Atom Bombs 2012 Week 10

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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First off, I need to apologize for the bye week last week. Due to power outages from the SuperStorm Sandy, and then leaving for South Bend to see first round draft pick next year Manti Te’o and my undefeated Irish in an incredible game, I simply did not have any time at all to get this done. Incidentally I feel truly lucky to have been able to see Te’o play live every year he has been at ND. Hopefully there won’t be any cataclysmic weather events while I write this that would preclude me from posting. It was however very nice to hear from a lot of people that missed the write up both in our league and elsewhere. Always good to see that this is missed if it doesn’t get sent out. Ok, that was needed, but now let’s get back to the football…

So here we are. The election is over and if you voted Democrat congrats, and if you voted Republican, just hope that the Mayans are right! Really the only ones that truly lost this past Tuesday are those that voted for Libertarian or Green Party. Only 4 more weeks of the regular season to go before playoffs start, some teams are jockeying for position, and others fighting their way to get in.

SPV vs Pornos– SPV’s team is so train-wreckingly bad that it may get spun off into a show on TLC! Ahhh, remember the good old days when we used to shun societies freaks of nature? Now, we just give them a reality show! Well done TLC, well done. SPV coming off of a brutal week where he inexplicably benched SupaFelon despite the matchup against the worst defense in the NFL needs to get a win. Since his only win so far came in week 1. And while starting Vick would not have gotten Jimmy a win, he at least would have scored 6 more points. Hey, when your team is 1-7 you need to hang onto whatever you can! Incidentally, who did Jimmy get his lone win against??? You guessed it- The Sapornos! Will it be a revenge situation for Captain Cannoli or will Jimmy be able to talk non-stop smack that he beat Tony for his ONLY 2 wins???!!! (assuming Jimmy loses out of course, but we’re all pulling for you! Except in week 13…ahem, ahem…) Love Titus Young this week. Quick stat- #2 WR’s have scored 4 TD’s in the past 3 games against the Vikings. Interesting. This week, don’t especially like either Vick or Flacco though. Reggie Bush should do well against a baaaad Titans D. (I kind of wish they were the Tennessee Sheep, that would have been much funnier then.) So I said all I can say about the jimmy’s team. For the Pornos, they look to be dependent on 2 players. Now when those 2 are Brees and AP he should do fine. Cruz should get right around 10-11 points but Andre Brown’s worth is largely up to Bradshaw’s status. Let’s not get cute here, pick Pornos.

Topes vs Phinest– Topes come into this week with the easiest schedule faced so far. In fact Bob has faced an average of 15.84 points per game fewer than the team with the hardest schedule the Blitzers. On the Phinest side, Torrey Smith now gets the Oakland D that was gashed by the TB run game last week. I just don’t see them throwing that much. Despite the tough matchup, I think Andre Johnson does well here against the Bears. 99% of the time my picks are based on stats- this one is a gut call. Like Carson Palmer with their run game banged up right now. Of course Rashard Jennings against the Colts, and Marshawn Lynch vs anybody are good matchups. For the Topes I think Vincent Jackson has a strong game against his old team. Down on Jamaal Charles. Forte has a tough one against the Texans but should do fine. Have to love Gonzalez (or anyone really) against the Saints! Hopefully the Phinest will pick up a defense. If they do, I am making the Phinest the upset special!

Ohio Undecided Slider Dillos vs Blitzers– Still puzzled how Vincent Brown is not on the Blitzers IR slot. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but Chalk is still burning a roster spot. Makes my head hurt thinking about these things. Anyways Doug Martin coming off of a record setting performance last week but get this- over the past 4 weeks he has scored 126.2 points. That’s AVERAGING 31.55 ppg! @#$%!!!! Now the Chargers have been good against RB’s over the past 5 weeks, but he’s clearly not being benched. He won’t get 31 points most likely but still… Have to love the WR combo matchups for the Dillos. Both Demaryius Thomas and Julio have stellar ones, but will they get enough or will their counterparts steal the thunder. (since I have both Roddy and Eric Decker you know who I am rooting for!)Your guess is as good as mine on Ridley. For the Blitzers, I actually do like Michael turner this week! Wallace should do well too. If the Eagles secondary decides that they aren’t actually allergic to tackling, they may be able to limit Miles Austin. I think Gore goes over the 14 proj points. Primarily based on the lack of the IR thing and that I just drove across their state, pick Ohio!

LOD vs Cowboys– If the Philadelphia Eagles lose their 5th straight game, Nick may very well go on a murder spree. What will Nick do this week though? He will not play guys against his Eagles, but with Romo as his only QB and Witten as the only playable TE (Finley is on a bye) the question looms… WWND? I know he is flying in for the game this Sunday so I hope the Iggles snap their losing streak just for you man. For the LOD I actually like Brandon Lloyd a bit. Have to like Reggie Wayne too. Foster should get around 15, but over 17 against the Bears D is tough. Malcolm Floyd may be a sneaky good play. On the Cowboys side Woodhead seems like a reach. So many question marks. DeSean has shown to be what I thought so you’re either getting 18 or 4 from him. Who knows. Rice may have Cromartie covering him and if that happens he should be limited. And possibly pregnant after the game. Like Welker. Again though tough to see how this plays out on Thursday with the lineup questions. It’s been a month since the Cowboys have exceeded projections. So based on that, LOD is the LOTW!

Atoms vs Warriors– Going for the homerun here in benching Bradshaw for Ballard. The matchup against the Jags is just too good to pass up and Bradshaw has cooled off lately. Past 2 weeks combined for about 10 points. On the Warriors side, awesome- the Raiders allowed 251 rushing yards and 3 rushing TD’s of over 45 yards last week. And of course Dave has Ray Rice going against them this week. Ugh. He may outscore Jimmy’s team by himself. The Law Firm has not gone over 70 total yards in his past 4 games. Will he get a goal-line TD? Maybe, that’s what Dave is hoping for. Hoping that Stevie Johnson has a similar game as he did in week 2 against the Pats (2 catches for 23 yards). Matty Ice gets the Saints D so for my sake I’m hoping that Roddy White counteracts that. For the Atoms, Megatron has been great for yardage but only 1 score. Looking into it, he has actually been stopped something crazy like 5 times within the 4 yard line and twice at the 1. I always say that predicting touchdowns is flukey at best. That kind of sums it up. The Atoms TE’s are in a pinch. At this point I am hoping for 5 points from either Cook or Rudy. Decker has been a beast lately, the TD streak will end at some point, let’s hope not just yet! As always pick Warriors!

And of course GO IRISH! Beat BC!

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    “As always pick Warriors!”

    I know I do! 🙂

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