Atom Bombs 2013 Week 7

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Well, well, well. Looks like Nick was right. Good triumphed evil last week as despite being an overwhelming favorite, the LOD lost outright to the Phoenix Eagles. Was this due to a divine intervention since the LOD started Peyton against his own team that he holds season tickets for? Who is to say? And was it that same divine being that spurred the preseason picked 1 win Atoms to hand the back to back Champion Warriors their 4th straight loss? Hmm. The evidence is starting to pile up… Anyways it’s always good to see good winning out. I will skip the obvious commentary on certain QB’s here and just point out that everyone should just feel that all is right in the world when good wins. Except those that picked the evil side of course. Now, with that in mind, the same LOD team is again giving the finger to the fantasy deities by blatantly starting Dez Bryant. I know, I don’t get it either. Hopefully for his sake, Nick talks some sense into him. Now let’s get to some fun! That’s right, statistical fun!!! Let’s do a quick blind resume. This one may not be too hard, but I thought it was neat.

Player A- 61 pass attempts, 6 passing TD’s. Roughly 1 TD every 10 attempts.

Player B- 240 pass attempts, 22 TD’s. Roughly 1 TD every 11 attempts.

Looking for value in your league? Player A is Nick Foles. Player B is Peyton Manning. Interesting huh? Also neat stat about Mr. Foles. Last week he became the first QB this season to put up 20+ points against a decent TB Defense. Yes they played Geno Smith and Carson Palmer, but also Drew Brees and Tom Brady. And he put up over 30. Now I’m not saying that he is the future for the franchise, but you have to admit kid is playing pretty well.

Another fun note (well not for Nick) Joseph Fauria has more TD’s than Calvin Johnson. Yep. Speaking of odd TD stats my love for big Andre Johnson is known. But get this- he has 2 TD’s in his past 21 games. Wow.

Great job by Brandon Marshall this Thursday for getting fined $10,500. What?!  He wore green shoes to raise awareness for mental health disorders and did it knowing he would get hit with the fine. As he said “Football is my platform not my purpose. The fine is nothing compared to the conversation started and awareness raised.” Well done, and another example of good triumphing.

FYI, Baylor dropped 71 again this week. Jebus.

I know I have said before that I miss the nicknames like the “Nigerian Nightmare” but I have to give credit to Marcellus Bennett for “Black Unicorn”. Awesome. Just wait until next year when my man “Irish Chocolate” gets drafted!

Since I just realized I went 5-0 last week, let’s get to the picks!


Blitzers vs Phinest– Battle of the 2 bottom dwellers. Man, preseason darling Blitzers have really struggled to find footing all year with a disappointing season so far from keeper Spiller. Commish Gar was down on the Phinest since the draft. Not to be confused with the statement that he wants to go down on the Phinest. That is totally different. Also hampering the Blitzers has been Boldin who started off white hot but has been very quiet since then. Still not sure what Stepfan Taylor, Turbin, Ivory, and Jonathan Franklin are still doing being rostered on this team.  The flip side to this game sees the Phinest making some smart pickups in Keenan Allen and Joseph Randle. I don’t expect Randle to have staying power but for this week? Great. And All en is legit. I tried to trade for him and Andrew smartly wouldn’t budge. I expect Luck to try at least to keep pace with Peyton. Not gonna complicate this too much. Pick Phinest LOTW.

Eagles vs Pornos– Man, this Gronk will he won’t he crap has gotten soooo tiresome. That being said it could make a huge impact here as the Pornos have Brady and the Eagles have Gronk. Interesting stat- Trent Richardson has 1. ONE double digit game so far this year. And that was against Jacksonville. Surprising. Nelson may get Haden covering him so Rodgers may look elsewhere. Of course you expect McCoy to do well vs the Cowboys. Really the only guy I don’t see doing well on the Eagles is CJ1K. With that said.. Pick Eagles.

Warriors vs Topes– The Warriors came into this season winning back to back titles and started off 2-0. Now with 4 straight losses things have taken a drastic turn. The Warriors still have not made any moves to try and get back in it. Is one coming? Or are the Warriors looking to secure a top pick next year already? For the Topes they got back in the win column last week. Some tough matchups for the Topes with Foster and Andre getting the #1 D in KC. Plus Marshall and Forte with the Bears. The Warriors meanwhile need to awaken some underperforming former studs. Ray Rice, Jennings, DeAngelo Williams would all be putting up huge numbers if we were using 2008-2011 stats. Lacy and Foles should do well, but will that be enough? Pick Topes.

Atoms vs LOG-The Atoms made yet another trade! And to think, in the beginning of the year the LOD/LOG could have had Moreno for Golden Tate solely because I wanted my ND guy on my team. Haha. Oh well Gar! Trades are funny that way. Sometimes you need to take a shot. So for the team of evil we all know Peyton will come close to 50 this week. Will Dez do well despite the looming threat of getting Malko’d??? Interesting that both teams have staring Chargers RB’s. I like how Yahoo has Cam as the experts #1 ranked QB, yet Peyton is projected by them to have more points. Huh? Oh well, youse know what to do… Pick LOG.

Game of the Week

Dillos vs SPV– Will the Dillos get Malko’d with Romo? Side note, this is the second straight week with one of our league managers out of the country. Clearly I am doing something wrong here. But enjoy the break for both the Dillos and Mrs Dillos in Jamaica. Speaking of underperforming keepers (like that Spiller call back?!) sheesh Doug Martin! Dude, you couldn’t go off against the Eagles?! The Dillos have been riding Jamaal Charles all year and I expect greatness again this week. On the SPV side we could have a double Malko’d situation with Terence Trent D’Williams here. (does that mean they cancel each other out? Hmmm…) Oh well, the Dillos will be whacking rum all weekend and not worrying about his team. For that reason-  Pick SPV.

And yes, it was ugly, but man I love seeing ND beat freaking USC. GO IRISH!! And Good luck.


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