Atom Bombs Week 5 2013

Posted: October 6, 2013 in College Football, Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Well better late than never. I won’t make this one too long and get to the picks quickly. But I will start with some randomness. Saturday night I was texting Nick during the ND/ASU game (great win by the Irish!) – I asked if he had been seeing what RG III’s alma mater has been up to this year. First 3 games this year (albeit against sub-par competition) they scored 69, 70, and 70 points! Last night they played a decent West Virginia team and many thought they would come back down to earth. Well, as I pointed out to Nick, they put up 369 yards of offense. IN THE FIRST QUARTER!!! Ended the game scoring 73 points! Kids these are video game numbers and they are making Oregon look pedestrian. Seriously- I know I am more of a college football guy, but watch them if you can. Fun team. And nice helmets too. In 1 game, on another continent, Le’Veon Bell now has more TD’s than both CJ1K and Doug Martin. Wow. Speaking of Martin, how about this stat for his Buccaneers: Josh Freeman was just released. How bad has QB play been in Tampa? Freeman played in only 60 games and yet he is still the Bucs all time leader in completions, TD passes, and 2nd in passing yardage! Let that sink in for a minute… And Whitner changing his name to Hitner? Ugh. Awful. Not quite Ocho-Cinco or He Hate May awful, but close. In only two games this year Brian Hoyer had more wins than SB Winners Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger- combined. Incidentally terrible to see him go down last week.

Ok, back to reality. Or at least our fantasy version of it.


SPV vs Blitzers– Great, gutsy call by the Blitzers to start Spiller. He was a GTD and everyone knew the carries may be limited with Jackson playing. 12.90 points later… Keep this in mind too, he had 7 carries for 12 yards. If you take out the 54 yard TD run. Bananas. But that is what homerun type speed can do for you. Historically Brees has had trouble outdoors in Chicago but you can’t take him out. For Jimmy Lots of good matchups with Thomas, Lynch, and Reggie. But if Megatron is out, look for Bush to get keyed in on. This one may have the 2 worst Flex plays this week. Jonathan Franklin and Terrance Williams?? Ugh. Bye Week blues. Pick Jimmy.

Armadillos vs Isotopes– Tough luck for the Topes having Cameron going from Hoyer who loved him to Weeden. I think He’ll be fine for the season, but it may take a week or two. No players on either side have any Giants so they won’t be able to run up points vs Philly! The Topes have some WR issues with both Andre and Marshall banged up. Both should play, but it’s a matter of effectiveness. I like the RoadRunner (Sproles) this week a lot against the Bears. Pick Dillos.

Warriors vs Eagles– At this point I think Gronk is sitting out solely to piss Nick off. Now Megatron may not be a go? Wow. Breaking news- Calvin is OUT today!!! Could Blackmon get the start for the Phoenix Eagles? Temper expectations for the Phoenix RB’s as both CJ1K and Richardson get tough D’s. Love Rice this week for the Warriors. Not sure about Powell. I thought a lot about this. The J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS have no WR’s right now. The Falcons should be up early by a lot. Will this eliminate the running game completely? Or will they have no choice since there aren’t many options? I look for the Warriors to get back on track after dropping 2 straight. I don’t remember when the last time was that Dave lost 2 in a row, can’t fathom when it was 3 straight! Dual Upset Special/LOTW- Pick Warriors!

Atoms vs Phinest– Only projected matchup with both teams under a hundred! WOOT! Great pickup and play by the Phinest to start Blount blocking me and my injured Ridley. Also like all the RB’s for Andrew this week. Jennings and Miller should do well. Torrey Smith has been awesome so far this year. Double digit points in every game so far. Impressive. Luck vs Seattle D could be huge. For your beloved Atoms, a major question mark remains at WR. Will I start Edelman the safe play, or Amendola who will start but very iffy on how much he will play? I may decide at 12:55. Ugh. Hoping that my choice will work out. Also my dopey kicker may not play. So I have that going for me. Imagine if Tavon Austin went to a team that could figure out what to do with him?! Oh well, pick Phinest!

Game of the Week:

3-1 LOD vs 3-1 Sapornos– Well, Nick called it. Gar, you got Malko’d. That’s right, I am hereby putting that phrase into our vernacular. Similar to the il malocchio (maloik)- where that means getting the “evil eye”, the Malko is when you play a guy versus your favorite hometown team and your fantasy team pays the price. Don’t go against the fantasy Gods people! The LOD were undefeated until playing Peyton vs his hometown Philly team and Jimmy beat him. Heneforth, when this happens Nick will comment “I cuuurse yoouuuu…MALKO!!!!” I can’t wait to see the QB’s face off here. Peyton vs Brady. The Bengals secondary is banged up and getting Amendola should benefit Tom Terrific. (Pleeeeaaasseee!) Demarco and Dez get a tougher than I thought they would be Denver D. The other great thing to watch in this one is the Pornos RB tandem of McCoy and Wilson. Could be major points here. Pick, your new 1st place team- Pornos!


Good luck guys!

  1. Dave (Star Warriors) says:

    Actually two years ago when I went 11-2 in the regular season, the two losses for the Star Warriors were indeed back to back. The Isotopes and Warrior killing Dillos did it, but that’s fine, we rolled from there!

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