Atom Bombs Week 8 Post

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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In 8 more short weeks we will have crowned the 2012 Champion. Hard to believe. Unless of course the Mayans have it right, in which case Week 15 would be the final week… for eternity!!! *cue dramatic music here* But I don’t believe in any of that. Will the world end? No. Will an “event” happen? Hmmm, that seems to be the “out” for the crackpots. There are meteorological “events” all the time. Could there be one December 21st, 2012? Sure. Hell, they are calling for a “Frankenstorm” in the Northeast (US for the International readers) next week! So yeah, these things can and do happen. Getting something like this, or anything like it will not justify the lunacy. Why do I bring this up in a fantasy football write up? Good question! Because it leads in to this: The twitter story of the Madden Curse. Which, if you hadn’t guessed already is something else I do not give credence to. In the preseason, when the Madden ‘13 Cover was about to be announced (between Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, and Cam Newton) a highly respected NFL analyst said on the Twitter that if Calvin Johnson wins the cover he wouldn’t draft him. I felt the urge to respond, and respectfully told him that he was crazy. Also mentioning that as an employee of the NFL to give any truth to a “curse” is ridiculous and unprofessional. The Madden Curse is a fun debate to have at a bar, but under no circumstances should an “expert” say those things. Here’s the thing, football is a collision sport as we are all constantly reminded of. If there were a “curse” then by definition only the cover winning athletes would suffer injuries. And yet… players get hurt all the time! Even, shockingly enough- non Madden Cover athletes! WHAAATTTT???!!! Of course I mentioned that to him as well. To which he replied about “down years” statistically for those that didn’t get injured. So I simply laid it out this way: The reason that guys get the vaunted cover, is because they usually have crazy good years the season before. So from a statistics standpoint, it is incredibly difficult in the NFL to duplicate, or even better, a season that is SO good that you get the video game cover. Take any player that way overachieves one year and see how they did the next season (even non Madden guys). I’ll wait……………… Yep, they probably went down in numbers. It happens. All. The. Time. That is the nature of pro football kids. So have fun with the “Curse” debate with your buddies, but remember, it isn’t real. And yes, I purposefully left the analysts name out. I don’t care for getting sued up in this piece! Onto the picks!


Topes vs Pornos– The Pornos are coming off of a major win against the defending champs last week where he scored the Biggest Blowout award. Ironically this week he gets the Topes who squeeked by the LOD – beating him by a mere .66! This because of a meaningless TD scored with 30 seconds to go cost the LOD 6 points and the win! HAHA! On the Pornos side, I don’t like Shonn Greene that much this week. Miami’s run D is 9th against opposing RB’s this year. I love the interesting matchup when one guy has the QB and his opponent has a WR on the same team. Lots of points cancelling each other out with Eli and Cruz here. Over the past 3 weeks Colston has been a stud. Might have something to do with his QB? HAHA! Anyways, I expect him to exceed the 12.57 this week.  Might be too gutsy of a call, but I kind of like Denarius Moore over Dwayne Bowe here. For the Topes: Wow, now Jennings is going under the knife for groin surgery and “hopes” to be back by the end of the year. Been a brutal season for him so far. I think that Eli gets to under 15 points this week. Last time he faced Dallas in Week 1, they held him to 12.52. Gotta love the Bear Pair (TM pending yo) of Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte against a suspect Panthers D. – Sorry Seanny Mac! With injuries to Murray and the aforementioned Jennings and byes, Bob’s lineup is set by itself. Keep an eye on Gonzalez, the Eagles are 9th vs TE’s so far. Right off the bat—BOOM!! Upset special- pick Topes!

LOD vs Blitzers-RGIII I think will get close, but fall just short of the 20 points. Still pretty dang good though. Brandon Lloyd is woefully disappointing so far. He’s gotta get something going against the Rams right? Just keep in mind that for him and Gronk, and Brady they play in London so weather could be a factor. A few tough matchups for Alfred Morris and Malcolm Floyd but I think Morris gets double digits. For the Blitzers Fitz may do well despite the matchup due to being down quickly. Love Wallace’s matchup against the Redskins, but can he hold onto the ball? This one may come down to if the Eagles can stop Turner. Another gutsy call may be to play Peyton against a bad Saints D instead of Brady. Interesting but sad stat 1- The Blitzers have 2 players on IR, however he is not using the IR slot to pick up a free player. Interesting but sad stat 2- the Blitzers have not met their projected total for the past 3 straight weeks. Just because I really want to see it happen… pick Blitzers!

Warriors vs Phinest– For the Warriors Matty Ice coming off a bye. Uh Oh. But it is outdoors and we are expecting crappy weather Sunday so that could play into it. Gotta stay with the hot Percy Harvin dude is playing great. I’m gonna split on the Jones’. Like James, not so much on Felix. Wow, who knew Felix Jones would have gotten hurt again as he got the feature back role? Oh yeah, everyone!  Also down on Alex Green despite the matchup. He hasn’t done anything with the opportunity that he’s been given. Averaging only about 7 points/game. But if he’s going to breakout, might be against the awful Jags run D. SupaStar Jimmy Graham looks like he is good to go. For the Phinest Nicks is getting healthy which could be trouble unless Cruz gets all the targets. Good pickup to snag Jennings over Garwood who has MJD. I like the matchup here. Also LOVE Beast Mode Lynch against the Lions. Can’t see him getting less than 15. Heath Miller has gotten some of the rejuvenation juice that Gonzalez has had recently. Risky running the 2 TE set but I like keeping Steven Jackson on the bench for meow. I kind of want to pick Dave to give the jinx here, but screw it- LOTW Phinest!

SPV vs Cowboys-I am going to be nice and not pile on either team here. Both teams know they have had a rough time so far. For SPV I like um well, Vick and Maclin a bit. And Britt too. Still down on the Bushes (Michael and Reggie). Bennett may have a good game this week, he did against Dallas last time out- 11.60 points. For the Cowboys I do like McFadden this week. His blocking has been horrific but it is against the Chefs. I think Ryan Matthews gets right around that 15 point mark, and Welker gets about 14. Uber rookie Richardson is banged up again and while the team said they may shut him down until after the bye, he is saying no. How much he’s used though? Therein lies the issue. We may be seeing this matchup again in week 15 folks. Pick? I guess Nick. But it’ll be funny to see what Vick does against his most ardent supporter! (I expect him to do well, as I have always said- Vick is a very good fantasy QB, just not for real football)

Atoms vs Dillos– For your Dillos Martin gets the tough Vikings run D so he should be kept in check. Cutler has been erratic and it remains to be seen about the rib injury after Suh slammed him to the ground (totally legal and great play BTW). Like Thomas a lot against the Saints, I may still play Decker this week too. If I do this matchup will feature White/ Julio and Thomas/ Decker. Interesting. Good luck figuring Ridley out. Atlanta is giving up 21.10 ppg to RB’s so far so I expect Shady McCoy to do well. For the Atoms my lineup is not set yet. Bradshaw didn’t practice Thursday (today) so I may have to switch things around. Fortunately the defending champion and class of the NFC East Giants play at 1 EST so I can make changes early. I don’t like having to play Cam against the tough Bears Defense, but what can you do? Experts have renamed this battle “The Great Swamp Shootout!” – Sorry, I really watch waaaay too much college football. As always, pick Dillos!


Good luck gang… and GO IRISH!!! BIG game this week against the Sooners. Need the D to stay top level baby!

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