Atom Bombs Week 6 Could be Wrong, I Could be Right

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Calling myself out for Week 6…

Warriors vs Isotopes: Could be Wrong: The Law Firm. Thought he would get double digits. See how it works? I liked Gonzalez last week against a weak Raiders team vs TE’s and he underperformed for 5.8 points.

Could be Right:  Liked Big Ben over Matty Ice this week. And he almost doubled him in points. Harvin has been sensational so far. Said that as long as he is healthy, and AP isn’t 100%, Harvin will be great. And he got 18.80 points. Said that this week will be a test for Pettigrew, and he only got 5 points. I thought that V Jax would get double digits this week and he got 20.20. Maybe partial credit for liking Murray, he had a decent day, right around his projected 10.92 points with 10.10.

Armadillos vs Phinest: Could be Wrong: Wasn’t big on Doug Martin with his post week 1 struggles. But he scored 13.90 points. Liked Antonio Brown, but he was woeful. Was down on Steven Jackson and he put up 11.20.

Could be Right:   Said “All the stats say that Stafford will struggle this week against the Eagles. But… coming off of the bye I think he will put up his points.” And he exceeded projections with a great 4th quarter that wound up costing Castillo his job. How is this for being Guru’d?:  I said that “McCoy is projected at 20.36 when he has averaged 13.9 for the year so far. Interesting.” What did he get? 13.60. BAAAAMMM!!!!! Kids, see it pays to do your homework! Wasn’t  big on Ridley against the Seahawks- only 3.80 points. Andre Johnson did not meet projected numbers yet again.

Vikings vs Blitzers: Could be Wrong: Maclin showed up last week, but consider that without the 70 yard TD he would have had 5 for 60 and no TD’s. So come on! Liked Reggie who got less than half his projections, and Thought Starks would get about 6-7 points and only got 1.10. Thought Seattle’s D would limit Brady, and I should have known better. Thought Gore and Turner would do well, both had subpar games.

Could be Right:  Said “I do like Vick’s matchup this week, if Alex Smith and Jake Locker can get to over 20 points vs the Lions, SupaFelon should be able to also.” And he got 23.34. Was down on Bennett, and while he did play, he only scored 1.30. Loved Wallace against the Titans- 16.20 points.

Cowboys vs Sapornos: Could be Wrong: Thought Nick should have played Mendenhall and he got hurt again. Liked Richardson who only got 6.20. Liked Bowe due to a man crush on BQ9 and he had an awful game. Could not have been more wrong by not liking the Pornos RBs! Wow. In my defense, I said that while he still had Andre and Donald Brown in the lineup and well…

Could be Right:  Liked Matthews and was a last second addition for Nick. Didn’t get his 15, but did get double digits. Said “He (McFadden) should be due for a good game soon. Turned out to be last week as he scored 15. As I say “Week in week out you all know my feelings on DeSean. I hate having a guy so dependent on having that one big play.” Well, yet again, no big play leads to single digits. Sometimes it’s like Groundhog Day. Really down on the Pornos RB’s. Said “Kind of like Ponder here. The Skins are horrible against the pass”. And he got over 20 points. Also thought that “Andre Roberts is a burner, kind of similar to DeSean in that way.” And he also failed to get a big play.

Atoms vs LOD: Could be Wrong: CJ1K of course decided to have another big game against a defense that was strong vs the run. Makes sense. Also I guess I should include Bradshaw here since I did not see 19.40 points coming against the Niners Def. Obviously should have swapped out my Caucasian WR’s. Oh well. Was down on Alf Morris and he did great. Reggie Wayne subpar this past week. Didn’t think Brandon Lloyd would get 9 points and just went over with 10.40.

Could be Right:  Thought that “My outcome may depend on Vick. Ballard that is!” He clearly did terrible, and looked terrible doing it, as he went, so did my team. At least I was close on the RGIII call. Damn, he is a beast, just unsure how long he’ll be able to play.

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