2013 Atom Bombs Week 6

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports

Sorry gang, laptop power issues so I have to do this on the iphone. Love my phone, but not ideal. So a few random thoughts before diving into it. First, Cincinnati has gone 19 straight games w/o allowing a 300 yard passer. And they get Thad Lewis this week. Make it 20 straight. I know he is on the waiver wire in our league, and he may be in yours too but I kind of like Chad Henne this week. Kind of the bizarro version of the Bengals, in each game so far this year the Broncos have allowed a 300 yard QB. With Blackmon and Shorts I think he does it again. Atlanta signed WR Brian Robieske this week. How in the world were they able to find him??? Well his dad is the Falcons WR Coach soooo… Yay nepotism!!


Atoms vs Warriors– I expect Pryor to do well on the ground, but the Atoms KC D has been very good so far. Some last minute jockeying with the lineup as the Atoms WR carousel has begun! Hopefully Cam lights it up w/o going to Steve Smith. Just sayin’. Interesting side note- Kicker Prater is consistently projected at 3-4 ppg. Even though he averages 11.6/game.  Also he is on pace for the single season record for points by a kicker. So, maybe start upping that projection? As it is every week… Pick Warriors

Dillos vs Blitzers- Ok, so Bennett didn’t score vs the giants but he did get 9.2 so that is good! Let’s not get too cute here, Pick Dillos.

Topes vs Phinest– Sheesh it’s tough when you go into Sunday down 37.80! Looks like Andre Johnson is a go. But I still have my man crush on Torrey Smith. Risky starting NE D vs the Saints. OK, not getting too cute here either- Pick Topes big.

SPV vs Pornos– Gotta love DeMarious Thomas this week. Not only does he get Jax, but you just know Peyton is going to feed him the ball after he didn’t do too much last week despite the Broncos putting up 51. However the Pornos counter with Welker so that could be interesting. Like Antonio Brown since Cromartie is out. Pick SPV

LOD vs Eagles Game of the Week!!!- For the Eagles some good news bad news as Gronk is still not playing but Megatron is. I do like Blackmon a lot here. Look, not a ton of analysis here. There is a reason Gar’s team is at the top of the standings. That being said- This is easily the most hyped game so far this year. On one hand you have the LOD who, at 4-1 wants nothing more than to beat down the Eagles. However as told by the Eagles he has sold his soul for the title and been cursed due to this. How can you root for Darth Vader? Or any other character that is a bastion of all things evil? Rumor has it, all the players on the LOD are ashamed to go out in public as they are being taunted just for being affiliated with such an eeeeevil team. So, the choice is simple. As I said on the MB, Nick, I am all in for you, Pick Eagles, LOTW, Upset Special, Team of Destiny (for this week!).


Good luck to all (ND is on a bye so I will save the GO IRISH!)


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