2013 Atom Bombs Week 2

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Now that the dust has settled on week 1 (and apologies first- this is going to be an abbreviated post) we can get rolling on week 2. I have stopped licking my wounds after the beat down by Jimmy- who oddly found himself in the same position as last year. Let’s hope that week 1 isn’t the lone win for you this year. To be honest I don’t mind the blowouts. It’s the ones where you barely lose because of a dopey play or a bench player that you pulled at the last second that I hold on to. Truth be told (and this will NOT shock anyone that reads this!) I hold grudges with that stuff. Example? Sure! In 2009 I was in a league Title game with a good amount of let’s say Gummy Bears on the line. So there we are in week 16. My opponent had been riding CJ2k all year and he had him going on the Thursday night game that week against the Chargers. Oh, it was Christmas Day too. Let’s not omit that. Johnson had been having a good game despite the Titans getting blown out having just over 100 yards rushing late in the 4th quarter. Chargers were up 42-10 so you figure they will be throwing to try and make it respectable. What happens? You guessed it. Handoff to the RB Johnson for a 30 yard TD run. Giving him not only the TD points but also the 125+ yard rushing bonus. I lost the finals by 2 points. The grudge that I hold??? Effing Antonio Cromartie slapping Johnson on the ass instead of doing his job and I don’t know…tackling him?! To this day I have not had the defense that Cromartie is on. And I never will. Bastard. The reason that I mention this is that it is heartbreaking to lose that way as opposed to getting your ass handed to you. Last year I lost by less than a single point because of a stupid INT by a crappy QB in a meaningless situation. But those things happen in fantasy. Just have to start anew the next week! OK, I vented enough and the early game is about to start…

OK, started off pretty well winning both the Upset Special and LOTW!

Pornos vs Dillos- Brady has Edelman this week and… well… no one else to throw to. But it is super dreamy Brady so if anyone can do well there it’s him. I think the WR matchups here are pretty even, but with the Pornos having McCoy (31 carries last week? Chip better switch that up) and the Dillos have a banged up Charles. I’m going to go with a rare back to back week Upset special pick of the Pornos!

LOD vs Phinest- Gar going with the Nick mantra and benching a guy going against his hometeam? I think this one comes down to if Lamar Miller can bounceback at all. 10 carries for 3 yards? That’s 3 yards more than Andrew himself ran for last week! His performance was so bad I don’t know how he wasn’t on my team! Ok, so with Haden on Torrey Smith I am making the LOD the LOTW! BTW Peyton is on pace for 112 TD’s. That may go up after he faces Philly in Denver. Just sayin’.

Eagles vs Blitzers- As bad as my week was (and it was horrific make no mistake) I have to think that Nick’s squad was severely overlooked. Predicted to almost run the table by Yahoo, the eagles stumbled out of the gate in Week 1. Megatron, CJ1K, and Trent Richardson combined for about 20 points. Tough my man, but they’ll get better. I still say the sneaky play is to get Vick in now. Watching that Monday night game only reaffirms that he can’t last long. In the only battle of 2 winless teams, I will give the edge to the Phoenix Eagles!

Warriors vs SPV- Will Jimmy get humbled after posting the highest score in week 1? Amazingly the 2 time defending champs are underdogs this week to last year’s 1 win team. Interesting. I think CK7 struggles a bit this week as does Lynch again. Just tough matchups. I like Antonio Brown, and man did MJD look slow last week! But I have to pick and that pick is the Warriors!

Atoms vs Topes- Civil War 257! OK so my team was the equivalent of roadkill last week. Tough to win when barely anyone shows up. The quest for the #1 pick is on! Bowe needs to bounce back, and Ridley really lucked out with Vereen getting hurt. Love Andre this week- he always kills the Titans. Gutsy call with RG III over Stafford. If he runs it could payoff bigtime. Good, smart pickup of Cameron for the Topes too. As always pick Topes!

Good luck guys… GO IRISH!!!


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