Atom Bombs Week 14 2012- Playoff Week 1

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Here we are, playoff week 1! Dave brought up a good point about him being the number one seed in consecutive years and posed the question if this has happened before. Now I understand that this will be less than interesting to readers not in the league, but I thought it might be fun to look back at who finished in first for years past and also where the top 3 finishers were seeded to begin with.

2001- #1 seed: Orangemen. Champ: Orangemen. 2nd place: Rockers (#3 seed). 3rd place: LOD (#4 seed)

2002- #1 seed: Orangemen. Champ: Orangemen. 2nd place: LOD (#3 seed). 3rd place: Atoms (#7 seed)

2003: #1 seed: I Heart Moe Williams. Champ: Jr Bucks (#4 seed). 2nd place: Star Warriors (6th seed). 3rd place: I Heart Moe Williams

2004: #1 seed: Springfield Atoms. Champ: Atoms. 2nd place: Rockers (#7 seed). 3rd place: LOD (#4 seed).

2005: ESPN league- could not find old data.

2006: #1 seed: Sapornos. Champ: Star Warriors (#6 seed). 2nd place: Sapornos. 3rd place: Bayou Bengals (#2 seed)

2007: #1 seed: Armadillos. Champ: Sapornos (#2 seed). 2nd place: Dillos. 3rd place: Philly Phinest (#6 seed)

2008: #1 seed: Sapornos. Champ: Phoenix Eagles (#5 seed). 2nd place: LOD (#2 seed). 3rd place: Dillos (#3 seed)

2009: #1 seed: LOD. Champ: LOD. 2nd place: Pornos (#2 seed). 3rd place: Dillos (#4 seed)

2010: #1 seed: Phoenix Eagles. Champ: Isotopes (#2 seed). 2nd place: Eagles. 3rd place: Atoms (#4 seed)

2011: #1 seed: Star Warriors. Champ: Warriors. 2nd place: Phinest (#2 seed). 3rd place: LOD (#4 seed)

Now, what can we surmise from this? Well, the Orangemen are the only team to have back-to-back #1 seeds prior to the Warriors this year. Another interesting note is that the #1 seed has won the title 5 times in the past 9 years (again with the ESPN glitch) giving the Warriors then the obvious 55.5% chance to win it this year. Also stat I found of note is the number of times each team has finished in the top 3. Of teams that have finished in the final 3 more than once (sorry that excludes the following: Topes, Blitzers, and yes, the SPV) here is how many times we have done so: Philly Phinest- twice; Star Warriors, Pornos, Dillos, Atoms, Eagles/I Heart Moe Williams- three times each; and get this one… LOD SIX TIMES! Six times out of 9 Garwood has finished in the top 3. To quote him “I am a fantasy god”. But for reals, that is crazy good consistency. That gives Gar a 66.6% chance to finish in the top 3. OK, I think I have filled your head with enough of this for now… on to the picks! So since we still aren’t sure if the consolation bracket starts this week, I will just do the 2 games that count. Ed. Note: Just confirmed that the other bracket does in fact start this week, so I will add them first.

Cowboys vs Blitzers– Last week the Cowboys were the third highest scoring team! Now, the coveted first overall pick is on the line. Quick quiz: What team leads the NFL in sacks so far? I’ll wait while you google it… Yep, The Bengals!!! And that is who Nick’s boy Romo gets this week! Could get ugly. Run DMC is probable against the Broncos, but I wouldn’t trust him either. Love Trent Richardson against the Chefs. But Dez, Daniel Thomas both have tough matchups. For the Blitzers, gotta love any D going against the Eagles no?! Also Peyton and Spiller look like good plays. Wallace gets Big Ben back (looks like) so that should help. Gresham may not play though. Can Chalk break his 7 game losing skid? Pick Cowboys- he’s motivated!

Atoms vs SPV– Ugh. In all seriousness if I start to type about my team (Atoms) this post will get to Tolstoy-length records. So I will just say that, and leave it be. Revenge is on the SPV’s mind after the Atoms beat him down for a record setting 104.14 point loss. Again, I could go on about winning by a hundo and.. ugh. Nevermind. #$%&. So some tough matchups for the SPV with his RB’s facing the Niners and Giants. Annnd well, not much else. For the Atoms, I thought about not trying to put my best lineup in, but a few things are preventing that. One, I just can’t bring myself to tank ever. Two, fairness to the league and to Nick. And three, I want to see if I play my guys if I can at least win a hypothetical title here. So I have that going for me. That being said, Cam looks great, uber pickup Bryce Brown should still be in the mix, and yeah, Chris and Calvin Johnson should outperform. So pick the SPV. Let’s see if I can win back to back by a hundred!!!

OK, to the ones that count…

#3 seed LOD vs #6 seed Sapornos– Lloyd may actually have some semblance of relevancy this week with Edelman out. And Montell Owens? In a playoff game??? This is what gets me upset since I didn’t make it with the squad I have. Ugh. Uncannily the LOD are an underdog this week. Not sure why Alfred “Fumble” Morris is projected at under 10 points this week. Interesting. Love RGIII and Wayne this week. But I think Gar could be in trouble having to rely on Pettigrew (although without Titus Young and Broyles he is now the #2 option), and Owens. You do know it isn’t Terrell Owens right? Kind of think Dwyer is a safer bet for double digits over him but you made it so who knows?! For the Pornos, he has relied on All Day All Year. While Garwood said that the matchup comes down to his Defense (Chicago) stopping AP, it is more than that. Keep in mind that Tony’s own Big Blue face his QB and WR1 Brees and Colston. That may be where this is won or lost. Also which Ryan Matthews will show up? And can Cruz actually hang on to a few balls? Steve Smith has been ice cold despite his QB being white hot over the past 3 weeks. Vernon Davis has been invisible in 3 of the 4 CK7 games. Pick… Upset based on standings Pornos!

#4 seed Dillos vs #5 seed Phinest–  Phinest are the highest projected total for this week. For the Dillos, LOVE Demaryius Thomas this week. And side note- it’s week 14 and I STILL can’t spell his name without looking at it in Yahoo. Will Julio Jones bounce back? Last time he faced the Panthers he only posted 3.4 points… Doug Martin hasn’t scored less than 11 points since week 3. Kinda like the Givens play. For the Phinest, they are projecting Nicks at 15.99, a total he only surpassed ONCE this year. In week 2. Last time the Packers played the Lions Rodgers outscored Stafford, but only 15.74-9.84. Hmmmm…. I like Andre’s matchup against the Pats here. OK, this time Upset on the projected points side! Pick Dillos!!!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t offer the best of luck to the guy that I think should win the Heisman- Manti Te’o. But to echo his sentiments, He wants the crystal trophy more than the bronze one. As an ND fan, so do I. GO IRISH!!!

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    Ooh Jumanji and the Orangemen. He’s over in the league I run now. He’s been rather quiet there of late, so Gar’s taking to razzing the girl.

  2. FANTASY GOD says:


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