Here we go! GameDay is on hand as the #7 Irish take on the #17 Cardinal. I need to keep this post short jammed on time. This one comes down to similar strategies as last week (hopefully with similar results!): Defense play sound, limit turnovers. Golson continues to grow right in front of our eyes and it’s something special. Also, it needs to be said that last week’s thumping of the Hurricanes really showcased DC Bob Diaco’s in game adjustments. After getting burned twice early on deep throws which, fortunately were dropped, the ‘Canes WR’s simply did not get downfield separation after that. Very impressive. The Cardinal offensive strength comes down to their 2 big TE’s and their running game. Of course the running game plays into the strength of the ND defensive front seven with Te’o, Irish Chocolate et al. That leaves the TE’s. Press them at the line and the Irish should come out victorious. I will be mixing things up a bit from my normal game-watching routine. Usually I either watch the game at home or at my man the Skipper’s house. But today is different. I will be watching today’s game with my grandfather. Just like old times. A bit different now as he has been battling cancer for the past few years, but I still can’t wait to sit down with him and cheer on the Irish. I may be looking forward to watching with him just as much as I am for the Pitt game when I am back out in the Bend! Enjoy the game, GO IRISH!!!


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