Atom Bombs week 3 I could be wrong, I could be right…

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Fantasy Football, humor, sports
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Topes vs SPV– Could be wrong: Nada, except who I picked to win of course!

Could be right: said “Tampa so far averaging only 12.88 ppg to opposing RB’s.” Murray scored 12.70. Guru’d.  Loved the matchup for Charles- 41.70 points later… Said that the Cards D was 7th best in points allowed vs QB’s. Vick only got 7.48 points. Titans did use Britt more, but he did not reach double digits. Said I was torn on how Michael Bush would do- only had 55 yards but did get a TD. Said that Manning was targeting Bennett more than you’d think and he would up with 6 more catches for 78 yards and a score.

Warriors vs Blitzers– Could be wrong: Spiller I guess. He did get over 12 points, but also the injury hurt          the marquee matchup against Rice.

Could be right: Andre Brown. Liked the pick-up for last week. Also was high on AJ Green- 31.50 points. Also liked Fitzgerald based on last year’s success vs the Eagles- 22 points.  Austin liked here as well and exceeded projections.

LOD vs Pornos–  Could be wrong: Well Gar traded Lynch in-between the post and Sunday so that happened. But I was wrong on how I thought he would do anyways. Thought it would come down to TE’s and despite Tony having a 10 point advantage… he lost.

Could be right: Liked both QB’s here. And both did well. Said Reggie Wayne has been a great find for Gar this year, and he exceeded projections again. Was down on AP and he did not meet expectations. Also liked Donald Brown’s matchup vs the Jags and he went over projections.

Dillos vs Cowboys– Could be wrong: Liked Romo/ Bryant, they combined for slightly more than Tom’s TE. Thought DMC would struggle against the Stillers, didn’t happen. Was still down on Welker, but w/o Hernandez they used him more and had a great game. Thought that Nelson would benefit from Jennings health, well, no one did. Wrong on Martin too.

Could be right: Said it would be a nailbiter, and it was the closest score of the week! Said that “if Maclin is out, that means DeSean gets Peterson for pretty much all game. If he doesn’t get that huge play, he should struggle.” He was out, and DeSean again struggled without the big play. Thought McCoy would have difficulty against Cards D. Thought Julio should rebound nicely last week and did.

Atoms vs Phinest–  Could be wrong: Said “with only 8-10 touches Tate can make a huge impact.” He got 8- for 26 yards and a fumble. Ouch. Gave the TE matchup to Andrew, finally Gresham woke up!

Could be right: Thought despite having a huge game in week 2 that Amendoula  would get single digits now- he did. Said that my team was WR dependent this week- just over 40% of my points came from that position.

Well, that will do for this weeks version of calling myself out- new weekly post will be up tomorrow…

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    I don’t think anyone would grade you wrong on a player who gets knocked out of the game, especially if it’s in the first half.

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