Atom Bombs week 3

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Fantasy Football, humor, sports
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Freaking Thursday games.

So this one will have to be a tad more brief than normal. I apologize, hectic week and since the NFL is sticking with this Thursday game experiment, it pushes everything up. Seriously, I now have 2 days after the Monday Night game to get stuff in order. The main issue for me, is that to see if a guy will be playing you generally need to rely on if said player practices on Thursdays. If not, most of the time- they are doubtful. Makes it rather difficult to project outcomes that way. Of course for the NFL, the issue may come up in the form of injuries due to short weeks. But until that happens, and they are making the cash, they will stay with it. The positive for Thursday games? More Mayock. Love listening to him but as my wife pointed out, if you don’t already really know football he doesn’t make much sense. I didn’t do the “could be wrong” post, but I will try to get to that maybe tomorrow. So enough of the blah blah blah, game starts in like 30 minutes or so.


Topes vs SPV– Well, another week, another Jennings GTD! He didn’t practice as of this writing so proceed cautiously. Eli went crazy last with for 510 yards?! Whoa. Murray has been very good at yardage but still struggling to score. Tampa so far averaging only 12.88 ppg to opposing RB’s. Something to keep in mind. It’s a favorable matchup for Charles as long as his knee isn’t too sore. So far (I know, 2 games… ) the Cardinals are giving up the 7th least amount of fantasy points to QB’s. Now week 1 was against a rookie, but last week came against Tom Brady. This week they get Vick. Maclin again is struggling with his hip so he may not go Sunday. Rumor has it that the Titans will use Britt more this week and I hope that opens things up for CJ500K myself. Honestly I am torn on how Michael Bush will do. The Rams D has not been that bad to start off this year. Will say this for Bennett- he isn’t getting lucky TD’s, Manning is targeting him a lot so far. Pick (assuming he replaces Maclin if out) is SPV!

Warriors vs Blitzers– Good pickup by the Champ on Andre Brown but not sure how much he’ll be used for this week since Eli has been throwing like Dan Fouts. Like AJ Green here too.  This could be the highest RB matchup with Rice and Spiller. You have to love what Spiller has done so far with the opportunity he has got due to Jackson’s injury. As bad as Fitzgerald has had it this year, he did do well against the Eagles last year so things may look up for him this week. WWCH??? Who Will Celek Hurdle??? Austin is healthy too, so I am gonna go CAH-RAZY! pick Blitzers Upset Special!

LOD vs Pornos– Hard not to like both QB’s here. Reggie Wayne has been a great find for Gar this year. Beast mode too should have a good game against a GB D that has struggled early on. Obviously expectations are low for AP going against the vaunted Niners D. But I had low expectations week 1 too, so there’s that. Actually kind of like Donald Brown’s matchup vs the Jags. This one may come down to the TE position and AP. My pick:  LOTW- LOD Acronym Crazy up in here!

Dillos vs Cowboys– Wow, .15 separates the projections here! Like the Romo/ Bryant connection this week. Stroll-DMC gets the Stillers D this week. If Maclin is out, that means DeSean gets Peterson for pretty much all game. If he doesn’t get that huge play, he should struggle. I am gonna stay down on Welker until proven otherwise this year. With Jennings probably a no-go again Nelson should benefit from that. AZ is 10th against RB’s despite Beast Mode in week 1 and Ridley in week 2. Still like the Martin play, dude has been solid so far all year. Julio should rebound nicely this week. Pick Dillos in a nailbiter.

Atoms vs Phinest–  For realz, can Yahoo just stop making me the favorite now? My team may need the “underdog” label to come through! This may or may not explain the 0-2 start to my season: Bizarre stat- my best RB this season so far has been Sproles… who has yet to record an actual carry! So Amendoula scores 28.50 last week on my bench, welcome to the starters table kid! (watch him get single digits now!) Hoping that Arian gets the major share here, but with only 8-10 touches Tate can make a huge impact. Slight TE edge to the Phinest. Haha! If my WR’s struggle this could get ugly. As always…  Pick Phinest!


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