2012 Atom Bombs Week 2

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Fantasy Football, humor, sports
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Time to start overreacting!


Drop all the keepers except for Rice, Rodgers and Foster! Since they were the only 3 in the top 25 in scoring so far this year! CJ Spiller is on pace for 2,704 rushing yards! Kevin Ogletree will have 128 catches; 1,184 rec yards and 32 TD’s!!! This is the insanity of Week 1 in the NFL season. It usually takes a few weeks for things to shake out in the football season. Half of us right now are winless, half are undefeated. But hang in there because it is a marathon not a sprint. Those that lost last week are looking for some revenge now. I got man handled by Matt Ryan and Dave, and Tony was treated by Jimmy worse than Chris Brown treated Rhianna after burning his popcorn. Too soon? Nick lost a heartbreaker, and Dereck lost a tough one against the Dillos. Oh well, the fantasy week is almost upon me so I am going to jump right into the picks, wait, quick non sequitur alert- Congrats to Jeff Fisher on his nomination for the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award. Dereck, I feel like this is something we need to enter you in STAT! And yes, this is a real thing: http://www.americanmustacheinstitute.org/goulet-voting/  This is the kind of in depth analysis that is hard to come by folks.

I guess for the picks since it is on the site now, you can simply go there for that info- just remember to make all picks before the Thursday night games people! Unless you all want me to post them here to give the LOTW and Upsets. I could do that also.

LOD vs Warriors: For the LOD- Now with Jennings knee injury, MJD’s role is as secure as ever. Can RGIII keep his sensational start going? Well, he does get the Rams this week. So, yeah- book him for over 18 points. Not sure about leaving newly acquired Morris on the bench, but tough to start w/ Foster, Lynch, and MJD in there. And it’s still Shanahan so…   Gates looks very healthy now so I expect him to produce until he gets hurt again. As for the Warriors- What, Matty Ice isn’t projected at 32 points? Yes, I am bitter about this. Now that the Browns are without Haden gotta love AJ Green more. Good pick up by Dave to grab the Patriots D, although the Seahawks Defense underperformed against the Cards last week. Like the Law Firm if the Bengals do what the Eagles didn’t against Cleveland and stick with the run.  Harvin had an ok game last week, 8 grabs is great, but barely averaged over 10 YPC. You’d expect more. My pick— Upset special for the LOD!

Topes vs Dillos: On the Topes side of the ball- Love Marshall again as the Pack struggled a bit with WR’s in week 1. Still like Forte/ Charles this week also. V Jax should still go over 10 points with the Giants secondary banged up. Now that T-Gonz got some redemption against his former team I don’t expect double digits here. For the Dillos- Despite some early struggles, Stafford righted the ship and wound up with a productive fantasy day. Should do the same despite the tough matchup. Kind of down on both the WR’s here, just think that Julio has a down week after having a huge game last week, and I think Jordy has a similar day, maybe getting 10 points. Martin will exceed projections especially with Blount hurting. My pick— Dillos!

SPV vs Phinest: Does SPV come back down to earth a bit this week, or does he keep his dominance going?! For the SPV- I can’t see Moore duplicating last week, or Bennett for that matter. And Maclin’s hip pointer may limit him if he can go. And Jimmy seems to be dipping into the backup RB pool again (so far) with Bush and Moreno. Bush may get 6 or 7 points as I can see him getting in for a 1 or 2 yard score, but I can’t see Denver being up by that much vs the Falcons to use Moreno consistently. Can Akers hit another 60+ yarder?! A little info that might impact unlucky #7 on the Eagles- the Ravens have now gone 19 games w/o an opposing QB getting multiple TD’s against them. Will that trend continue? For the Phinest- I expect Torrey Smith to struggle a bit this week. Greene vs the Stillers may not work out that well either. Love Andre this week, big game vs the Jags. Wow, Gronk at 14.22? That is huge! My pick—LOTW for the Phinest!

Blitzers vs Cowboys: Nick isn’t complaining too much after his D scored 14 points last week. Somehow the Eagles wound up with only 1 more sack against the Browns than the American Flag had! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vREi35khV0 . Super sleeper Tex Cobb with 17.3 points too?! WOW. And now that Jennings is out, he should have an increased role in Thursdays game.  But so far he has not cracked the Cowboys lineup. What’s that? You want another fun Eagles D fact? Well, here you go! In the last 6 games the Eagles have not allowed a WR to get over 65 yards receiving. The last team to do that? The Patriots. And I was there for that game with the Commish! It was hard to concentrate on the whole game as I kept getting lost in Brady’s eyes. Now DeSean gets to face the vaunted Ravens D after dealing with Haden last week. Tough start. I think Trent Richardson gets double digits. Solely because they cannot let Weeden throw that much. For the Blitzers- CJ getting the nod this week and I think he does great. I wonder if Wallace will be on Revis island for most of the day if Revis is playing of course. I think Fitz has a decent day, NE’s pass D isn’t great and if the Cards are down early they will be throwing a ton. With the Ravens D coming in at the QB, Celek may need to block a bit more. My pick—Cowboys! How Bout Them?!

Atoms vs Pornos: For your Fightin Atoms- Is TB’s D suddenly resurgent after limiting the Panthers last week? I am hoping Bradshaw gets enough out of the pass game to counter that. RG III sure looked good against the Saints, maybe, umm Cam, can you do the same? Thanks. Since Roddy White tweeted out that he needs to get more points for his fantasy owners he should be doing that this week. Sproles getting the pine after 0 rushing attempts for now, but that may change. Chris Johnson had a horrific day, but I think he bounces back somewhat this week. Moreso in the passing game maybe. For the Pornos- AP needs to be tested. Not for PED’s mind you, but for robot circuitry. There is no way he is 100% human.  Oh, and 1 more link, most of you should have seen this already, but it may be the greatest SportsCenter commercial ever. I am including it here since the Pornos may have missed it, not sure if they play it on Lifetime… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USHZZ5bwASU . Steve Smith should also do well considering how the Skins threw against the Saints last week. My pick, and yours too… Pornos!


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