Atom Bombs 2012 Week 15 Playoff Round Deux

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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We got semi-finals action yo!!! Only 2 weeks remain in our season, now some teams are playing for next year’s draft position, while 4 still have a shot at the title. I have been crazy busy this week and haven’t really had the time to get a good lead-in going so I apologize. Therefore, jumping right into the picks! Hope that’s ok CHALK!

First, the loser’s bracket:

SPV vs Cowboys– Will Nick at least be able to salvage a #3 pick? Or will Jimmy get his 2nd win of the year? Neat stat about Nick’s TE- Jason Witten has not caught a TD pass from Romo in 19 games. His lone TD catch this year came in week 4 against the Bears and thrown by Kyle Orton! Well, it was neat to me anyways! I like the SPV going all in on the Thursday game with Maclin, Bengals D, and my Ginger QB! Reggie Bush should do well, and I kind of like Crabtree here. For the Cowboys, how will Dez do against the Stillers with the fractured finger? He says he’ll play, but… Gotta like Trent Richardson vs the Skins. Pick- upset for the SPV!!! And MAJOR trash talk ammo for the draft next year too. Come on kid!!!!

Atoms vs Blitzers– And it comes down to will Chalk have the #1 pick or Nick? For anyone that is worried about Nick possibly getting the #1 and #3 picks… please see where my team finished this year. Ugh. For Chalk’s mighty Blitzers, I don’t care that NE is going against a tough D in SF. Brady is a beast and a must start. I really thought that Chalk would have had a better year, sorry my man. Spiller will get the workload… but he gets the Seahawks D. Wallace should do well. For the Atoms, sooo annoyed because matchups are all in my favor. Drafted with that thought in mind, and fell a bit short in the end. Oh well. Unless the Mayans are right in 8 days, there’s always next year! Eff it, Chalk it up to bad luck, whatever… Pick Blitzers!!!

The “Yeah, I get to draft in the middle!” game:

Pornos vs Dillos (5th -6th place game)-  Interesting stat- AP is averaging more YPC (6.04) than his QB Christian Ponder is averaging in yards per pass (5.99). He also has more rushing yards than Ponder has passing yards. Bizarre. For the Dillos, the Muscle Hamster may get 30 against the Saints D. Julio has been great this year overall but does tend to disappear at times. If Roddy’s knee is flaring up, he could go nuts. Ridley gets a bad matchup but may sneak in 8 points. For the birthday boy Pornos, TB just allowed a ton of fantasy points to the Eagles last week so I expect Brees and Colston to blow up. All Day is just mind blowing right now. And he now gets the Rams… Whoa. Ryan Matthews has had 3 double digit games. ALL YEAR. That being said… Pick Pornos and Happy Birthday on behalf of the Atom Bombs!

And finally the final four:

Side note- the 2 teams that had byes last week would have been the 2 highest scorers as well as Dave would have put up 134.88 and Bob had 149.76!

Warriors vs Phinest-Now it gets real folks. Some pretty tough matchups for the defending Champ Warriors this week, with Rice getting the Broncos; the Law Firm getting the Eagles who have been surprisingly decent against the run this year allowing RB’s to less than 100 yards/ game; Stevie Johnson gets a white hot Seattle D. But isn’t isn’t all gloomy for the Warriors! AJ Green does get the Eagles “pass D”, and Detroit’s D faces the Cardinals who gave up 37 (!) points to Seattle’s D last week. Also really like Moreno this week. For the Phinest, I like Nicks and Lynch here. I also love how Andrew called Dave “D $”. That may have been a first! Heath Miller is another solid play. Steven Jackson has very quietly strung together some good games the past few weeks. I think 12-14 here. Danario Alexander also could come up huge. The Rams D should be hit or miss. AP could score 3 and ruin their day. Pick… Phinest! Dave could use this as motivation, I am only looking at matchups here.

LOD vs Topes-They are calling this the “Battle for Oreland”! Well, I am at least. So annoyed that Gar is in the final four with Brandon Lloyd being started. $%#@. Reggie Wayne has had a great year – but I think his value this week comes in garbage time against an angry Texans team. Love Alfred Morris especially if RGIII can’t go. For the Topes, not loving DeMarco Murray. I know he got a goal line TD last week, but he also averaged only 2.5 YPC. Plus the Stillers are good against the run. Vincent Jackson, Saints D. Saints D, Vincent Jackson. Remember last offseason when I said that the Eagles should sign FA Vincent Jackson and not extend DeSean?? Ummm Yeah. Tough to figure out Charles here. At first glance looks great. But last time the Chiefs played the Raiders Charles only scored 2.20 points and in 6 career games against them only 259 yards. Obviously Bob is still starting him, just something to keep an eye on. I do like Forte here a lot. Gar’s D may be the key, but how can I pick against family? Pick Topes!

Good luck gang!

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    Motivation it is! Benjarvus has already made a statement.

  2. FANTASY GOD says:

    Wrong Pick KID.

  3. Thank you for this info, I loved all of it and it really helped me make my picks better. I have bookmarked your website 🙂

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