Atom Bombs Week 4 Could be Wrong…

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Fantasy Football, humor, sports
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Here we go calling myself out:

LOD vs Phinest– Could be wrong: Thought Andre Johnson would outscore Nicks and Torrey, well 50% came through!

Could be right: Said that the strength was the RB corps and they got Gar 41% of his total pts. Also said Morris was in a fine position this week- 18.3 pts. How ‘bout this for Guru’d: said that with what Tennessee is averaging  to opposing RB’s, that would leave 1.34 for Tate. He got 2.20. WOW.  Said Rodgers would be much better against a weak Saints pass D and he scored 29.06.

Warriors vs Dillos– Could be wrong:  Whoa, thought Stevie Johnson would do great against the Pats pass D, 3.10 pts. And neither Spiller nor Jackson got anything going on the ground. But F-Jax did have 50 yrds rec. So maybe partial credit? Said it should come down to which Matt QB outperforms the other- Ryan won that battle by 4.6 pts but Dave still lost.

Could be right: Thought both of Tom’s RB’s would have good, maybe not great games. Martin underperformed more than I thought, but I was spot on for Shady. Said “If it is Roddy’s turn to get the love from Ryan…” And, well I am glad Roddy got it this week! Liked Thomas this week.

Blitzers vs Pornos– Could be wrong: Thought Steve Smith would have a solid game. He did not. Still down on Turner- man I was off on this one! HAHA! Thought Cruz may have a DeSean like day this week. Big play, or nada. Well, he had 9 catches so that is clearly NOT a DeSean-like day.

Could be right:  Thought Brady, Brees would bounce back and man, did they ever! Thought the Blitzers may be in trouble now that he is starting Burleson with Spiller out for a while. Said “Watch him get 75+ yards and a score now too” Well, 5 for 51 and no score. But still outdid Spiller. Pointed out that AP now gets another tough run D as the Lions are only allowing 14.23 ppg to RB’s. What did he get? 14.80. Boom.  Also was down on Ryan Williams based on an improving Dolphins D- he had 3 points.

Topes vs Cowboys– Could be wrong: Thought DeSean might struggle against Prince in the backfield but he didn’t. Said Bryant should struggle along with Romo, and despite drops he still have a good fantasy day.

Could be right: Maybe even out Guru’d myself on this one- said “If I were Bob, I’d play Owen Daniels over T-Gonz. I know you are going to say that my hate on Gonzalez is too much, but in this case I mean it. The Titans are the worst team against opposing TE’s.” BAM! Daniels doubled Gonzalez’ points this week! Thought Romo would struggle against a Bears Defense that is toughest against QB’s. And he threw 5 picks. Liked Richardson vs the Rams and Welker this week. 18 and 15.50 pts respectively.

Atoms vs SPV– Could be wrong: Turns out, didn’t really need Bradshaw to exceed the projected points after all. Bizarre- I play a white-hot TE against the worst D vs TE’s; and bench a struggling RB vs the toughest Run D… What happens? Yep the opposite. That, my friends, is fantasy football for you! Kind of liked Maclin as long as he goes- ummm 1 catch for 7? I have no answer here.

Could be right: I thought Vick would get around 17 points. Got 18.54. Guru’d again! Didn’t like Bennett this week despite being one of the top TE’s so far this year- less than 1 point this week. Said “Looks like Reggie Bush will go, but his knee and the Cards D may limit his production” – only got 6.70 pts. Also was kind of worried about Benson since the Saints D has been atrocious so far- he exceeded projections with 12.20 points.

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