Atom Bombs Week 13 2012

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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So here we are. The final week before playoffs and the picture is still muddled. 4 teams battling for 3 spots. Gotta love the parity in the league! A lot to go over so for specifics I will paste Atom Bombs correspondent Nick’s post earlier this week:

PHINEST vs. LOD If Atoms beat the 1-11 Vikings, Philly Phinest could get completely knocked out the playoffs unless the Sapornos lose. LOD can get a 1st round bye with a win in that game and either Star Warriors or the Isotopes losing also. BIG GAME!

ATOMS vs. Vikings Joe has been on a tear lately! Can he get the win vs a 1-11 team and a loss by either the Pornos or Phinest and make the playoffs? Phinest would lose the tie break with Atoms because Joe has a 70 point lead in the scoring tie breaker.

Phoenix Eagles and SPVikings could play spoiler roles. Can the Eagles knock the Topes out of the bye? Can Vikings knock the Atoms out of the playoffs? The Dillos could also knock the Warriors out of a bye as well.

Lastly can the Blitzers knock the Pornos out of the playoffs. It could happen but interestingly the Pornos could miss the playoffs and be the 2nd leading scoring team this year. Also, these games have major draft implications for next year as the LOD and Cowboys both have first round bonus picks that could be impacted.

However, with the regular season nearing its end we can also see the coming end to this season’s Atom Bomb Fantasy Football posts. Fear not, there will be plenty of other posts throughout the year, but by my count there are 5 more posts left including the End of the Year wrap up. Hopefully we will end the year strong and true. So let’s just get to the picks! *All picks are based on the Atoms needs to get in the playoffs*

Warriors vs Dillos– Two top teams go head to head here. And some powerhouse players going at it here. For the Dillos Demaryius Thomas gets a TB D that is giving up 35.03ppg to WR’s- worst in the league. Jordy may have touches get diminished if Jennings plays. Both of Tom’s RB’s have tough matchups. Denver’s run D has been pretty good this year which should limit the Muscle Hamster and Miami has been equally stout against RB’s which could make for a tough go for Ridley. Side stat- You want to know how close those 2 defenses are against RB’s this year? For points allowed Denver gives up 17.15/ game while Miami is at 17.13/ game. Crazy guru’d. Julio gets a great matchup against a horrible Saints D. Lets look at this- for fantasy points allowed the Saints are dead last against QB’s and RB’s and 3rd worst against WR’s. WOW. Double guru’d! The interesting thing here is that the Warriors of course have Matty Ice! No Gronk still so Hernandez should keep getting the looks from Tom Brady. Houston’s D while they got torched by CJ1K in week 4 still scored 19 points. For Dave, well there’s the aforementioned Matty Ice vs Saints thing. AJ Green has been a flat stud all year. That isn’t surprising, but what is – to me anyways- is that he has only had 2 under 10 point games, and a season low of 7.2. Insane consistency. Reports are that Harvin has done some work this week in practice, but if he plays, and how much is anyone’s guess. Supastar Jimmy Graham had an off game last week but I expect him to bounce back against the Falcons. Two weeks ago the Stillers held Ray Rice to 11.3 points. I think around 12 sounds about right. Moreno had a stellar game last week and looks to be used heavy again this week. If the Bengals can go up quick on the Chargers I think BJGE will be fine, if not Dave may be hoping for a goal line TD. Pick- Warriors

