Week 1 in review- I could be wrong, I could be right…

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Fantasy Football, humor, sports
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“I could be wrong, I could be right”

Weekly look back at the picks. Props if you knew what song from a ‘90’s band the title refers to!


BlitzersI could be wrong: Said Austin & Wallace were iffy plays based on injuries & lack of preseason. Combined for 26 points.

I could be right: Said strength was QB & running game- 2 highest scores came from these positions; Fitz could struggle: only 7.9 pts

DillosI could be wrong: Said the only player I didn’t love was Jordy. Did not see Titus getting benched for headbutting .

I could be right: Everything else. Loved his matchups, and aside from the aforementioned Young, all produced.

TopesI could be wrong: Said I loved Charles but he did not live up to projections

I could be right: Loved Forte, produced very well;  Said Murray needed Oline to be better- he got decent blocking and ran great. Said both Forte and Marshall would have huge games, combined for 41.7 pts

PhinestI could be wrong: Nada, hit on all.

I could be right: Said Nicks would not get to the 14 proj pts and finished with only 5.4; lamented about missing Andre & said he’ll be a stud… 22 points.

PornosI could be wrong: Ummm. Adrian Peterson. Big time wrong on him but come on- who saw that?!

I could be right: Nada, that was the only call on the Pornos team

SPVI could be wrong: Said it would be a tough start. Highest scoring team in week 1. Nice job Jimmy!

I could be right: Said SupaFelon would struggle against the Browns but still get 15-18 pts… finished with 16.88. Guru’d.

LODI could be wrong: Thought RGIII would struggle in his first NFL game

I could be right: Said Wayne would still come through for Luck

CowboysI could be wrong: DeSean would be boom or bust- 4 catches for 77 puts him in the middle

I could be right: Said I was down on Welker this year, week 1 proved true so far- 2.6 pts

WarriorsI could be wrong: Said based on AP’s injury I loved Toby. Smart move in pulling him out

I could be right: On point with Harvin, and Graham; maybe take ½ credit for Ryan?!

AtomsI could be wrong: Thought Cam would pick up where he left off vs the Bucs. Did. Not. Happen.

I could be right: Not a damn thing yo


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