Catholics vs Convicts 2012 Edition

Posted: October 6, 2012 in College Football, Football, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, sports
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Notre Dame’s resurgence to relevance begins and ends with Number 5 on defense. Taking a pass on being a probable first round draft pick, Manti Te’o has not only solidified the defense of the #9 Fighting Irish, but firmly made it into a legitimate contender despite losing Michael Floyd and starting a QB with minimal experience. It is often said that the game is at its best when the traditional National powers are at their top. As an avid Irish fan, I of course agree, and hopefully this puts the rumors of Notre Dame’s demise to rest. I apologize for the lack of Irish posts, with the fantasy football ones logging in at about 1,200+ words/ week I haven’t had time. But that will change now. Let’s get to this week’s matchup against Miami…

Of all the teams that the Irish have rivalries with, this one may have the best tagline. It does not have the frequency of the Michigan State, Purdue, BC, Michigan, or USC’s; however what they lack in number of games played is more than made up for in intensity. Notre Dame holds a 16-7-1 edge on the series with the Irish having won the past 2 games, the last being the 2010 Sun Bowl 33-17. But that’s the past. Let’s dive into the present…

To say the 4-1 Hurricane offense is hot right now is an understatement. In 5 games this year they have only scored fewer than 38 points once. And in their past 2 games, QB Morris has put up 566/5 TD/ 1 INT against NC State, and 436/ 2 TD/ 1 INT over GA Tech. Clearly this is the strength of Miami on offense and for them it plays into the Irish secondary pretty well. Injuries and therefore inexperience place the defensive backs in a difficult position. That being said, the pressure of the front four and the LB corps lead by standout Manti Te’o have the ability to keep the pressure on Morris and the pressure off of the DB’s. Keep in mind that while the Miami offense has been great, their defense has not. Aside from powerhouse Bethune-Cookman (yes, that was sarcasm) they have yet to allow a team to score under 32 points against them.

For the Irish, we have the opposite strategy. Solid defense, limit turnovers and they will win games. Take out the Navy game and the offense has only put up 20/20/13 over the past 3 weeks. Now, here is where it gets good Irish fans- they held #10 Michigan State and #18 Michigan to a COMBINED 9 points. Let me say that again. Eight quarters, nine points. WOW. Another key for this game is the timing. ND is coming off of their bye and is well rested. You want an interesting stat to accompany the defense? How is this one- The Irish are ranked 3rd nationally (9 ppg) in points allowed. Will that hold up throughout the season? Maybe, maybe not but it does attest to how they are playing now.

If the Irish can establish the run game, not turn the ball over, and keep the defensive pressure on, the Irish should win this game by more than a touchdown. If it gets to a shootout? Well, let’s all just hope that does not happen! Can’t wait for tomorrow night- GO IRISH!!!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    I love seeing these two play each other again.

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