Atom Bombs 2012 Week 11

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Well, the clock is ticking on this season. Speaking of the clock ticking, Andy Reid’s is almost up. Why? Well one reason is that it has been since week 4 since the Eagles have won. And we’re now in week 11 folks. Attaboy to the FBG’s for this stat- The Phillies have won a game more recently than the Eagles. (And they didn’t make the playoffs!) October 1st vs the Nationals as opposed to September 30th vs the Giants for the Eagles. WOW. So far only 1 team has clinched a playoff spot with 5 teams battling for position and to get in. Technically the Atoms are still alive, but to be honest, we are on life support right now. Let’s look at the road ahead for the contenders to see who seems the most likely to get in. Of course I am taking weekly player-specific matchups out of it in this generalized look ahead. I already break it down weekly. I am looking at the difficulty based on opposing teams records as making the matchup easy, or hard. Here they are:

The returning Champ’s quest for a bye. The final 3 opponents are LOD, Blitzers and Dillos. 2/3 are tough. With some breaks a bye should be yours.

The Topes, while they technically don’t have an asterisk yet… I’m giving him one. You’re in Bob. Now for the bye… the final 3 you get are Dillos, SPV, and Cowboys. Sorry Nick, but the Dillos are the only tough team he faces. Looking good for the Topes.

For the LOD he gets the Star Warriors, Sapornos, and Phinest. The only one to face 3 potential playoff teams. This could be tough for the LOD. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Commish’s team responds to this schedule.

The Armadillos have Topes, Cowboys and Warriors. 2/3 tough. Wondering aloud if Nick can play spoiler in the middle here. The Dillos were my preseason pick though, so if he gets in, watch out.

Sapornos face Atoms, LOD, and the Blitzers. Now it depends on how you view the Atoms. Yes they are 4-6, but barely lost to the top team. So I will say the Blitzers are the only truly easy team here. But if you want to put the Atoms in there either honestly or just to pile on, that is fine as well!

The Phinest get SPV, Atoms, and LOD. Sort of the opposite of the Pornos as the SPV is their only real weak matchup.

Now for the barely alive Atoms. Basically I have to win out now after losing because of stupid Matt Cassel. I get the Pornos, Phinest, and if by some miracle I can win those I get SPV in the final week.

So there we have it. How will it shake out? Who really knows yet – injuries, etc can all play a part in this but it should be fun down the stretch! Now onto the picks!

Warriors vs LOD– First off, congrats to Dave for being the first one to clinch a playoff spot. By .34 points. Against me. Because Matt Cassel is a horrendous QB and the MNF game went into OT. Yes, I am still bitter about this. Will Dave seize the momentum after his heart attack inducing win, or will Gar capitalize on seeing Dave’s vulnerability? On the LOD side, I love the RGIII and Alfred Morris plays against the Eagles. Also, Marcel Reece should do well against the Saints since everyone else does. Gotta  love the Gronk against the Colts but I don’t see Brandon Lloyd getting double digits in the same game. Kinda like Gar’s Falcons D this week too. For the Warriors his soon to be former keeper has been strangely TD dependant this year for a guy that’s been a yardage machine up until now. Ray Rice actually has fewer rushing yards than Willis McGahee and hasn’t broken the 100 yard mark for rushing since week 5. Last week he did get close though, and of course he’s a must start every week no matter what, just saying that it’s interesting when you look deeper into his numbers. Speaking of Rice, he gets the Stillers this week that is 3rd against RB’s in fewest fantasy points allowed. SupaStar Jimmy Graham had a huuuuge game last week and should do very well again against the Raiders. The Law Firm has only had 1 double digit performance since week 2. But he does get a decent matchup so he may get close to 10 points. AJ Green is a beast and 17 points may be low for his projection. Well, I need to gain in the standings so Upset Special Pick Warriors!

Topes vs Dillos– For the Topes I feel bad for Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs seem to have no clue at all what to do with him and its wasting his talents. He has a pretty favorable schedule down the stretch, so if they can keep getting him the ball, he could be a monster in the playoffs. Forte and Marshall will be interesting on Monday night with Cutler out and Jason Campbell in against the Niners D. That could make or break this game. Vincent Jackson has another good matchup against Carolina so he should good for 14-17 points. Like Gonzalez’ matchup also so he should be able to keep it rolling. Hard to figure out what LeShoure will do. The Lions shouldn’t be up huge against the Packers but he still may get to punch one in at least. On the Dillos side Stafford seems to play well against the Packers so watch this and the Topes LeShoure closely. Love Demariyus Thomas and Doug Martin this week too. Ridley has a tough schedule coming up, but you have to like him getting the Colts D this week. Just a question of if Belichek does also! Julio Jones is now a game time decision so keep an eye on this. Dammit, I need the Topes to win but I have to make the Dillos the LOTW!

Phinest vs SPV– For the SPV it’s amazing how his whole starting roster RB’s and WR’s are 2nd tier guys. Reggie Bush is losing touches to Thomas, Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore and Maclin. All of them are basically the 2nd options on their teams at their respective positions. Weird. Hey, at least I like the Cincy D and the Ginger QB vs the Chiefs! But I am biased of course on that with Dalton. Haha! We have to stick together! On the Phinest side, Denarius Moore looks to be in good shape against the Saints. And actually the only 2 guys on his roster that I can see struggling are Chris Ivory (lack of touches) and Rashad Jennings  getting a tough D in Houston. Arrrrgggghhhh, I need Jimmy to win here, but I just can’t do it! Pick Phinest (grudgingly).

Blitzers vs Cowboys– The quest for the #1 pick continues! I like Spiller for the Blitzers despite the matchup against Miami. Mainly there is no one to take away touches right now. Austin may get lucky and if Haden takes Dez away he could find some success. Brady should destroy the Colts, but how much of his numbers will be taken away by Nick having Welker? Mike Wallace now gets to have Leftwich throw him the ball. Not good. Raise your hand if you thought that at this point Larry Fitzgerald would have .10 points more than teammate Andre Roberts. Bizarre. On the Cowboys side of the ball, I’m torn on the Foles play for fantasy right now. I think he’ll do ok, and the Redskins can be thrown on, but in his first start you’d have to assume some picks as well. Maybe not as many as his predecessor is known to throw, but that’s Mike Pick for you! I like Trent Richardson against the Cowboys, and Witten on the other side of that. Can Woodhead capitalize on last week’s game? Hell if I know. Pick Cowboys double upset special!

Atoms vs Sapornos-For the Atoms, desperation play made on Daniel Thomas. But given the matchup and bye week issues it may pan out. Hopefully Megatron maintains his dominance against GB. The main issue for this team has been in the flex spot. With Decker, Hartline, and Amendoula (the Holy Trinity of Caucasian WR’s) it has been hit or miss as to which one will go off on a weekly basis. In any event it’s do or die this week. Block buster deal just days ago as the Pornos added preseason hype boy Ryan Matthews! Well the matchup against the Broncos isn’t that great this week even if he plays. And it’s a big IF by the way. Having AP on a bye is a huge help, but the tandem of Brees/ Colston against the Raiders could more than make up for that. Mike Williams should stay hot against the Panthers also. Pick as usual goes to my opponent- Pornos!

Good luck and of course GO IRISH!!!

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