Atom Bombs 2012 Championship Game! (End of the World Special)

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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The final week. And, if you are delusional and believe in the Mayan prophecies, the final day. Ever. But I don’t. Sorry. I lump that in with the Madden Curse, jinxes, and that Tony’s marriage is legit and not a cover for his love of men. Incidentally, I wonder how many guys used the “Come on, the world’s gonna end tomorrow” line last night? And in 9 months how many babies will be born with the name “#$%@ing Mayans”. These are the things that I have been thinking about since I am not in the finals. And of course since the BCS game isn’t for like 2 ½ weeks still, I have had some time. Fantasy football is weird in that you can have a seemingly stacked team, but since the games are only 1/ week if those guys underperform once, that can doom you. ESPN’s Matthew Berry made a great point this week that I will paraphrase: You could have had a team starting Ray Rice and Doug Martin at running back with Jamaal Charles in the flex, Demaryius Thomas and Victor Cruz at wideout, Jimmy Graham, the 49ers’ defense and fantasy’s highest-scoring kicker heading into Week 15, Lawrence Tynes, with Matthew Stafford at quarterback … would have scored, 42.34 points (adjusted for our league’s scoring). And would have lost to a team that started Dennis Pitta and Danny Woodhead by themselves with 50.7.

It’s things like this that make fantasy football both so much fun, and so frustrating all at the same time.

Since we only have the 2 games left (championship and 3rd place) let’s just get right to it.

Real quick fun fact that doesn’t involve any of the teams below: Adrian Peterson has rushed for more yards in the past 7 games than the Cowboys, Cardinals, and Jaguars have… ALL YEAR. Wow.

3rd place game-

Phinest vs Topes– Disappointing ends to their collective seasons as these 2 strong teams battle for the right to draft in the 7th/ 8th spots. QB has been the only real issue for the Topes. Eli has been his normal up and down self this year, and that really cost him. DeMarco should have a great game vs the Saints, but their D has actually improved quite a bit over the past few weeks. Patrick Peterson may slow Marshall down a bit. Jamaal Charles has to be frustrating. When he is great, there aren’t many better. But when he isn’t? You’re talking 2-4 points. I’m thinking in the 12-14 point range here. For the Phinest, Beast Mode gets the Niners D so that might keep him under 13. I like Heath Miller here. And Andre Johnson should be able to have another solid game. No surprise there! Not big on Denario Alexander this week. Really everything that could have gone wrong for the Topes last week did. But I am picking him to win this final game of their season.

Championship game-

LOD vs Warriors– First off, let’s look at how their teams finished player-wise in the rankings. The LOD have the #4 QB; #10, 25, and 30 in WR’s; #2, 10, and 26 in RB’s; #2 in TE (surprising actually since it’s Gronk and he hasn’t even played since week 11!!!); and the #1 D. The Warriors have the #7 QB; #5, 13, and 31 RB’s; #3, 20, and 21 in WR’s; #3 in TE; and the #2 D (but in fairness he picked them up only a month ago). Of course these rankings are all based on fantasy points scored YTD. The key to the LOD’s year? Gambling and picking up Alfred Morris in week 2. That gave them the #2 RB in points with Foster, and the #10 one also. Gutsy call and it paid off. Always a risk when you try to read Shanahan’s mind. But you don’t get to the finals and a possible title without some luck. Good job moving Gronk out of your lineup since he has been ruled out. Unfortunately that makes you stuck with Bennett. Starting Joique Bell is a gutsy call. Two weeks ago the Falcons run D got torched by Cam and D Willy. Then last week they held up great against the G Men. Yeah, I know that doesn’t help at all, just showing how bipolar they can be. Still annoyed that Brandon Lloyd has been in the LOD’s lineup for 12 out of 15 games this year (and is in this week too) and he made the $%#&ing finals!!! Ugh. That being said, I actually do like his matchup a bit as Brady has been targeting the hell out of him the past few weeks. Mr. Morris does get an Eagles D that has been not horrible lately. Bad timing but with RGIII starting, he should still get points. For the Star Warriors, as great of a pickup for the entire year as Morris has been, Dave really hit big for the short term on Moreno. Great in week 1, hurt in week 2. Then out of nowhere from week 12 on has been phenomenal. Dude wasn’t even supposed to be active. Crazy. And he gets a Browns defense that has been porous against RB’s in 4 of the past 5 games allowing either 100 yards or a TD in them. Last time that the Law Firm faced the Stillers they held him to 6.90 points. Risky going with Seattle against CK7 and the Niners. Fortunate for Dave he has Matty Ice at home this week. Oops not sure how i missed that the Falcons were on the road. Sorry!!! Supastar Jimmy Graham hasn’t scored in double digits since week 11. He’s come close, but still. Bears watching. AJ Green has only had 3 single digit games this year. However 1 of those came against this weeks opponent the Stillers. He did score, but they held him mostly in check. Obviously no one is sitting him, just another thing to keep an eye on. OK, is that enough of an overview on the game?! I am torn on this one. On one hand, The LOD’s RGIII, Foster and Morris could all have CRAZY games and put up 80+ by themselves. On the other, Warriors have a deep, balanced team that may withstand that. Well, pick here is the Warriors. Come on Gar, prove me wrong!!!

Good luck gang!s

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