Atom Bombs Week 5 Could be Wrong… I could be Right

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, sports

LOD vs SPVCould be wrong: Thought Gronk would do better without Hernandez. Didn’t like the matchuo for Reggie Bush. He got 14.

Could be right: Loved the matchups for Foster and Bears D. Did not like Britt at all- only got 3.1 points.  Was still down on Maclin- only 5.90 points.

Blitzers vs PhinestCould be wrong: Wow, could not have been more off on Wallace! 12.64 projected and I liked that- only got 2.50! Oops! Off on Gore too.

Could be right: Was right on Spiller this week as he only got 2.4 points. Not a real stretch here but Brady and Fitzgerald had good games too. Thought Steven Jackson would have a tough time against Cards D and he underperformed.

Sapornos vs DillosCould be wrong: Off on Brees who had a great game against a good defense vs QB’s. Also didn’t love McCoy this week, and he overproduced.

Could be right: Did not like Ryan Williams despite a good matchup- only 4.2 points. Liked Demaryius here, and he went off!

Warriors vs CowboysCould be wrong: I guess I can put Matthews on here because he was listed as the #2 RB but got the touches of a #1. I thought 9-10 based on that info, and he got 22.30.

Could be right:  Kind of cheap but I did like most of the projections for Dave, and most went over projections. Was down on DeSean again, and again he proved me right. Only 7.4 points.

Atoms vs TopesCould be wrong: Wasn’t sure about Charles’ matchup against the Ravens, but he did very well.

Could be right:  Not sure where to put Amendoula since he was off to another great game before hurting his collarbone. Was right to be skeptic about Chris Johnson, but didn’t matter even if I swapped him out. Expected Rudolph to bounce back after last week- and he did well. Liked Bob getting Daniels in the lineup- 15.50 points. Not sure why he choose this week to rant about me not liking Tony Gonzalez as I didn’t have him listed in the Atom Bombs this week. Thought  Forte would do very well.  Thought the WR slots would be tough for him, and went 50/50. Didn’t like Nate Washington and he proved me right.

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