Topes vs Cowboys– First off, props to Nick for keeping the Cowboys moniker all season too. For those that are unaware of why the team name changed from his beloved Eagles to his most hated Cowboys I will explain. Last year when Nick was still driving the Vick bandwagon I made a bet with him. That not only would Vick NOT be MVP of the league (despite finishing #2 the prior year) he would also NOT lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl. Since my dislike of SupaFelon is well established the bet that we made was simply this: if he did either of the things that I said he couldn’t do I would get my picture with Vick for Nick to use any way he wanted- FB, etc. However if he didn’t, then Nick had to openly root for his hated rival all season. A man of his word, he has. Well done. OK so for the Topes Forte and Murray are question marks again but if anyone is used to that it’s Bob. Attaboy to the Topes actually for basically having their 1st and 2nd rd picks banged up so much of the season and still be in second place. Eli should do well this week as he has started to heat up and gets a Redskins D that is brutal against the pass. Brandon Marshall will have an easier time vs the Seahawks IF the 2 DB’s suspension is upheld this week. Love Leshoure against the Colts if he can play with the ankle injury. And Jamaal Charles should torch a Panthers D on short rest that just gave up 178 and 2 TD’s to Bryce Brown. Also the Gonzalez rule is start everyone against the Saints D. On the Cowboys side, great call on CK7. Looks like Harbaugh is staying with him and for fantasy that is better. Not sure what you will do now that your boy DeSean is out for the year. Maybe Dez? Down on Woodhead, but last time I was he went nuts sooooo…. I do like Witten and Welker though! Pick- LOTW Topes!

Blitzers vs Pornos– Chalk, BIG fan this week! I mean I’ve always been a huge fan of the Stache. And clearly so is Aaron Rodgers, but this week, need you buddy! I know you won’t let me down! That being said, not loving benching Brady for Peyton, or Turner against the Saints my man. Don’t forget Brady also has extra rest since he played Thursday. I think Austin is still a GTD. Love Gore especially with the Niners other RB issues. LaFell could be a sneaky good play, but he doesn’t get the Eagles crap defense this week. For the Pornos, a lot to like matchup-wise. Brees, Colston (who I think is remarkably underrated) and Cruz are all set up nicely. Matthews is what he is. AP has been nothing short of amazing all year. We all had him wrong. Can Cecil Shorts keep up this run? Or is it Cecil Shorts III now? I get confused. With CK7 in as the QB1 of San Fran, Vernon Davis’ stock does take a hit. Or at least it has so far. Pick- like I said… Blitzers upset special!!!

LOD vs Phinest– Now the 2 games with potentially the most impact. First the loves for the LOD (who, again, BIG fan!) Arian Foster should go nuts against the Titans. Like the Rashad Jennings pick up too. Last time Morris faced the Giants he went off for 120. So I expect more than the 10.31 projected. Still down on Brandon Lloyd. For the Phinest (sorry Andrew, gotta root against you man) good pickup on DeAngelo Williams with Stewart hurt. Andre Johnson struggled last time he faced the Titans, but has been on a tear lately averaging more than 34 ppg over the past 2 weeks. Blackmon also has been very good lately and has revenge going for him since the LOD dropped him earlier. Nicks should get double digit points, just not sure about 15.42. Lynch has a tough matchup against the Bears he may underperform. Pick- you know it… LOD!!!

Atoms vs SPV– The irony of my teams situation is not lost on me. Much as my beloved Irish needed help from either Baylor or Stanford in major upsets in order to get into the BCS Championship game (of which they got both!!!). The Atoms need some assistance to get into the playoffs as noted above. Great pickup by the young Jimmy with Devone Bess. Against the Patriots the last 5 times he has at least 9 points and a TD in 4/5 of those contests. Great job! I thought about picking him up but you got him first. While Michael Bush may get the start he does face a tough D in Seattle. And of course I love the ginger QB- but I’m biased. Broyles will depend on Titus Young’s status. For your resurgent Atoms the clear weakness here is at TE.Believe it or not the Browns have been good vs TE’s all year. Hoping that my man Roddy White has a huge game Thursday to make my life a tad easier, but well you know. CJ1K has a tough matchup but actually did well against the Texans last time out. Biggest question is the flex spot. Bryce Brown- well he’s hot but Rex Ryan now has some tape on him. Decker has a great matchup and Sproles looked good in the passing game. It would be nice if he and Roddy blew up Thursday but we shall see. So, as always pick SPV!

And I won’t need to say GO IRISH! This week as my team finished an uNDefeated regular season and now I have to wait 40+ days for the Championship! WOOT WOOT! Good luck gang!

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    For the Star Warriors and Isotopes, a win this week is like two wins, because they’d earn a Bye in the first round of the playoffs.

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