how I worked that in?!) the fact that I won a title going on 8 years ago… So there we go. But much like the Niners, hope is on the horizon!

Isotopes: Much like the Commish, the Topes have won 1 title also. I see them as another team that won 1 SB with a young stud RB (at the time of course). This team also has a defense that Bob always seems to wind up with… The Baltimore Ravens. Bob builds his teams in similar fashion eschewing a top tier QB and going with the other skill positions first. Much like Flacco is not the superstar that Rice is. But also much like Flacco the Topes are usually in contention with a shot to get over the hump again.

Blitzers: Zero titles. A playoff appearance every now and then. Let’s be real here, the Blitzers are the Browns. Chalk, I want you to prove me wrong!!!

SPV: Jimmy is a tough one here. Since we really don’t know much about him, aside from horrible grammar, and text alias’ we are going to have to go with one of the more recent franchises (no, not the Texans) and since Jimmy is an enigma I am going with the Jaguars. New ownership, struggling franchise both with QB’s that struggle to read defenses! Haha!

Sapornos: Hate to do it to you Captain Cannoli but I am tabbing you as the J-E-T-S Jets. Somehow (having AP), someway (having AP), Tony managed to win a title. Much like the Jets did with Namath, then have struggled to get back to the promised land since.

Phoenix Eagles: You know Nick is begging for me to select the Philadelphia Eagles here to make his day. But Nick has won 2 of our Super Bowls and well… you know. I also wanted to tab Nick as the team that he is forced to root for this year after losing a bet against his overrated SupaFelon. Buuut I can’t. Facts are facts. And Nick usually finishes in the hunt every year and actually wins playoff games. Therefore- the real “Gold Standard” of the NFL… The Patriots.

Armadillos: I think we have it here gang. No Super Bowls but contends almost every year. After each draft we all think he is one of the teams to beat. Shoot, even has LeSean McCoy on the team. Yep. The Philadelphia Eagles!!!

Now back to draft prep, just over 1 week until draft day!

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    I’ll take being the New York Giants if it means I made Belichik and Brady cry twice. Calling Chalk the Cleveland Browns elicited a very real “LOL”. And I guess if we want to the Eagles to finally break through, we have to root for Tom and the Dillos this year. Nice first post of the season. I was wondering what you were going to write on pre-draft.

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