Atom Bombs Week 4 2013

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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The art of the fantasy deal. Well, we FINALLY had another trade in our league this week and it occurred to me that it really was a great example of how a deal should be done (and be done more incidentally in this league). The Topes and Atoms consummated a deal with the Topes pulling the classic “sell high”. For those not in our league (and as always, thank you for reading if you aren’t!) the Topes had sick depth at TE with Cameron and Thomas. Your beloved Atoms on the other hand were carrying only 1 TE in Finley who is both hurt and on a bye. Sensing the obvious need, the Topes traded Thomas for a potential keeper in 3rd rd pick LeVeon Bell. Smart move. Earlier in the season the Atoms acquired stud RB and definite “legitimate businessman” Giovanni Bernard. **Another side note for league outsiders we have 2 keepers- one 3rd rd and below, and the other sixth and below** Makes sense then that the Atoms can only keep either Bell or Bernard and having traded FOR Gio, you could see where the thought process lied. So that gives the Topes solid depth at RB now with a guy he can keep if he sours on Marshall and the Atoms have a legit threat at TE which, let’s be honest, wasn’t there before. Most of us all have been playing fantasy sports long enough where you get a ton of crazy bad offers. Oh sure I’ll send you AP for Robbie Gould since my kicker has a bye… etc. But this was a great example of how a good trade that both teams win on should get done. We need to see more activity like this in the league gang, let’s step it up.

Last week- BOOM. perfect 5-0 to bring my picks to 12-3. I need to go to Vegas. Side note- Gar get your league in shape. Only 3 people are able to take 30 seconds out of their week to make picks? Falls on the Commish here.

Let’s get some picks yo… Ed. Note, I am keeping in what I wrote prior to the BS Thursday game.

Star Warriors vs Pornos– Whoa. Only .57 separates the projections in this matchup! Down on Vernon Davis since he may not play – he did play but went under proj points; Also Dave running into a real rough stretch with injuries as Rice will be a true GTD. Not sure how they are projecting Pierre Thomas to get close to 12 points against Miami. MJD also has looked slow so far this year. He has flat out owned Indy in the past, but his age may be catching up to him. Welker vs the Eagles Pass D? Yes please. Down a bit on both Victor Cruz (tough KC D) and Vincent Jackson (new QB-although he has to be better than Freeman) and he is battling injuries too. Pick Warriors.

Topes vs Blitzers– Will big Andre be able to go? Historically Thursday night games don’t produce high scores and therefore not as many fantasy points and the Blitzers have 3 going in this tilt. – OK, way off on this one as Boldin and Gore have great games. Oh well. The third was the kicker, and we all know they are irrelevant here. Gutsy call by the Blitzers to bench keeper CJ Spiller and play Mike Williams at the flex. Can the Law Firm vulture a TD from Bernard? Also keep an eye on All Day in London. Weather has been an issue in those games before. Pick, and LOTW- Topes. (you can see I made this pick prior to the Blitzers jumping out to a 41.80 lead)

Eagles vs Phinest– Unfortunately for Phoenix it looks like Gronk is out again this week. But they get a huge boost with Bradshaw inactive so Richardson should do well. Seattle’s D on the road hasn’t been nearly as good as at home. CJ1K could struggle against the Jets D which is great against the run. For the Phinest I like Luck, but if they get up early it would be worst case scenario as Richardson would get the work. Love Torrey Smith and McFadden this week. Broyles could be sneaky with Burleson out. Pick- Phinest in the Upset Special!

Atoms vs Dillos– Ok so for real, at some point Bowe has to do something right? $65 million for this?? This could be huge if Pierce is a go instead of Rice. Also the Atoms are banking on the Eagles D playing newly acquired Julius Thomas and Moreno. But the Dillos counter with Decker, so this game should be fun. Good matchups abound for the Dillos, one of these teams will get to .500, the other falls to 1-3. Pick as always- Dillos!

Game of the Week-

LOD vs SPV– Can Jimmy shock the world?! Kaepernick hasn’t been good since week 1. —and he underperformed again— Demaryius Thomas get the Eagles. Uh oh. Larry Fitzgerald is still hampered it seems plus he may be on Revis island. Sheesh, Peyton may exceed his week 1 TD total this week. Like Dez and DeMarco this week too. How will AJ Green do vs Haden? Reggie Bush says he will go, but he said that last week too. Pick- LOD.

Good luck gang, and although I do not feel confident about this week’s game, as I always say- GO IRISH!!

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