Atom Bombs Week 3 2013

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Good Lord, what a trade! In the NFL we rarely get blockbuster trades. Especially this early in the season. And at first glance you would have thought that Trent Richardson to the Colts was so lopsided that Dave and Tom had already filed a formal protest to Roger Goodell! Haha, I kid, I kid! But when you look at it, a new coaching regime is in Cleveland and if they didn’t see that they liked T-Rich and could get a first round pick why not move him? Especially if you can get a first for him. Crazy good value. The Browns sure aren’t going anywhere this season so build for next year. With this they will now have 2 firsts, 2 thirds, and 2 fourths for the next draft. Not bad. And the Colts needed a RB and are in a win now season. Best case scenario is they win it all and stick the Browns with the last pick in the first. Heck, they may bookend it! Now, the fantasy impact? For this week I’m not big on Richardson or McGahee. Trent will have joined the team today (Thursday) and the main question is how up to par will he be with the plays and protection schemes to make an impact against the Niners D. Kinda shaky. And it relegates Ahmad Bradshaw to handcuff status. Sucks for him. Long term though I like it for the Colts too. Luck, Richardson and Hilton all get to develop together. And I like what Irsay did even if it doesn’t work. He saw a need, and went after who he thought was the best for that. Tough to argue with that you know?


Starting out the season on league Pick em hot at 7-3. Keep in mind that I am really 9-1 since I always pick against myself here but on myself on the site. So for the Atom Bombs I take a 9-1 record baby!

Gametime gang, LEGGOOO!!!!

Pornos vs Phinest– I think that both QB’s (Brady and Luck) underperform by a bit this week. The flipside is I love both Defenses. Minnesota should do amazing going up against the depleted Browns. And the Pats get the Bucs who are rapidly imploding. If Reggie Bush is out, I love Joique Bell this week. Cruz could be interesting. Although he is hobbled so is the Panthers secondary. Can Eddie Royal keep up this resurgence?  Pick Phinest in the Upset special!

Eagles vs Dillos – Making things just a tad harder for DeSean this week is that Flowers is active. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles this matchup. I was gonna go all bananas about Jamaal Charles getting ready to shred the Eagles D, but in the first 2 weeks they allowed 45 yards and a TD to Morris, and 73 yards to Mathews. Actually not awful. Of course every QB is torching them so the running game hasn’t been utilized as much. Last week Nick had 2 players amazingly outscore his entire opponent. This week he may need Megatron to be that guy. Pick Dillos, double upset special!

Topes vs Vikings– For the Fighting Jimmy’s keep an eye on Fitzgerald as he has not practiced fully yet this week. Reggie Bush too may not play but says he is 50-50. Like I mentioned with Joique Bell above love the matchup whomever gets the ball.  And of course Marshawn gets the Jags so that is good for him. For the Topes, you have to love Stafford getting the horrific Redskins D.  A sneaky bench player that could be good this week? TE Cameron. The Vikings have given up 3 TD’s to TE’s in the first 2 weeks. Just sayin. Bob could be in some trouble with his WR’s this week as Andre had a concussion last week (expected to play), James Jones apparently is invisible, and now Marshall has tweaked his back. Add in Foster’s limited touches and I have to say… in a low scoring affair Pick SPV.

Atoms vs Blitzers– Actually kind of like Newton this week. Gotta love my Bowe vs the Eagles and Edelman has been great with Amendoula out. I mean really, anytime you can sub in a Caucasian WR for an injured Caucasian WR you gotta do it right?! Now that my boy, the Eye-Talian Stallion Giovani Bernard is off and running, the Atoms may be taking off! For the Blitzers, Like Boldin to bounce back. Peterson is Peterson so not much to say there. Spiller is a great talent, but the Jets run D has actually been pretty good to start the year. I wouldn’t be shocked if he went under the 14 points. As always, Pick Blitzers!

Game of the Week

The only tilt of 2 undefeated teams. 2 will enter, 1 will survive… Insert other cliché here please Chalk…

LOD vs Warriors Wow Gar, talk about lucking out here. Dave has made it abundantly clear how he has run rough-shod over most of the league but now may limp into this matchup without MJD, Lacy, and Ray Rice. Tough being down your top 3 RB’s. Peyton cooled off a tad, but now gets the Raiders. The only thing that may limit him is if they are up too much too soon. Next up for him? The Eagles. In all honesty I love damn near every matchup that the LOD has! AJ Green, Dez, DeMarco, all of them. Don’t worry Dave, this week should be a bump in the road, but the LOD is the LOTW again!


OK, it’s 8pm, gotta get this filed. Good luck and GO IRISH!!

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