Notre Dame/ Pittsburgh Game recap (heart attack special)

Posted: November 6, 2012 in College Football, Football, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, sports
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The Magical Season Continues…


It will be hard to put into words how the Notre Dame – Pittsburgh game felt to me but I will try. Undefeated, at home, with a BCS berth on the line and coming off of a signature win in Norman, OK to say that I went through a roller coaster of emotions on Saturday at the game would be an understatement. As a lifelong Irish fan I still get chills and excited when Mike Collins yells “Here come the Irish!!!” as the team runs on the field. And while I am biased (clearly) towards the Irish, many of us thought that after the huge win in OK the week before that a letdown may occur. It almost happened and honestly, you have to give the 17 point underdog Panthers a lot of credit for not only hanging in there, but almost winning the game. Despite have their 3 biggest playmakers in the game despite pending legal issues. But that is a separate story. Back to Saturday’s game: The Irish have had their share of close games so far this season (Michigan, Michigan St, Purdue, BYU, and Stanford- that’s 5 of the 8 prior wins so yeah, Irish fans are used to these games) but so far have continually found a way to win. That would not have been the case the past few seasons. Coach Kelly has formed this team into what they are now: battle tested and tough minded. A lot has been said about the “luck of the Irish” being involved here. Yes, it’s a catchy media buzz worthy phrase, but not accurate. Truth be told, if it were luck then Kyle Brindza wouldn’t have missed an extra point, Theo Riddick’s early TD run wouldn’t have been overturned, nor would Cierre Wood have fumbled into the end-zone in OT. Luck wasn’t involved here folks, just a tested team that responded the way that contenders need to respond. Bottom line, and I want to keep this as concise as possible is that Notre Dame found a way to win. Did I almost have yet another Irish-induced heart attack? Yes. Will it happen again? Almost certainly. So don’t lose faith- this defense will give Notre Dame a chance to win in every game. Especially with #5 Manti Te’o leading this unit. Go Irish!! And remember:

Adversity reveals character. And that was never more pronounced than it was Saturday night in South Bend, IN.

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    That was a tough game for Notre Dame. The win over Oklahoma said a lot, but if they want to play for a national title, they need to win these next few games with a few more style points. Everyone seems to be in love with Alabama and Oregon right now.

  2. gingerdad1 says:

    I agree, until the playoff system is in place almost every win needs to be a statement. That clearly did not happen this past Saturday. Pitt and BC always play ND tough and that most likely will bite them for now. Of course in Alabama, Oregon, or K State lose, then anything goes!

  3. You knew that the Luck of the Irish was real after that “going into the end zone” fumble was followed by a missed Pitt Field goal. I never gave up hope, but man…it never should’ve been that close. Wish the offense would just have a breakout game. Maybe this week against BC?

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