Atom Bombs Week 8 2013

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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OK ok, This is getting to be a habit with the late posts and it’s something that I need to organize better. With kids activities during the week, work of course, then Friday night my oldest had friends over and I wound up being steady QB for 3 hours. Yesterday tried to allocate some time and what happens? CYO Basketball practice then pumpkin patch and carving until midnight. So needless to say (but I will anyways and yes, I hate that I used that expression) I was exhausted and fell asleep. Church this morning and now its noon on Sunday as I type this. Whew. Enough whining about me, me, me. So I saw this item this week about salaries between sports that I found interesting: Prince Fiedler has more guaranteed money in his contract than Brees, Brady, Rodgers, and Peyton. COMBINED. Wow. Also neat and kinda bizarre stat from Adam Schefter- Roddy White and DeMarcus Ware entered the league in the same draft class in 2005 and never missed an NFL game. Until Sunday when both players missed. Hmmm. Ok. Gotta get to the picks and yes I see the irony in posting the picks after they have to be in by Thursday night for the league pick ‘em. Which I went 4-1 in. After 5-0 last week. Awww yeah.

LOG vs Topes– How badly may have the LOG gotten Malko’d?  The 2 players he has relied on so much in the early stages Graham- is still banged up and while active will be limited. And Peyton now has 2 sprained ankles and 1 being a high ankle. Oof. Well, not much to say here as the Topes have 4 starters on bye. And he needs to get Jacobs outta there since he is out. Not getting cute here- LOTW Pick LOG

Warriors vs Blitzers– Almost made this the GOTW with the bottom 2 teams squaring off. Has to hurt on Thursday as the Panthers put up 31 and Steve Smith only gives the Warriors 5.8 points. Ouch. I think this one will be close, and the Blitzers could pull this one out with his RB’s but something tells me to Pick Warriors to bounce back.

Dillos vs Phinest- With the Dillos back and rested from vacation and looking as tan as ever can he bounce back after losing to Jimmy while the Phinest have pushed themselves up to 8th place with a win last week. I don’t think this one is too close despite the Phinest having my ginger QB starting. Pick Dillos

SPV vs Eagles– Poor Jimmy. I’m not sure if he even knows who he is playing week to week (actually he is our leagues Taco- after the character on the FX show) but if he is like most of us you usually have a grasp of your opponent. Then the Eagles swap out a player only to snag 14 points out of him! Damn! Well we are all pulling for Nick here as that will really create a logjam in the standings in the middle. Upset Special pick Eagles

Week 8 Game of the Week:

Atoms vs Pornos- The Battle for .500 supremacy! Maybe the only thing more frustrating than the scenario above with SPV is scoring the 2nd most points and losing. Yep. Happened to me last week. Now can your Atoms battle back? Well it helps to get 27.84 from your QB on Thursday! Now that I have an Irish player look out! Yes I am starting Floyd over Bowe since he is hobbled and I expect Haden to be on him. Need the fragile Amendola to step it up too. Oh well-  Pick Pornos!

OK gang, good luck and congrats on the W for the Irish! Woot!


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