Atom Bombs Week 7 2012

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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I am in a sort of random mood as I write this, so I thought I would just do the lead in with some various thoughts. Hope you enjoy…

-In case you haven’t seen the commercial yet, check this out… Awesome.

– One of my favorite “obscure” shows is Drinking Made easy. Absolutely love it. It’s on AXS TV Network if you want to check it out. Don’t know the day or time though since I DVR everything except sports. Sorry, look it up. But on their website today they had the following link: a 65% ABV beer???!!! WHAT?! Just as a comparison most beers will average about 4-5%. Freaking crazy!

– How do you know that the Fighting Irish have returned to relevancy? I mean besides all of my ranting and hype I mean? When the star player is getting tweeted by famous people of course. So the man for the Irish is unquestionably Manti Te’o. Put simply he is a beast and by all accounts a genuinely great, nice guy. All Irish fans love him, myself of course included. Here is his profile message (@mteo_5): Life is a storm.. “You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes.” Powerful. After that, he gets love form former Phillies/ current Dodgers OF Shane Victorino- not surprising since both are from HI; Matt Kemp; and (this one is for Dave and any readers that are under 13 that still watch Wrestling) John Cena. Impressive. Also, if you are so inclined I am @gingerdad1. Just sayin’.

– Also relatively well known is my love for Road House. So this was awesome to read: Seriously. This may be the funniest thing EVER.

– It kind of makes me sad that some things that used to be cool are now viewed differently. Example: Trench coats used to mean that you were a kick ass detective. Now? You’re probably a diddler.

– Some random things that I just don’t get: 1.The Pippa over Kate Middleton thing? Really? Royal sibling butterface yo. 2. Springsteen. I know this will most likely get some people upset as music is subjective, but dude, I get it- you’re from Jersey and despite being a multi-millionaire you try to relate to the common people. But to me it’s been the same song over the past 30 years. 3. People that talk on their cell phones in the bathroom. Seriously you aren’t THAT important my man, hang up and call back. 4. Seeded Grapes. I know even for this post that seems random, but who the hell still buys seeded grapes? How have we not completely evolved away yet? 5. Non Alcoholic Beer. I get decaf coffee because you may really enjoy the taste but just don’t want the caffeine. But N/A beer? Tastes awful. Don’t get it.

– One more thing about my Fighting Irish. This is just yet another example on why I love this team. Trick shot Monday has been going on for 2 years now. This is Trick Shot Monday: .

– I know he isn’t great for fantasy, but as a rookie, Russell Wilson has beaten Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Cam Newton and Tom Brady. So far… Very impressive.

OK, enough of these shenanigans. I think I have tried to curb my tangents in prior posts, but I had to9 get these out.


LOD vs Topes: Well, for starters I sure hope that the Topes get Manningham out of his lineup since the Giants have him out of theirs. *Ed. note, I had this written before the game started and I just now see that he kept him in. Come on Bob!* A good thing for the Topes is that Marshall should get more looks now that their WR corps is thin. I am down on LeShoure this week though. Vincent Jackson has been on a good little streak here, keep riding him while you can- Settle down Covello, not in that way… Only hiccup is that all of his bad weeks have been on odd ones. Weeks 1, 3, and 5 (5 was a bye) have all been awful. For the LOD Wayne may struggle with Haden back but 11.5 seems reasonable. Chicago’s Defense has been white hot, but double digits against the Lions may be tough. At least they are at home. I was big on Brandon Lloyd in the preseason, but he just hasn’t put it together yet. I think Morris goes over 12 points this week. Pick LOD

Warriors vs Pornos: Not really going out on a limb here by saying that Greene had a career game last week that won’t be duplicated, but I think he struggles to get to 6 points. AP still complaining about ankle, looks like he may be limited. That is good news for Harvin. AJ Green’s stock gets better with all the injuries to the Stillers Def. Despite the Stillers losing guys like crazy, BJGE has been bah-rutal since week 2. Graham may not go, that could be huuuge here. Jackson is set to split carries with Spiller, so your guess is as good as mine! Anywho… Pick Warriors

Dillos vs SPV: For the SPV- maybe don’t guarantee a victory, even if the Blitzers are the opponent! I think that Britt is about due for a great game. With only 2 guys projected as double digit guys, this is an uphill battle.Sheesh, can’t really say much nice here. Soooo for the Dillos I am working on the assumption that the Dillos get their roster filled here. I am guessing he goes 2 TE set with Hernandez, bumps Martin to RB, adds Nelson, And sprinkles in a dash of Kendall Wright. But I don’t know.  As long as they do, they are the LOTW!

Cowboys vs Phinest: I expect Lynch to struggle a bit and the Niners D to get back into form. Could be a good day wfor Andre Johnson with the injury to Ravens CB Webb. Good pickup and spot start for Felix Jones. I would have done the same but with injuries and byes I needed WR help instead. Can Dez put together back to back to back great games??? He just may… Welker should do fine this week too. I am down on Finley here, but LOVE McFadden this week. Richardson should play, but the ribs may limit him. Cowboys are my Upset special! Yee Haw!

Atoms vs Blitzers: I think Gore gets right around 10 points, the Seattle D while better at home, is still pretty legit. HAHA, as I type that I realize that I didn’t start them. Ugh. I got too caught up in this. Oh well. Spiller I also think underperforms a bit, not because of talent, but opportunity with the time share. Always dangerous to start a defense against the Packers. But as I have always said, Chalk is a dangerous man. OK, maybe that was the first time I have said that, but still… Of course I fully expect Gresham to screw me over since I dropped him earlier. I may get Nick’d on that. For your hometown Atoms, Welcome back Cam! Need a big game from him this week! Kerley was a desperation pick, but I had no other WR’s after byes and injuries as I mentioned. Sproles is coming off of the bye, and maybe, just maybe CJ1K will do well when I actually have him in the lineup?! Bradshaw should stay hot with a good matchup, but he is nursing a sore foot. I don’t think he quite gets to the 16 pts. As always, pick Blitzers!

Good luck gang… and GO IRISH!!!


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